[CH3] Game Sanaeha (Lakorn Thai) : James Jirayu / Taew Natapohn


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Sokay hun i found the subbed episodes already but has been hesitating to start or not to start watching lol i guess i'll dive in soon ;)
The lakorn could have been better but overall it was good, something to watch to kill time. Lolz they could have added a real lip to lip for us to swoon over, but they didn’t . :rolleyes:
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Another rumor if it true or not, she might pair up with Nadech again :rolleyes:

As much I want them to pair up again I don’t want Taew to get criticized or hate from his koojin fans again
I would love her to reunite with Mario, JJ, and Mark in future work. But love to see her work with Great and Jma too since she never pair up with them before
Hopefully she will confirmed soon.. she only has one lakorn filming at that is with ter and it’s a romcom which I am not too excited about.. I do hope she will have both new lakorn soon whether it’s with Nadech or pope... I desperately want her with Great :aaaaa: yes a reunion with Mario and Mark would be great.. I would love love love love loveeeeeee for her to have another lakorn with JJ too, but maybe not at this stage because they just had a lakorn back to back..
Hi, I am new here. See a lot of new spoilers and rumors of new lakorns today.
Welcome! And please join in the discussions with us .


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Hello to all, its my first time commenting here although i am lurking here for so so long :confused0:... I have to admit Taew is a finest actress of current time . Liking this drama, its craziness and all your comments.. JJ and Taew really have steamy hot chemistry :love::love:. Although kind sad that this drama is not doing that well in rating as it should but i know football world cup and some incident with local thai football team can be the reason :sad6:. But i am glad overall it is getting appreciation and recently i came across an Ig post and was so happly thought to share it here that, this drama doing so so well in china and it become weibo hot topic #2 beating korean drama ... its great :cheer::cheer:


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