Anne Thongprasom


sarNie Coma
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shes hot! thiis shoot of annes. i like the 3rd/4th one the most. whats up with the big necklace though



sarNie Elites
Ann is beautiful, as always!

She looks really tall, but many people say that she is short, which I am not sure ^^


Lakorn Obsesser
OMG! I totally love it. I love the cover and the 3rd picture. It's gorgeous!! Her hair is spendid too.


sarNie Adult
she so pretty

OMG! the last picture the dress shes wearing is from the designer Christian Dior

i freakin want it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


sarNie Egg
Anne is really beautiful. I love the fact that all her features fall together very beautifully eventhough her teeth is not perfect. :)

I am a non-Thai who lived in Thailand for a short period. I was not interested in Thai lakorn until I watched one of Anne's lakorn. Now ... many years on, I have picked up the beautiful Thai language (thanks to Anne) and thus explaining why I still support her and watch her lakorn. :)

Anne is the best!


sarNie Juvenile
OMG!!! i just love her...she's freakin hot and i am loving that red dress. love that she look good in everything she wears.


Lakornaddict ;)
i dont like the big necklace either hahaha it looks like a neck brass or something :lol:
however she still PRETTY wit it lol