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maplestory addict xD
ty =] me n bau juz luv to mess around lol


okays, new update. this time my artwork would be centered around tis malaysian singer called vince chong. i wont really say he got the 'look' but he's really talented (he composes his songs n his voice is niceeee) lol anyways, check it out guysss ;)

ps style: photography editing

i love this pic the most, i find it ps material lol

i tink he's hawt there for some reason...i must be crazy o_O

i cant seem to put any fonts in this one. i guess the surrounding is too heavy, i dont wana ruin it so i juz left it alone.

my last pic, i tink u can see the amount of lazyness in it lol



maplestory addict xD
i havent been psing much except for the battle lol. i tink y'all noe the reason why. anyway, here's sumthing to keep the thread alive =]



that is so beautiful...i'm so busy i haven't even been to the battle thread...gonna go check it out :D


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wahhh! Thanks anie! It's so pretty! I love it alot! But I'm going to have to use it when my internet goes back to normal quality.....

is it just me or the words on the banner is blurry-ish....if it is then it's my internet server...have to wait until its goes back to normal to be able to save it lol....


maplestory addict xD
thanks for the comments gurls =] been a long time since i psed anything, but anyhow i tried meddling wif aff's new pics (daym, shes getting hawter and hawter/not to mention the high fashion photoshoots -- love it!)

anyhow, here's 2 mini wally:



maplestory addict xD
thanks =] today i got my first final exam. its the start of exam week *shivers* lol but anyhow, while studying few days bak...i managed to ps tis poster of aff. (im nt those type who can focus on one thing alone, i hav to multitask or imma be hell bored) lol



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omo.. beautiful job anie.. ^_^..
i agree.. aff is getting hotter each day.. ahaha.. i bet sarn must be happy lol XD..