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sarNie Egg
That’s what I used to think, that the producers continue making this type of dramas because the viewers like it (even if I don’t, haha). But I think when you look at viewing data (ratings or online) what goes viral or generates buzz/clicks on social media might not translate into actual views for the drama.

So those types of dramas will always have fans & viewers. But most people don’t actually watch those dramas, otherwise the viewing numbers will be much higher. I mean Mint & Toey’s last drama generated a lot of buzz on social media. but ratings and online viewing numbers were still average.
I really hope this is the case. I dont know how many times i feel disappointed over thai drama and its review from people who already watched and recommended it.


sarNie OldFart
I agree that it still gain interest in some older generation who grew up with that type of Lakorn drama....or even dramatic soap opera. American soap opera are just as bad.

But I like to think lakorns are inbetween...serie/soap opera.

I feel that this style isn't what ppl want....

They are repeating this style and the rating has been low for a long time.

If this is what ppl want then why are the rating soo low for a long time. Ch7 high rating is a 7-10 now. They barely break double digit.

Ch3 is normal high as a 3....I.e. BPS. That is success because of a great script and cast. Rating was double digits.This is set in the old times where all those abuse is appropriate but the writer wrote the characters well.

So the thai audience want a good script.

Someone mentioned a mint and toey lakorn. That is inaccurate. It is not a "slap-kiss" lakorn. Although the writer did add some trope/formula to it. I felt the writer could've modify it better....but she also older generation.

I rarely watch thai lakorn anymore....but I grew up watching it and feel like I should hold on....I mostly do it now to keep up with the language.

Mia 2018 is the only lakorn I can recall fully engaging in.

There is soo much remake....and the characters and writing is worse....worse with the angst, namnao and struggle.

Actually, not true. I really enjoyed Love Proposal. Teaser is deceiving. It appear as a slap-kiss for pra-nang but it only have the sense of the lakorn trope...but executed well. I really enjoy the 3 main characters.

C and k drama suffer from same tropes....but they produce a lot of drama..lots of genre...and some of those tropes are NOT extreme and is enjoyable.


sarNie Adult
I agree that lakorn is between soap opera and series. It can be more like series, just that it’s being stuck in that same plotis making me look at most of it as a soap opera now.

I don’t think Mint-Toey lakorn was a slap-kiss one. I just pointed out that there was a lot of hype over the drama in social media, but in the end the overall ratings for it is about the same as other Ch3 dramas nowadays.

My most cynical take over ratings is that… is I feel like current lakorn ratings reflect the number of tv screens that are on at that time but maybe no one is watching.


sarNie Hatchling
The problem with Thai lakorn is script. Only if they can come up with their own script that will be great. But now Thailand (ch3) is into older fl and younger ml, a kdrama trending. And stop remaking!!!!!
Now a day people have more access to watch a lakorn. Not all watch it from tv like they used to back in the day. Ch3 have more international fan in my opinion because they post their lakorn on youtube.


sarNie OldFart
Channel 7 have really loyal rural fans. Their ratings at 7-8 is impressive considering most of their lakorns are stuck in similar plots. Channel 3 on the other hand, somehow, never was able to capture that. They do better with Bangkok viewers but those viewers aren't bunch of dedicated ones. Their mistake was to cater to the buzz rather create better lakorns that'll attract both buzz and ratings. Unfortunately, more people are moving away from lakorns and at this point it's hard to see them get that magic back. And channel 3 doesn't seem to have an answer to their own problems because if they do the lakorns they dishes out year after year would be an upgrade, instead it's the same or worse.


sarNie Adult
Channel 3 on the other hand, somehow, never was able to capture that. They do better with Bangkok viewers but those viewers aren't bunch of dedicated ones. Their mistake was to cater to the buzz rather create better lakorns that'll attract both buzz and ratings. Unfortunately, more people are moving away from lakorns and at this point it's hard to see them get that magic back.
I wonder if they have just accepted the fact that because of streaming there is no way that they can improve ratings so there is no point in trying hard? Sometimes I feel like I have put in more effort in analyzing the possible reasons behind Ch3 low ratings compared to them actually seeing the problem and trying to address it. Honestly, them trying things like younger ML-older FL, and BL seem to reflect their usual attempts at following trends rather than coming up with new ideas. They seem to have stopped pushing koojins as hard as they used to.

I also wonder how they decide which lakorn they should sell to streaming services. I can understand if one streaming service has accepted one drama, it would not be on another service, e.g. whatever is on Viu will not be on Netflix. But why don’t they push more of their dramas to these services? Or they did and these services just will not take them? It can’t be that they fear those services will cut into their app because regional limitations will take care of that easily.

Ch3 have international following, but they would have much more if they would sub whatever they put on YouTube. Like just those FIN clips would be enough too honestly.


sarNie Adult
But why don’t they push more of their dramas to these services? Or they did and these services just will not take them? It can’t be that they fear those services will cut into their app because regional limitations will take care of that easily.
Up to the buyer. For example, China limits how many foreign dramas/shows/movies etc. they'll allow to be shown so Ch3 probably decides which shows based on star popularity. For platforms like Netflix, they have to buy licenses to stream it. I don't know if Netflix is licensing only certain lakorns or a bundle where they say they'll pay X amount for X number of shows and it's up to Ch3 to decide which shows are in that bundle.

I think that's why GMM were ahead of the game compared to the rest. They have experience and probably contacts with international licensing from their music and film companies. I remember reading somewhere Ch3's parent company partnering up with some other media company to handle that when they first started doing it.


sarNie Adult
Thanks @jeanie1 for that explanation. No wonder GMM continuously have dramas on Viu and also other channels I’ve seen. I feel like Ch3 dramas should have similar target audience but this year I haven’t seen as many Ch3 dramas on Viu or other channels where I am. And they have a very limited selection on Netflix too.


sarNie Adult
I was low-key annoyed with Pope yesterday for capsizing my ship, sigh.
I didn’t expect something more annoying would happen - the reporters bothered to ask Bella regarding Weir.

At least they waited to ask her separately? She answered well, but I don’t think they should even ask the question in the first place.


sarNie Adult
Well imagine that Pancake and Weir end up marrying in the same year… hahaha

this lady is smart, tie him up while he is still smitten, before he start to stray


sarNie OldFart
Goodness, that's fast of him. He dated Pancake and Bella for ages and nothing, but with new gf took only months...wonder if he's been seeing her longer than reported. Whatever the situation is, congrats to the couple and especially her for being able to tame him.

Hmm...Pancake and Bella seems like a job thing while his new girl is outside the industry and more genuine. Don't know at this point lol.


sarNie Juvenile
Congrats to Weir. It's pretty common for men to do this. They date their previous partners for the LONGEST time and right after they break up, they marry a girl they barley even know. Haha. The girl came at the right time when Weir is already at that age to settle down and start a family. It most likely wouldn't have happened if she came into his life 5 years ago.

My brother did this too when he was in his thirties, and let's just say, he spent his best years with his ex. They were together for 7 years. He used to love life but now, he's just existing with his wife. After the breakup, he felt like he needed redeem himself and move onto the next stage at his age but wrong move. He's not happy and still thinks about his ex. He regrets it especially when he drinks. Haha. I have no mercy for him. I told him that even though he's my brother but his ex deserves better. She was ready a long time ago and treated him so well but he didn't appreciate her and now, he'll always remember her as the one that got away BUT SO WHAT, he should've realized her worth when he had a chance. She's happily married to someone else now. He still keeps her as a very good friend but he's stuck with the consequences of deciding too quickly. I'm not saying that's Weir but I hear so many similar stories especially from guys. They abruptly marry someone when they lose themselves after getting out of a long term relationship.


sarNie Adult
Heh, I guess at the moment, Weir feels like he’s really ready for this? His fans are so convinced that poor Weir… he’s always wanted to marry and have kids, but it’s Bella who just doesn’t want marry cos she still wants to work.

I wish everyone will find their happiness somehow.:)


sarNie Adult
Reporters should just not ask Bella about it, it’s bad manners although their relationahip is more business than true (how many true GF would stand up for cheating times and times again?)

That business is now over. Leave her alone.


sarNie Adult
They should not, but they do. They are desperate for content, and Bella is in the media so often for different jobs. I think they should stop that now that they know Bella will remain graceful under pressure and not get agitated by their questions.

I mean at the last Bangkok election a reporter actually asked who she voted for. I remember being surprised that in Thailand you can ask about that, then at that moment another reporter reminded the one who asked that she cannot ask that. Apparently it’s against the law. So reporters don’t exactly have sense here.

Cupid Candy

sarNie Coma
I never expected Weir to marry like this. I was always picturing him ending up marrying in his 40's to a much younger woman. *sighs* I really liked him with both Pan and Bella, so sad it didn't work out.


sarNie Adult
Congrats to Weir on his engagement. The girl is cute, they look good together. Hopefully, he is a changed man for her because I still think there is always some degree of truth in all the rumors of cheating he's had and being a playboy.

Hopefully, the press leaves Bella alone regarding his engagement. Regardless of what their relationship dynamic truly was and is now with one another, it's hurtful and disrespectful towards both women I feel if she keeps getting asked about his pending marriage.

Happens so often where you see long term couples break up after decades of dating, just for one or both to go off and end up marrying their next partner only after a short time of dating. Congrats again!


sarNie OldFart
Yes. It is very common for guys to marry the next girl after they end their long term.

My ex told me he regrets it....figure he can start clean from his mistake but wish he just tried harder/level up.

We were not on the same page on what we wanted and needed at that time...

I wish ppl break up more/earlier.....either you level up where i am and what i need or bye... I'll find someone who is.....most ppl are ready to settle and their partner is 2-3 yrs behind

The issues with thai lakorns is a good storyline....even BL is lacking in good storyline....although there are the crazy fangirl

My brother who is gay was complaining about the plot...the sequel with them always cheating on each other (trope) ...love triangles....he told me they are protray as sex-craze/promiscuous.

I really like prawirada and I don't care for Bella or James. I'm neither. But I felt it was a good storyline. Although pk could've got over his ego towards the end sooner...

There was a few thai lakorn on netflix from onehd...I wish there is more.

But soo much stupid namnao remix of stupid storyline/plot