Aff Taksaorn: Staying Cool


sarNie Adult
i luv her smile and she has nice white teeth. i think she looks refreshing and i love her clear skin. she's beautiful. luv her hair.


sarNie Adult
Wow....Aff is sooo pretty!!! :D I really love the cover and the fourth picture. She really has the best practically glows. i want to buy whatever she's selling...and I'm a girl, imagine the poor
LOL I am so with you on the that! I'll buy whatever she's selling hahahaha!

I love her hair (except for that weird blonde streak!)...she really does take great pictures! her skin is really glowing and her teeth...ahhhh makes me want to go get braces now! :lol:

Love her! :D


Staff member
whoa.. aff is so hot n narak xp lol.. haha.. hmm i wonder y i havent seen sarn yet xp lol..keke.. aff is so pretty xp..