[CH3] NuengDao Fah Diew (TV Scene) : James Jirayu / Taew Nataporn/Aum Atichart


sarNie Oldmaid
I don't mind James Ji and Taew, but I am surprised they're being paired back to back without us even seeing their chemistry first. It's similar to the Bomb and Ice lakorns, though at least in this case I know James and Taew can act lol.

Cupid Candy

sarNie Coma
Don't tell me it's already the time to put Aum in supporting roles. Hopefully this is a role that is just as important as the p'ek (like in the lakorn with Poh) and hope to Buddha Aum isn't getting daddy roles yet.


sarNie Adult
wow. i'm excited for James j. and Taew but Aum.. He's a man that needs his own lakorn.. He can't play second.. unless it's like a cameo.... Can't wait to see pix.


sarNie OldFart
That's suvk that Sum is playing supporting role. Why is James and Teaw having two lakorns back to back?


sarNie Oldmaid
How I wish Aum and Taew will have a separate lakorn. If it's a cameo then I'm okay with it.

Pranangs having back to back lakorns are so common nowadays lol.


sarNie Oldmaid
Yeah it's upsetting.
I'd rather see Aum in a separate lakorn as p'ek or cameo or working behind the scenes rather than as second lead and not getting the n'ek.