[Ch3] Rising Sun Series 2: Roy Fun Tawan Duerd (Makers Y)


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:thanks: so much Callayuki for Yadech's complete schedule and pictures.
What a beautiful morning to be greeted by Yadech's fun and lovely pictures with their families and friends!  Kim and Margie were there too.
I think Pe Yai is the photographer who has worked often with Yadech, and I'm glad Nadech and Yaya could be there to celebrate his birthday.
"@ทุกคนFc ขอเตรียมพร้อมทริปใหม่ที่กำลังจะมาถึงนะคะ จุ๊จุ๊ เมื่อไหร่เดี๋ยวจะบอกให้รู้นะคะ ❤" (Bubba plz translate for me naz...thank you soooooooooo much :flowers: )
Nadech's mom said, "@every fan clubs, all get ready for the new upcoming trip; when, I will let you know later na kha."
I've noticed Yaya wears the ring again!

credit: NadechYaya.com FB


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Callayuki said:

 Credit: as tagged (Bubba, plz help me translate it naz :spin: )
"@ทุกคนFc ขอเตรียมพร้อมทริปใหม่ที่กำลังจะมาถึงนะคะ จุ๊จุ๊ เมื่อไหร่เดี๋ยวจะบอกให้รู้นะคะ ❤" (Bubba plz translate for me naz...thank you soooooooooo much :flowers: )
Thanks for all your sharing na.
Nadech:  "Well.....I would like to change to the train over there?"
Yaya:  "Komburi kha, I'm working na kha.   Why your nose flared?"  (because he's jealous! )
The quote from mae keaw, just like Vimalee said they're going to have a new upcoming trip and will let the fan clubs know later.
@huanzhu, thanks for the highlight....that's spooky!!  Maybe....It's a reporter???? 
@Vimalee, thanks for the sharing and I saw the ring :lol2: .


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thank u calla 4 those pics, so hapi yadech spent time wif friends & family. Especially love yadechs pics, they look so cute & good dress down & our princess is so decent in her dressing ! love pic of nadechs mom wif yaya, could feel much love between them ! huanzhu lets wish & pray hard tat nadech will celebrate a vvv special bd wif yaya ! march is good wif so many yadechs events,we miz them !


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@Huanzhu: Maybe you misunderstand what I wrote, I'm not going anywhere..I just want to say abt Japan trip for NY not for me ...^^...If I could follow them to come there, I would leap for joy...but just dream for me :teary: ..Abt the photo..I recognized that you have a good eyes :pervie:
@Vimalee, Bubba: thank you soooooo much for translating for me & the information abt P'Yai :flowers:...i'm always bother you guys so sorry...
Ah..I'm very happy to know that Vimalle also know Thai :thumbup:(I didn't notice) ..
I'm thinking that (abt the quote of Mea Kaew) maybe she want to imply to the japan trip of NY for RFTD forthcoming time?....
And Bubba, thanks so much for your translation abt the photo...so funny conversation :heart:...Such an wonderful imagination of Yadechers :pervie:
Some new photos...there are some targets in this photo..Maybe an activity for RFTD? But why Archery not Kendo? If anyone know sth abt this..Pls tell me naz..thank so much :spin:

Credit: As tagged

Credit: Pantip FB

Credit: NY Always Fb

Credit: Pantip Fb
Haha..When "nong" sitting next to him..the radiant smile came back to him :coverlaf:

Credit:  Endeara Magica/NY Always Fb
the baby face...Soooooo pure :heart: :heart: :heart:


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@Vimalee : mae kaew always make us excited & know what fans want !! YES I noticed that ring too   :spin: 
@MrsChum : flowers couple - ring for Yaya & shirt for Nadech ....Oh NO Hahahahhahahaha :bhehe:
@calla : Oic. OMG that his 2nd fav shirt  + flip-flop........AGAIN !!!!  [н̲̅e̲̅н̲̅e̲̅н̲̅e̲̅]
I was shock too why Archery not Kendo? at least both of them hangout & meet up beside than official schedule. am happy already :clap:  :yahoo: 

Haha..When "nong" sitting next to him..the radiant smile came back to him  :coverlaf:

Indeed ...... :heart: 'butterfly in my stomach'  


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@thai-lakorn-fan-forever, I think Nadech and Yaya will have an Ad/commercial shooting (don't know for what product).
@Callayuki,  thanks for sharing pictures.  I guess they're getting ready for RFTD.  I'm quite excited to see Nadech and Yaya shooting some arrows :heart: , then comes the Kendo training :ninja: .
So can't wait to see them in action :weee: .   Agree with you and huanzhu, Nadech looks so happy with Yaya so he forgave the dog hah!!
This is cute and funny!!!!    A wonderful imagination indeed!!!!  Nadech :angry:  and the doggy :weep: .

cr:as tagged
1.  Dog:  "Ya.....Nooo!!"
     Yaya:  "Doggy, you're so cute  eeekkkxx"
2.  Nadech:  "What were you doing just now huh!!   I'll deal with you in  a min."  

     Dog:  "Told you not to.    He's so aggressive Yaya.  He's so jealous his nose flared T^T"  


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went to vote, thank you mrs chum and here is to vote for nadech (first one i think): http://www.facebook.com/questions/431647050243886/
@bubba and vimalee, thank you for translating for us, we would not understand all the cute imaginations without you two  :heart: hehe esp like "koboori wanted to change trains" LOL
thanks for sharing the mv bubs, nice song and so many beautiful pics, yadech were so cute when they were little
wow, is ryu going to teach his wifey archery? 
:wink: nadech taking pics of and with his nong at every opportunity  :pervie:

cr: nadechyaya.com


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WOW, oh WOW, Yadech fans are sure spoiled.   There are always some things about Yadech for fans to enjoy everyday! 
Pe Ja, the producer of Rising Sun series, said she was just waiting for her two very important directors to finish with their current works so they can start on her project.  Pe Num, who is directing Yaya's lakorn Dao Rueng, will direct Rising Sun part 2 with Yadech.  Pa Jaew, who is directing one of the Five Brothers series, will direct Rising Sun part 1 with Mario and Taew.
:thanks: callayuki for the pictures and bubba for translating!     Whoever came up with those captions are so creative and clever! 
Poor Komburi, "Could I please switch to the other train?"  He looked so young, sad and so good looking! :heart:
Doggy, you are one lucky pooch!  Yaya would give you a smooch in public, but she won't give one to Nadech for sure.
@bubba, I simply adore that MV and the song When You Say Nothing At All from High School Musical.  The title of the MV - Soul mates is so fitting.  It captures the time line and many beautiful moments of Yadech's works.   :thanks: so much for sharing!
Many people complements Yaya at the archery shooting range.  They said she has very nice form, very athletic and hard working.  I so cannot wait to see their outfits for this series.  I think I've seen enough of Yaya's farm clothing.  I want to see her in something more pretty and sophisticated!    I trust Pe Ja; she has nice style.


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credit: Nadech & Yaya Home at Pantip FB


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I don't think B'Jaew will do the first part. Khun'Ja is waiting for him so they can shoot Sai see Plearng ( the one with chompoo, chakrit, and Por T) 


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cookiies said:
I don't think B'Jaew will do the first part. Khun'Ja is waiting for him so they can shoot Sai see Plearng ( the one with chompoo, chakrit, and Por T) 
@cookiies, thanks, you are right.  My bad, Pa Jaew is going to direct Sai See Plerng.  I think it is a remake of Willy McIntosh and Mew Lalita.


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:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:   :heart: :heart:         This  is  so creative and beautiful !!!       :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
   Kombarry finally makes it to the other train and takes his "nong" home :bhehe: .

cr:as tagged


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indeed its great waking up 2 yadechs latest updates !!! we are really spolit and i must thank every1 for their promptness and sharing, thank u :heart:
mrschum & bubbles8 noted on voting for yadech.
vimalee & bubba thanks 4 nadechs pics, i love da train pic, so gorgeous !!


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@bubba : such awesome video for YADECH. "When You Say Nothing At All" by Ronan Keating .
Ronan Keating was in KL on last weekend and he performed that song live on Sunday Nite ..... :heart: :heart: :heart:

Now everytime I heard that song no more 'nothing hill' scene ...just 'Yadech' sweet scene :bhehe:
the pict on the train ...... :thumbsup: superb :thanks:
 @MrsChum  &  @bubbles8  : the 1st one it's? OK done voting
@Vimalee : that song is not by high school musical is by vocalist boyzone Ronan Keating


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@Vimalee, Cookies: thanks you guys so much for the informations abt RS...Yeahhhhh...Rising sun is coming :dance2: :heart:
@Mrs Chum: Thanks so much for your link and the Mv behind the scene..sooooooo beautiful&sooooo cute :heart: :heart:
Thanks sooooooo much for all photos & Mvs, everyone :flowers:
Some new photos:
Anybody could tell me what the event is, plz...Thank so much :spin:

IG: Mairatchda/NY Club photo album Fb

Credit: Pantip Fb
LOVE THE "COUPLE OUTFIT"..SOOOOOOOOOO CUTE :thumbup: :heart: :heart:

Credit: IG pammybabypowder / NY Club photo album Fb

Credit: NY Always Fb
Haha...DJ Yaya&DJ Nadech..Sooooo Cooooooooool :clap: :heart: :heart: :heart:
I guess NY is in a club...But for what??? Plz tell me if anybody know naz :spin:
And sooooooooo beautiful timeline's photo fron NY home Pantip Fb

Credit: Pam Lampada
Nothing more to say..just :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: ....