[CH3] Plerng Naree (Guts Entertainment) : Mai Davika / Tik Jesadaporn


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I find Tik funny & I don't take his cockiness seriously. I can understand why one would say he's cocky, but he usually jokes about it.


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Mai's too tall for him. He already looks awkward with Rita. Oh well. It's not like I'm a Mai or Tik fan. Not overly upset. 


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Yeah. I like Kan with Mai. They have good chemistry. I've only been able to watch her with him for some odd reason. He brings out the best in her in my opinion. Lol. 


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Confirmed, Mai will be in here with Tik.    Mai also has another lakorn with Tik for TRUE channel.
Opening ceremony coming soon.

credit as tagged and Pantip Thai Forum.


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"ละครใหม่จากค่ายกัตส์ เอนเตอร์เทนเมนต์ #เพลิงนรี #PlerngNaree คว้าพระเอกตลอดกาล "ติ๊ก เจษฎาภรณ์" ประกบนางเอก " ใหม่ ดาวิกา" ซึ่งถือเป็นการร่วมงานกับช่อง 3 เป็นครั้งแรก ฟิตติ้งในวันพรุ่งนี้ 16 มกราคม และได้ฤกษ์บวงสรวง 21 มกราคมนี้ เตรียมพร้อมบินไกลถ่ายทำยุโรป"
cr: ThaiTV3 Drama fb

New lakorn for ch.3- Plerng Naree. p'ek Tik with n'ek as Mai. This is Mai's first project with ch.3. Fitting on Sat. 16th. Opening ceremony on the 21st.


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What to do... The cast is confirm... The benefit is we can watch them back to back....


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saraokenim said:
Hi Does anyone know what the plot would be like?
If this is the same lakorn as Kat and Chakrit then (rough summary)

Kat is an adopted princess of a certain kingdom who went back to thailand to seek revenge for her mom. Her father's family is all about money especially the grandmother. Her father's company is in financial trouble so she asked her adopted brother who is the crowned prince to buy her father's company. Chakrit is the fiance of her half sister. He was never in love with the sister but only got engage cus of the parents. Kat disguised herself as a regular commoner in order to go work in her father's comapny which Chakrit also help runs. Chakrit got suspicious about her and started to do a bit of investigating but they somehow fell in love lol.

It's not a romance not was it a hardcore revenge. It had a bIt of romance, comedy, and drama. I hope ch 3 goes more of a romantic drama with some revenge flavor. I also hope the crown prince gets with the friend in this one.


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@Ncmeowmeow,  thanks for the summary na ka.
According to Tok Khao Banterng News,  it will be a romantic drama with a bit of action na.
Fitting pictures.....




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I'm so confuse  now. The other lakorn that they are making together has the exact same fitting pictures? :scratchhead2:


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I agree with others here that I personally only ever really watch Mai when she's paired with Kan. Since he's freelance I hope they can reunite in a lakorn soon. 


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erinhang said:
I'm so confuse  now. The other lakorn that they are making together has the exact same fitting pictures? :scratchhead2:
I think the person thought it was for the other lakorn that why they post it in JW thread. Those photo are for this lakorn.