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sarNie OldFart
That's so funny but it's a bit unfair to CC. From the look of it, she wanted to the blast the whole thing but more than likely Weir or ch7's team got a hold of her and zipped her up, sorta. I bet my money that CC probably leaked that story of fake bf/gf for business purposes rumor. Bella, seeing how everyone's lies for the past year was blowing up in etheir face decided she wasn't gonna dig her own grave. However, if the rumor was true, Bella better be careful of CC exposing the whole thing cus by the looks of it CC already lost a lot, what more could she lose?l if Bella wasn't going to play this, she wouldn't allowed her dog to FaceTime with Weir's. They're all playing games.


sarNie Oldmaid
Yeah, I saw that Nut had an interview and said CC called him to ask what should she do cause she said she messed up and said something wrong. Which was obviously her saying she went on the trip with Bella too. Honestly I really do feel like CC is trying to get attention because she posted her interview picture to ig to say she appreciates all the support. In my opinion posting the interview just shows she likes the attention lol. Here is Nuts interview btw.
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sarNie OldFart
More ppl now knows who CC is now....

I wonder where this will end up

I'm so dead with the Matt crowning hahaha
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sarNie Adult
Bella can get out unsketch either way, she pave the way a long time ago. Just like Pan, she never dated ;)

I don’t get Thai celebs, they put so much on social media but when you need to explain yourself you wait for events with journalist. Can’t they put their statement on IG like Hollywood celebs do?


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According to his interview Nut is the one who brought CC. Lol Weir is just playing it off like it’s nothing. They’re just friends through the channel and through Nut. And there’s nothing serious. His whole vibe is “chill”.



sarNie Egg
I think weir bella CC drama is done. They all clarified and it seems believable. All got more attention and more publicity. CC girl should focus on her career and go forward with the recognition she got from it.


sarNie OldFart
All 3 of them has an increase in followers from this....

Zzzzz.....I don't really care for him
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Mai ever since she left channel 7 seemed to settle in comfortable with life. IDK when she was with the channel she seemed all over the place
Cause she thought she was all that. The cold reception after she left Ch7 and her being casted in less prominent projects while not being paired with the hotter wolves of the pack humbled her down a lil bit

On another case I wish more N'eks promoted on tv will look more like this pretty girl...