[Ch3] Game Rai Game Ruk (Lakorn Thai)


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I second you on that. you got right to the point.
I third you on that. That's what I told my sister who sometimes was so annoyed with Fah's character.

We as the viewers, we could see everything but Fah doesn't. So I asked my sister, "Do you believe your own sister or a stranger who hurt you physical and emotionally"


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Why is it that on a GRGR day, I have soooooooo much work!!! Pissed OFF to the MAX! Why are people committing crimes today? I wish the world is at peace so I enjoy GRGR with no distraction.

*telling self*...jai yen yen...jai yen yen

Ok...now onto GRGR. Will someone PLEEEEASE give these two each an award already? I cried from beginning to end. I cried as much as the separation scene. Saichon begging for forgiveness...AMAZING performance :clap: But I wasn't clapping like that. I was bawling (quietly in the women's locker). Just awesomeness from these two. Never failed to impress me.

Fah broke my heart today...she really did. The way she treated Saichon was unacceptable! :no: She knows he's her husband already. Poor Saichon...when she told him not to be within "son met" of her, the look on his face...I broke down :cry1: And everytime she showed him how terrified she is of him, I cried. I cried at EEEEVERYTHING involving the two of them today. I don't understand Fah at this point. We know she loves Charles. She vividly remembers him now. She knows he's her husband. He is so gentle and patient with her. What else does this woman want??? BUT...she did soften up at the very end...like the last 30 seconds of the episode.

Is it just me or does Prae cry like she's retarded? I heard the "Hur ugh ugh uuuuugh!!!" and I'm like...that's freaking retarded. Even Saichon cries more beautifully. I felt extremely bad for Mor "Kwai" when Prae threw whatever she threw at him. Ok...dude, that is a BIIIIIG red flag. The psychotic biatch is not only verbally abusive, but physically abusive too.

I have never even once fallen out of love for Saichon and I have just fell in love with him all over again today. Can someone please tell me where I can order my very own Saichon? Every single time he looks at her, it's like that moment is the first time he's laid eyes on her. Eeeh-re-sing-go time, mmm...mmm.mmmm (black girl mode). He gets lost in her beautiful eyes.

Glad to see that Sahut and Tah are finally getting along and Tah and her mom are also supporting Saichon and Fah.


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i just finished skimming through ep 19, but i was watching it with my little sister who have been patiently listening to all my ranting about this drama. but somehow she manage to see a different perspective than me. she brough up some things that i found interesting but reasonable. I'll paste down what my sister wrote to me from home. Lol. I'm at my office working and she's at home watching it too. (and yes, we like to write big sentences/paragraphs. :D)

"as i watched i felt that i'm watching completely two different stories in one.

the whole time, i felt that nangfah and fahlada is completely two different people and Charles is just searching for a woman that is already dead to him. don't get me wrong. i love this drama and like the couple but as i watched, that idea build on me. i guess i'm trying to say that nangfah and saichon is a couple that will probably never come back because as a person, the two of them are changed whether or not she regains her memories or not. Charles cannot go back to being Saichon as he been through all that pain and suffering and lost all innocence that makes us love him at the beginning. he is now an experience and seasoned man who seen the cruelty of the world. i have a hard time seeing fahlada becoming nangfah again because she is nothing but suspicious, hateful, and distrusts charles even though she cares for him, when nangfah would have trusted charles unconditionally and follow him to the end of the earth.

when we have our happy ending, i know i will cheer them on, but at the same time it will be for a different love story than that saichon and nangfah because i don't think they're be able to return to the person they had once been. Of course, despite all that, the love they share only grows stronger and they'll be able to overcoem anything that comes their way."
OMG i agree with you!!!!!


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you're really following through with your game plan? crazy. going home from class now to do the same, but unlike you, i can scream and curse the heck all i want...my apartment neighbors will have to tolerate me this weekend.
Yes I did. I watched segment 1 and went back to my desk. Opened 1 email, couldn't concentrate so I took out my headphones and watched segment 2...couldn't hold the tears so I ran back to the women's locker and cried out loud. Then watched segment 3...a co-worker came into the locker room and I quickly ran into one of the stalls and cried silently to myself.

Then had to meet with client after client...was now pissed off and cursing everyone under mybreath because I couldn't be here at AF to rant.

Oh kiki...you are too cute and funny.


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Someone please tell me what he's saying! I can't wait for subs, I NEED TO KNOW NOW!!!!
One of the saddest and emotional scene today! Super love Nadech's acting.

Here a video by Ceci.


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Finally off work! Wow this is killing me. I'm speeding home to enjoy today's episode! Ill be back to spazz with everyone.


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So does it ends tomorrow? Nadech did an awesome job on his characters and also he can cries better than Yaya and Mint. Both girls cry without tears come down at all on ep.19. Now I know why I find Mint is so annoying. It her voices.


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For me Yaya crying scene is pretty good. Like in Episode 16 when she was crying after Charles kiss her on stage and at home when Prae yelled at her...her tears were running down her cheeks a lot. I felt so bad for her, and wanted to cry myself. But yes she still needs to improve on her crying. Anyways today episode was really good. I will be sad when this ends.


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Kisskeepintouch does have great quality videos.
I'm surprise she uploaded this. :)

I love how he refers to himself as Saichon and calls her Nangfah.

TheIQzero channel has awesome qualit also! :)


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So embrassed .... I couldn't stand it so I pulled into Trader Joes parking lot and watch on my iPhone. Tears just won't stop falling.... My nose all runny.... my eyes all red. I was just catching my breath when this lady knocked on my car window to ask me if I am ok? (gonna hide now)

I am now running 1 hour late. Gave I have a headache excuse..... Oh boy. GRGR and Yadech took over my day.

It was a great episode. Nadech made me cried so much. Fah is torturing me too not just Saichon.....so kudos to Yaya. I am ready to shake some memory back into that angel!!!!!
Haha Kiki u make me laugh. Same here. I got done with my test and I aced it but have no idea how. coz only thing on my brain was "OMG gotta go home and watch GRGR"


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Ep.19 got me crying...
the scenes: he think about her before his wedding day, he cried, tears drip down his face, migosh Nadech cried so pretty and so sad, i can feel his pain and sadness. pretty scene.
and the heartbreaking scene when he was saying sorry, beg for her forgiveness,down on his knees hugging her everyway so she won't go and with everyone looking, i was crying (sobbing wiping my face with my hands) feel so sorry for him, he look so pitiful, can feel he's really sorry for the mean things he did to her and scare of losing her and can't lose her again. don't care about his pride,dignity,just want her to stay with him and not go. gosh he love her so much,my poor Saichon, Nadech play so well, Yaya too. 2 thumbs up!
was so sad the scene she got out of the car and he hug her say won't let her go. waited to see her for so long.
i like he call himself Saichon again was cute
and the scenes they went back to the island was so cute!..but still feel so sorry for Saichon cause she doesn't trust him tell him to stay far away from her, can see that he's so sad that his nangfah doesn't trust him and scare of him..the scene she cover him with the blanket and he wipe her eyes with the towel was so sweet.
can't wait for next eps...


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Awwww cant wait the pictures seem sweet!!!! Still needa watch ep 18 with eng sub. Idk if wishboniko has em up yet but once i get home ill watch it.


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Off the topic, if ch.3 do the remake of Ku Kum. They can pair up Nadech and Kimberly as Kobori amd Angsomali. Nadech does has Japanese looks and Kimberly has that Angsomali's character in her.


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Oh my gosh, I haven't even watched the episode yet, but my heart is doing cartwheels already, just watching all these teasers through all your guys' posts!!! I'm going to be honest...as romantic of a person as I am, I hardly cry during lakorn, but when I was watching Ceci's teasers, I got that tingling sensation like tears were about to spill...I'm sure while I'm watching the actual episode, I'll cry for REAL...! T-T

I think that's the beauty of Charles' love and the reason that it makes sense for Fah to not be able to stop falling for him though, however confused she is and however much she might be convinced that he only loves a memory. It's because if you look at it from CHARLE's perspective deeply enough, in my case, I see that he very much loves FAHLADA also. Yeah, she changed. There's no way she can be Nangfah anymore. So why does Charles hang around? I don't think he would cling to a body that wasn't the person/soul of Nangfah, the best thing that happened in his life. He surely fell for Fahlada, who most definitely has some hint of Nangfah in her. And the fact that Charles can still be so passionate in love and angst towards this 'new Nangfah' means that he is willing and HAS fallen in love with Fahlada, he HAS accepted her as Fahlada.

It's quite true that GRGR feels like two different lakorn. OMG! I've been so pleasantly surprised that I like the city scenes that I've almost forgotten what it felt like on MIN Island. HALE YEAH, we are going back to sea! Kiz's screencaps but me so excited! The waterfall! The cave! *delirious* Everything looks beautiful, they are going to go back to the root of their love. It doesn't matter to me, they are not simply trying to relive their past, rather they are building a foundation for their new love.