[CH3] Plerng Naree (Guts Entertainment) : Mai Davika / Tik Jesadaporn


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Pae and Saimai appeared together on the entertainment news desk today. Saimai also performed her and Wan's song. Full video is not yet available.
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Ohhh that's interesting to know @Maya_Fantasy. Another reason I want the 2nd and 3rd book to be a lakorn!!! I'm really interested to see Prince Kamin and Kaisak as pra'eks with their respective n'eks :love::love::love: They deserve love life too :icon12::icon12::icon12:
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:confused12: @ESM20 :fighting3: What the heck! You gave me 'negative point' for 'bad spelling' on my post below?

So @ESM20 what are you, a spelling police? :celebrate16:

:pancarta: HAHA note to self "weirdo alert; need to be careful when posting again" :aaaaa: :risas3: :cheer:

No, it was just part of their plans. But since Prince Kamin was such a gentleman, he sort of feels bad for her because he believe the problem was causes by the adults so he want Risa to goes easy on Grace. That is according to the old version. And remember Prince Kamin has his own story, so he wouldn't be stuck with annoying dumb Grace. :pancarta:

Going to watch today episode now. :aaaaa: BRB

@Maricon me too I want to see that. So hope this lakorn get good rating so the producer can pick up the next parts. :angel10: If the rating for this is not good, then we are out of luck.

Can not wait for today episode... the show down is starting. Hope I can catch it live. :)


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Maybe the chemistry will grow as the drama progresses..
Tik and Mai is really a treat to look at though...he's handsome, and she's pretty... And those fashionable matching attires that they wear...great, pleasing visuals.
What I sometimes find a bit distracting... is the height difference (and also in some angle the age difference), when Mai is not wearing those overly high heels, when she's wearing flats..then their height are just okey. Why do very tall girls really need to wear this super high-heels when they are already so tall?? when Mai could have opted to wear moderate high heels only. ;)


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@Maya_Fantasy [/QUOTE]: @Maricon me too I want to see that. So hope this lakorn get good rating so the producer can pick up the next parts. :angel10: If the rating for this is not good, then we are out of luck.

Can not wait for today episode... the show down is starting. Hope I can catch it live. :)[/QUOTE]

This lakorn got a good buzz and the rating is not bad. So far for this slot, Plerng Naree received the highest rating for Ch3 lakorns that are currently on air. It'll be interesting to see part 2 and 3 make into the lakorn too. So far so good...I didn't get a chance to watch yesterday and today epi yet but looking forward to watch soon na.

Here's the rating so far...

ep 1 -----> 4.3
ep 2 -----> 4.6
ep 3 -----> 6.1
ep 4 -----> 5.5
ep 5 -----> 6.0
ep 6 -----> 4.5 ( Some comments said that the rating for every channels was low yesterday due to the raining and power outage)

Tik-Mai singing Tur Keu Krai (Who Are You?).....can't wait to hear the whole song....

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In the old version Prince Kamin was really flexing his muscles and sort putting down P'ek because he really did like Risa more than a sister. But in this version, I can't tell if he just a protective brother or there is more to it.
Nah. This Kamin really sees Risa as his sister. Fluke in that interview vid that was posted a few pages back, said Ch3 is following more closely to the book than the previous version. That's when he explained that this is really a trilogy and that Kamin is a p'ek in his own story in the sequel. But he did point out that no one has any plans to produce it yet but that he was told that they're following the book more. I hope they're following it all the way through even if they don't make the 2 sequels cause I do not want Kamin to end up with Grace. He deserves way better. I find this Grace a lot more annoying than the old one.

And I am just loving Kamin. I was cracking up when he was playing tug of war with Pope over Risa. He's so cocky. I think he's testing Pope's feelings for Risa and is trying to make the guy jealous on purpose. I want to see more of that Kamin vs Pope dynamic. Pope is all annoyed and Kamin is just amused at the dude getting annoyed lol.


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So I get to watch Ep.7 on livestream though I was only able to catch the 2nd half of the show. I'm still waiting for Ep.5-7 to be completely subbed. T_T
Preview for next week is romantic and can they just kiss already lol. I'm so excited on how will Risa handle falling in love and seeking revenge.

Mira and Athiruth are just so cute with all the bickering. Glad that the kidnapping attempts towards Mira and Risa are unsuccessful. It would be draggy.

jenz_888, I don't think he really sings as his profession. Only on OSTs and occassional performances I guess. He's more on the acting and hosting side. :)

bubba, good to see that PN is currently the highest rating among the 20.20 slot. Can't wait for the full version of Tik and Mai's duet. I still have no idea on who should be Fluke's n'ek should the sequel be pushed through. I don't know any description of his n'ek in the second book lol. It would be nice if the PN main cast will be on a ch3 concert(Ch3 holds concert with some celebs singing their lakorn OSTs right) :D would love to hear Tik-Mai and Saimai-Wan sing live. Just knew that Fluke is also a singer by profession. :D
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I'm Tik's fan, but nvr really plan to watch this. But i did, n thanks to Mai and the girl who play Grace. Mai is really gorgeous! Beautiful! and Grace is like Cute beautiful. Urghhh how can this nang ek n nang rai bcs so so beautiful and likable. I only watch 3 episodes, and i find that Grace isn't that annoying like other nang rai. She's has a cute side with her. I hope this lakorn will be different that other mainstream revenge drama. Bcs the starting does gives that vibe. Hope i won't get bored halfway.

PS: Both girls are now my girl crush~


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Saimai and Fluke interview at The Queen :)
Credits to Ch3

Haven't seen any full video of Saimai and Pae's interview at TKBT yet T_T
I LOVE Tik! But I find Fluke so cute! Omg...Saimai is very cute too. I think Saimai deserves nang'ek roles if anything...


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I LOVE Tik! But I find Fluke so cute! Omg...Saimai is very cute too. I think Saimai deserves nang'ek roles if anything...
Agree! Tik is one of my favorite and Mai is so beautiful. I like all the cast in here.

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Thursday's rating went up to 6.237 :)
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Thanks for sharing na ka. Congrats to plerng naree for getting the high rating. Guts Entertainment's probably on cloud9 with this high rating for usually this production lakorns got pretty low rating in the past.

Isn't Fluke the one singing the opening theme to this lakorn?
No, the opening ost was sung by Bird Thongchai.

Tik is so funny. When the snow storm hit, everyone ran down for cover except Tik lol.....


Cast party(before PN started airing), BTS in Austria, engagement scene and interviews

Credits to Ch3-TKBT and TLKT
Lol...khun Theepope was so unhappy at the forced engagement and Mr. Tik was unhappy with his..tight pants haha.

They both are so cute here.....



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Saimai, Fluke and Anusara (she plays one of the 3 assistants in Plerng Naree) appeared on what I think is a game/variety show lol. Will be posting the full video once it is available.
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