Borisud Bumbut Kaen(Broadcast Thai)


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^i didn't like that lakorn, i feel sorry for Au's character ...
i think my all time have to be manee yad fah with with willy, follow by JAOSAO PRISSANA and OUM RUK.


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Ahhh Samee Tee Tra was one of my favorite Ann lakorn! she was bitchy & stubborn, almost like a nang'rai. :lol: & who can forget the bathtub scene! :eek: that was so... :blush:

Manee Yard fah is one of my favorite too. Willy & Ann had great chemistry. I wish they would do another lakorn together...


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Man, this lakorn sure is taking forever! Too bad they're not getting paid by the hour.. or else they'd be making a lot from this lakorn.. hmm unless they ARE paid by the hour? HAHA. =D


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I can't wait for this lakorn
it got me all excited just watching their pic and NG..
this is going to be one hot drama!
the theme song for the drama is very nice, add in another reason why it's gonna be good drama


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i dont think any producer will want to top SB "R" scene i mean 4 was already way more than we expected :lol: and the pool scene was unforgettable
omygosh it's official, that scene is now known to me as the "poolscene" lol!
idk, for some twisted reason i was fine with the 4 r scene in SB - maybe cuz it was Ken and Ann...though when i kept thinking about it, the first and third ones where the most effective. it's not the number, but what caused the r scene.
for example, i didn't think he should r her just for not eating. and then the fourth one was also unnecessary, i thought, since it was right in their house and not in a secluded place like usual...i felt it would have been sufficient for him to just threaten her with the idea of "r" instead of actually doing it... :huh: like, Kawee could just get real up close to Narin's face (like he doesn't anyways lol) and then of course give her the lil nice peck he did! ;)

either way, i don't mind if there is baby or no baby...but...i think they probably won't have Ann get pregnant, it just seems like a very distant idea from the chaotic story...good enough for me that they end up together!! X]

(would have liked baby in JLR though, lol)

anyways, haha, thanks for the clips! really wanna watch those sweet scenes they were showing since it sounded like there was going to be a lot of hating in the beginning and middle...
Ann and Aum so funny together, just love watching them have fun. lol, so funny how they're both so stressed they even sent message out to Aff and Ken to ask for advice to relieve stress. :lol: