[Ch3] Rising Sun Series 2: Roy Fun Tawan Duerd (Makers Y)


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  :hapbday: :hapbday: Its your birthday swift2thesky !!!!! :hapbday:  :hapbday:  :hapbday:  :hapbday:

But I am more excited than you,

Blow the candles &  spread the cheer,

Wishing a very happy birthday to you dear!

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@MrsChum, thanks for a very nice MV.  Great job!!!
Ch. 3  annual football (soccer) game will be held on April 6, 2013.  Nadech will be on the Green team.
I love watching soccer!!! I'm so excited for this event and  can't wait to see Nadech kicks ball  and nong Yaya cheering for P'chai.
:cheer: :cheer: GO  NADECH GO :cheer: :cheer:
 last year pictures

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happy birthday swift2thesky, have an awesome day! :dance1:
mrs chum your mv for yaya is beautiful, thanks for sharing with us  :heart:
bubba, i hope nadech has been practising his soccer skills this yr, dont be too busy checking nong out and miss a free kick again ok nadech!!
pls pls dont tell me this is another manipulated pic, js need a slight push eeeekkk lol

Always love nadech and yaya bright smile

pics cr: barryya


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OMG !!!! So cute ....Thanks a lot keylargo,bubba,huanzhu & bubble for wishing my birthday & making cute Bday cards for me na...U guys make my day special...love u all na,my dear friends. :heart:..That my twitter acc name *swift2thesky*is so long to write...U guys can call me,Swift,Swiffy as calla called or as u like...
Cyber Hugs &  :bdaycake:   :toast:  :popcorn:  for u guys...
Let's cheer for Nadech's kick together with our girl yaya na....
@Bubba the pic u shared make me  :coverlaf: ...Lets push them with our eyes & imagine it what happen after that..LoL


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HELLO ALL MY YADECH SISTERS.  finally can log in my account. always want to thanks all of you for all the information and all the nice photos and MV of Yadech . :dance3:  :dance2:  :dance3:
Happy Birthday Swift :party:  :party: :party:  may all your wish come true.


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@MrsChum @swift2thesky never get enough of his wonderful voice & his swe~et smile ...... his dimple :heart: :heart: :heart:
credit : pittanomipa
credit : TheBarryYa
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I so cannot wait for the rest of this month, so many Yadech's events to look forward to:
March 14................Yadech attending the Dara Daily Awards Show.  Cannot wait to see what Yadech will wear to the show.  I know they like Dior.
March 16-17..........Yadech photo shooting at Kao Yai country side - a day before Yaya's birthday.  Yadech can celebrate privately.  :heart: :heart: :heart:
March 18...............Yaya's birthday.  Nadech said in his interview that the gang of 4HJHKK probably plans to get together to celebrate Yaya's birthday.   :hapbday: :hapbday: 
March 24-29.........Yadech in Japan filming Rising Sun.     :cloud9: :cloud9:  :cloud9:
April 6..................Channel 3 43rd Anniversary and an Annual Soccer Match..........a present for my birthday! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: