Best Lakorn Lines?

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sarNie Coma
Plerng Toranong
Plerng to Namfon - "why do i feel like your always pouting at me, its like how a wife pouts at her husband" LOL he says that on his so called wedding day

Plerng Toranong
Plerng to Namfon - "how could you survive if you were on this island alone?"
Namfon to Plerng - "just know that i can survive if i have you!"

Sam Num Neur Thong
Pao to Thee - "why do you sleep naked? you have nothing to show, even that sausage Krit's eating is bigger than you thing" LOL

Liam Prai Lai Rak
- "who is this"
"who? Dome Pakorn?" LOL i dunno why this had me cracking up.

Khing Gor Rah Kah Gor Raeng
- N'rai "you know Pawee is a responsible person so you seduced him until you got pregnant"
- Nit "speaking of this i have been stressed about this for a while know, i want you to know that Pawee RAPED me"

I'll add more later.


sarNie Oldmaid
My fave of all time has to be: "Ta Vee. Tum Bab Nee Khun Mae Mai Plerm!" & "Job" by Jarunee in Khing Kor Rar Khar Kor Rang!
Translation: "Pavee, I don't approve of your actions." & "Final"



sarNie Juvenile
While watching Duangjai Akkhanee, I remember the part when Fai and Jeed delivered milk to the guy at the market. Fai arrived first and then he was surprised to see Jeed.
Fai: "What are you doing here?"
Jeed: "Delivering milk."
Fai: [LOOKS AT HER BOOBS] "Where's the milk?"

This is the first one that popped in my head. Add more later...

Rak Nee Hua Jai Rao Jong- Stuck on the island scene
Ken: "Go!"
Janie: "Okay, okay! Oh, yeah, when you have kids, can I have one of them to guard my house? It's likely that they will be fierce like their father."



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'Doctor, help me. I dont' want to be gay!' said Pa (Paul) thinking that he's falling for Sompong (Janie in disguise as a man) lmao

'I'm ALLERGIC to English language' lmao


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My fave of all time has to be: "Ta Vee. Tum Bab Nee Khun Mae Mai Plerm!" & "Job" by Jarunee in Khing Kor Rar Khar Kor Rang!
Translation: "Pavee, I don't approve of your actions." & "Final"

Jop...This is fav scene....his mom always..Jop!


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I can't decide if i like Sanaha Ngerntra or not b/c i feel the lakorn could have done better ... the plot was very cliche (i mentioned this in the old lakorn thread) but i have to admit - i like a few lines from this lakorn ..

My favorite was when Por tell Pat that everything he has, even his life, all belongs to her. She answered, "I don't want your life. I'm more into the money." (hungry for money - b/c he accused her of being a gold digger.) She tells him that if he pays 100 millions then she'll sell her whole life to him. (in his face!)



sarNie OldFart
one of my all time favorite line by KhwanUma (Janie's character from Suay Rerd Cherd Sod).
"Mai Suay Mai Rerd Tum mai dai" <------ I d k if i wrote it right.hahha. Oh well. if i didn't then my bad, just ignore it. :)
Then after she says that she touch her hair. HAhaha. Love it!!!
Damn, I was so into that line I started to said that to my sister and she got so annoyed by me.hhahha..

And the translation is " If I'm not hot and perfect, I can't do it" <---- Got this from Wishboniko

I was too lazy to look for a clip so I just use the one she say it from episode 1.1 starting at 7:01

c: wishboniko's yt channel


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LOL I love ALL of those lines stated up there. ^^ I was overly obsess with SRCS's line. Funniest thing ever.

There's so many out there but i can't seem to remember any other than the one in Plerng Torranong when Namfon apologized after the model show.

Namfon: I want to apologize that I used to see you the wrong way.
Plerng: A person who knows how to say sorry is really cute. Do you know that?
Namfon: *BLUSHES*
Plerng: I meant it to those who can say they're sorry. Not to compliment that you're cute.

And in Roy Marn! :D
Mark: Do you think your body measure - bust 40, waist 23, hips 38 or not. I think you're not worth to be raped.


Bee: If a husband rapes his own wife, is that illegal?
Sunny: Has Khun Mark rape you?
Bee: Are you crazy? NOT YET. Let him try and he'll sleep in the hospital next to P'May.


Mark: I have something to say.
Bee: What?
Mark: Come here. Closer.......They're not so small anyways.

I love how he's talking about her boobs. :lol:


sarNie Adult
Oum Rak:

Ann: What adult wear children's cartoon pjs (the way she said it was too funny; i thought that was too funny and cute)


sarNie Hatchling
Ngao Ruk Luang Jai

Min: I have tried to forget him, but I can't
Nadech: Sometimes, it's like our hearts don't belong to us. We can't command it to love or not to love anyone.

Ruk Ter Took Wan

Ken: I try to tell myself that rainbow can't last for too long. And you're probably the same. When the time comes, you will also disappear. As if you never existed.


sarNie Oldmaid
Buang w/ R-Team

their daughter Lila's line:

around 2;40ish

"Lila is sorry. Lila promised she'll be a good kid, that she wouldn't cry anymore but Lila couldn't do it. Lila's tears flows by itself"

( this line was so sad, she had 2 messed up parents and she was suffering. I cried with her.)

Cupid Candy

sarNie Coma
Mussaya - Andrew : "Pong you know me so well, if only you were born a woman, i would ask for your hand in marriage"


sarNie Juvenile
I got one. It's not the best line, but it's something.
Qi Pao 
Ann T. as PINK
May P. as PEI PEI
*PEI PEI walks up to PINK at their dinner table and splashes PINK with a cup of water that was sitting on the table*
PEI PEI: You dared search my room?!
PINK: *to herself* Splashing water, much more original than I would have thought.


sarNie Juvenile
These lines are from one of my favorite scenes in the whole lakorn. LOL. Anne was superb.
Sood Sanae Ha
Ann T. as ALIN
Ken T. as KRU COOK
Willie M. as LEK
*after finding out she's been fooled by LEK, ALIN roars in rage*
ALIN: You see horns on my head, that you lied to me all this time? I eat rice, not grass. I thought I'm good at acting, but you're better. If I get the Supannahong award for acting, then you must get the Titanic!
*moments later*
ALIN: Let me tell you. You aren't the only one who lied to me, I lied to you as well! Let me confess right here. Listen! I can't cook and I hate cooking with all my life!! Let me go Kru Cook! The way you and your mom see that I'm a nice, wonderful, and fragile woman, I was acting. I lied because I wanted to catch you and I made it! You've fallen into my trap, understood?!!
KRU COOK: Stop, Khun Lin.
ALIN: Let me go Kru Cook! And most importantly, I did better than you, smoother than you, smarter than you!!! But because you're a man and isn't perfect like me, that means you're more bad than me, more cruel than me, understood?!! *while hilariously being carried away by KRU COOK* I hate you, you liar, fibber, fraudster!!! Put me down, Kru Cook! I HATE YOU!!!


sarNie Hatchling
I could have swore i made a reply to a similar thread before but i cannot find it.  Here's one of my favorite lines, and it's from the drama Wanida.  It was the scene between Aff (Wanida) and Joy R. (Pisamai).  My favorite line was Aff/Wanida's line.
Pisamai:  I'm Major Prajak's lover.
Wanida:  (smiles) I'm glad to know you Pisamai. I'm Wanida Mahasak, Major Prajak's wife. 
Wanida was so calm and classy delivering this line, while Pisamai just looked stupid with her line about being Prajak's lover (casting herself as a mistress) was a major BURN....555


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@raindrops, I was just about to come in here and mentioned the same thing about Wanida.  You beat me to it!   Thanks for sharing.


sarNie Juvenile
Raeng Pradtana (Kim A. & Nadech K.)
(Tae and Pit gets into a minor feud with another car while driving and comes to a sudden halt. Tae hits her chest on the steering wheel.)
Pit: Tae, are you hurt anywhere?!
Tae: I'm hurt right here (pointing to her chest). I bet my chest got flattened! I don't even have that much.
They're in such a crisis and Tae only complains that she may've flattened her chest! Haha.


sarNie Hatchling
hahah...i'm currently watching Thoranee Ne Nee Krai Krong and i love this line from ep 5 where Pan and Aueng are trying to take off Athit's super tight pants because he was sick... 
Aueng:  "Is this a fashion trend or he doesn't have money to buy pants?  Probably he has worn it since he was in grade 7."...LMAO
that's what u get for wearing the current fashion trend of skinny jeans...LOL...and it if takes two grown men to get that pants off Athit there is no way he could have taken it off while he was drunk to have rape Sri...555