[CH3] Ngao Ruk Luang Jai (Makers J.)


sarNie OldFart
I remember watching this when it first aired. Man, how much I hated Nadech & Mint N's character.
hahhaha.. Yep,that's me. I d k y but never like the second guy in any lakorn. There would only be a little
chance i would like the second guy. hahha


summer4ever said:
how funny...I was watching the lakorn and i was trying to understand everything that i didn't notice the similarity between the main girl and Aum than there is the main guy and Dan looking alike....now that everyone mention it i went back and check it out...sure enough they all sure have this look that can make them each sibling...very funny...
LOL. Im so late with this NRLJ discussion but I laugh my A$$ off knowing how funny some of the comments are in here. LOL 5555+++++
I had a good time going over everyone's comments. Oh boy! Just like everyone agrees on this lakorn marks the best role of Mark thus far! An arrogant but soft man inside with a good heart and sexy luscious lips. LOL  This lakorn was the beginning of my obsession with Mark, til this day I still have't liked any other roles of Mark as much as this Techit role!!! Lol :p Crazy but it's true. :p
I hope to see Mark in another similar role in the future.  A cold, sympathetic and arrogant but truly loving and caring inside.  Mark is just pure eye-candy! His lips are really damn freaking Sexy in here. Lol Drools* Lmao.