[Ancient Series] Lethal Weapons Of Love And Passions


sarNie Adult
Some spoilers! Just wanted to share my comments.

Overall, I think I enjoyed Twin of Brothers more than this series. I thought both Raymond-Bosco characters were very similar and had similar relationships to that of Raymond-Ron in TOB.

I wasn't really into this series much in the beginning because I didn't like the Raymond-Sonjia pairing. Plus, Raymond loving Sonjia was a bit too contrived, and then his subsequent turning to love Charmaine. But after Raymond-Charmaine were together for a while, I liked the series much better towards the later half of the series. I did like the Derek-Sonjia pairing and storyline though, even though I'm not sure that he loved her...

Once he joined the dark side... it became a bit more interesting, even though it made it kind of hard for him and Charmaine to get together. Then it seemed like they were apart for way too long. Because of the bad things he seemed to be doing, I almost feared that Raymond's character would get killed off and thus a repeat of TOB . Thank goodness things worked out, even though the ending of the series seemed to have defeated the whole purpose of what Raymond and his gang spent about 3/4 of the series trying to accomplish!!

I think that through everything, Bosco's paternity story was really boring and overused. Come on, almost every ancient drama has to have a secret paternity issue one way or the other? The whole problems that came along with that paternity story just dragged the storyline down to me. Boring!!


sarNie Adult
just finished watching this serie...it was okay but could been better if there's more sweet scene between p'ek and n'ek and the ending was kind of dissappointed could of have a better ending