[CH3] Game Sanaeha (Lakorn Thai) : James Jirayu / Taew Natapohn


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That's the thing.... normally I'd say JJ is so handsome but the feels stop there..... BUT in GS, I just wanna jump Nai "every" time he comes on screen. :risas3::risas3::risas3:
Hahah, I’m with you on this girl. There is so many scenes that I just want to jump Nai to death :risas3:
Like this scene when he walked up to her by the pool.. I was like :drooling::drooling: if I was Nok I ain’t going to be just sitting there crying, I will be jumping him like no tomorrow by that pool:risas3:
And then there is this one, walking out from his car. :drooling::drooling: Nai looks so good in black.
Nai is just so mature and extremely manly and the fact he puts Miss Bratty Nok in her place and don’t give in to her, makes him even more appealing and hot:drooling:


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My new kookwan & maybe even Ch3s. Lol. Seriously who would've known they were so perfect together! I always forget that Taew is few years older than JJ. She's so youthful looking. I look forward to see many more lakorns of them together in the future! Can they just be in the remake of SB and JLR?! Taew would be so perfect for both roles.
Taew and JJ was definitely a surprised match well at least for me anyway. And their chemistry is even more unexpected. I didn’t think they were going to generate this much chemistry with eachother.. definitely have exceeded my expectations. The chemistry they share has different flavours to it. It’s sweet, salty, bitter, spicy, fiery. A whole mixture of ingredients :drooling: even them just being in the same scene and looking at eachother, me as a viewer is already squealing inside and telling them to just get it over with willing|babysw:risas3:


Finished episode 2 also. It was so good. I have to say Nai is just something! He’s always there for Nok no matter what! I cried on the part how Nai’s mom left him. That was so sad! Why though? And Nok sure hates Kae bad. What a thick face she is for showing up at the party. Uh I was cheering Nok on for pouring wine on her. Lol.
I am watching with you guys. I like just to complain hehe! But James is always very goodlooking so it's no hardship watching him at all. Even if he doesn't dress up in suits like here & wearing his casual policeman kits in Padivarada he was just so damn handsome there. And Taew is very sexy with her everything in its place wardrobe, her previous movies with Bomb & James she didn't look as pretty.
I find her pretty with James (I think they match well) and Bomb in Khun Chai series .... she was my fav in the series... not the brothers. lol. I think her part of the series received the highest ratings for Khun Chai series too. I like her acting so maybe I find her pretty even if she is wearing racks. :p
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Hmmn.... guys, don't you think this storyline is near similar to that Great & Matt's movie
Kularb Rai Glai Ruk?

* She's a very spoilt brat, really nasty & can't take it her dad is marrying a new mum

* She's mean & rude & hurtful to the hero
* Only he sees through her pain & he also sees through all her little tricks - here she pretends to be hit by a cab, in the other she commits suicide in front of her dad during the wedding
* Her parents love her, in Matt's story the dad & grandparents love her to bits

Got to wait for the later episodes to see if it still comes close.
As the first two episodes go by on my screen, I get the impression that this lakorn is Raeng Pratana on steroids. Rich bratty khun nu who is all my way or the high way with zero sensitivity for anyone else's livelihood. Poor orphan who is fated to clean up her messes, and for some reason we still don't know of, he is deeply in love with her. But even Sudapa had some sense of justice and loyalty. Nok is very mean.

I want to applaud Nok for the way she strutted into the office and claimed her territory, even with no experience - I wish I had that confidence. But on the other hand, that confidence is so misplaced. She didn't even think about how that would make her dad look in front of all their business partners, it was a very entitled move. I am going to be bored of her selfish antics soon so I'm hoping they keep this story at a fast pace.

Also, Taew is so hot in here. And James has grown so handsome. Ugh to both of them.
I agree... I think we've seen this kind of stories before but I think they'll put a 2018 spin to this slap-kiss. One thing, they'll have some baby drama in here..... did you read the synopsis already? It's intense. Check Page. 2 for an older version's. I think Khun Da will update the story but still it's really really intense drama.

and yes, urgh to both James and Taew for looking so good. :p