❤️[CH3] Sapai Jao Sua (D One TV) : Prim Prima / Ohm Kanin


sarNie Juvenile
Wow! I hope Ohm will start to have leads after this. He definitely deserves it! His looks have definitely matured and he's such a good actor. I mean, this lakorn has done better than most top male actors so fans/girls must like him!

I hear fans are shipping these two and are hoping for a reunion already. I am too! There seems to be some rumors also that they close outside of the set and that they like each other. I have watched some of there interviews and i think there could be some sparks...or maybe its just wishful thinking by me haha


sarNie Juvenile
Yup. That was fast. Sounds like a remake...action lakorn. I hope its good. Im usually not a fan of action lakorns but will watch for Ohm haha


sarNie Hatchling
omg!!! just finished watching this!!! their chemistry in this lakorn was overflowing!!!!
so excited for their reunion but not really sure about the genre....action...?
lol can we expect some steamy scenes....>.0