[CH3] NuengDao Fah Diew (TV Scene) : James Jirayu / Taew Nataporn/Aum Atichart


I love both Mario and Taew Separately, but not as much together. For some reason I don't see their chemistry, but I will watch for them though. But it's not confirmed though right?


Mrs James Ma
OMG when Taew got confirmed in this??? Nooooo I cant forget their chemistry in Rising Sun and they got other already :facepalm: well hope this one will be good


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yay, such good news. Taew and Mario confirmed, plus p'ek is a fake eunuch so that's going to make for some interesting relationship barriers LOL. I'm imagining p'ek is going to want skinship but n'ek will be like "bro, you're supposed to be celibate, restrain yourself." 
I'll go off into Taew-Mario lala land now...


sarNie Hatchling
I actually don't mind Mario and Taew. To me, they're one of those pairings that can generate some really good chemistry with each other with very minimal over the top cuteness or skinship. I like that all their lakorns so far are very different in genre, production and characters so it makes their reunion that much more special. 


Is your "nom" Fai-approved?
for me, they just look very good together. whether she's being snobby and he's a poor fisherboy, or she's a shy student and he's a yakuza leader... XD
@xcinsationalx, thanks to MoonChild's amazing art, I get to spazz over Na and Mew every time I make a post lol


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Super awesome news of 2016.Always love and sypport MT forever. ♡♡♡


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Mario's confirmed new project with Mai "Buang Banjathorn". Will he take two lakorn same genre together? 


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Taew and James Ji? Don't they have another lakorn together???? How about Taew and Atichart???

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Taew and James Ji? Don't they have another lakorn together???? How about Taew and Atichart???
Aum is freelance now and he seems to be preoccupied with his wife on their series for the True channel. I doubt Aum is going to be doing anything for ch3 any time soon.


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I wonder why the executives feel the need to put Taew and James Ji in two lakorns back to back? I'd rather see Taew with another actor like James Ma.


sarNie Juvenile
Wow taew gets to pair up with so many popular actors and work in many production. She's in demand. Every production want to work with her. Good for her!


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NuengDao Fah Diew (หนึ่งดาวฟ้าเดียว)

about translation in english there are three (i don't know which is the correct one ):
- Only One Heavenly Land
- One star, Same sky
- Only One blue star

Been a woman during the Ayutthaya Era, woman must be taught well manner, and be married when its the right time but Mang Mao(Taew ) is a naughty, tomboyish and have not fear, she is as strong as a man. Rumor spreading all over the city about her been naughty and weir personality compare to the other woman during this era. Who would have though that she will fall for a beautiful eunuch? Au Pra See Khantin /Khanthong(James Ji) consider an eunuch to be a life-duty that he must be serve with his life to fulfill his life-times promise but he fail to accomplish his wish when he meet Mang Mao(Taew ). He was surround by many beautiful woman in the palace but he never feel anything until he see Mang Mao(Taew ), who capture his whole heart. He is a innocent, pure-heart man who have no desire for anything but he have to change his mind when he meet Mang Mao(Taew ). How will the naughty tomboyish and the innocent eunuch love be possible happen during the Ayutthaya Era?
James Jirayu as Au Pra See Khantin (Khanthong)
Taew Nataporn as Mang Mao
Aum Atichart as Khun Luang Tak /Taksin
Kwang Kamolchanok as Jao Jom Pen

Fuse Kittisak

* fitting will be early next year
* on 28/9/2016 Producer " Pin Nathanan" announce that James will learning how to to fight with short knife ,sword ,boxing and horse riding for his role