[Ch3] Rising Sun Series 2: Roy Fun Tawan Duerd (Makers Y)


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@ chimer. Lol...I saw all of those clip, but I just had to comment, cause Yadech are just to cute!
When I saw that clip, it did took me back to that scene in TNNKK as will. 5555

And as for people cheering for Yadech to be real boy/girl friend. I'm sure everyone do. I have heard
it from a lot of people that's in the thai ET. I mean who wouldn't!!! Lol... they are like the ONE now, and will
always be forever Thailand Sweetheart! <3

Thanks for sharing it here na ja. :)


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i really like the mvs you posted chimeraspunk esp the last one, makes me miss yadech too much, so much right now!!

it's so nice to see that even with yadech's busy schedule they always spare time to do merits together or go to visit sick kids, so sweet of them!! really deserve my respect and love for them!


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WoW !!!! all the merit's pics r awesome !!!! Thx a lot everyone for all the sharings..These days I m so busy with my studies...All u guys sharings make my time save to search in Fb &amp; Utube...

I heard that they let Nadech's mom to tie bracelet on Yaya's hand..I m happy for not only Yadech but their families r closer recently.
Hope Yadech ll b very much together in the future..
I'm really glad Yadech are always doing merit together.
It just give you that good vibe for Yadech. 5555
So true! Their families seem to have gotten really close recently!

Thanks for all the updates ladies. I like how as the day progresses the ring gradually make its way towards the ring finger (where it should be)...wishful thinking here...
555! I know right?!

@ candy. Omg, the ring changes around Yaya's fingers with in ONE single day!!! 5555
What is she trying to tell us??? Lol...
Hopefully it's what we're all thinking! 555

More pic of Mea Keaw - She "takes care of" her "future daughter-in- law" again ^ ^
Credit: Nadech&Yaya home at Pantip Fb
Gotta love Mae Kaew!


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@kenann yeah! they are soo adorable as of late. im loving their close interactions! and i feel so happy that they got too see alot of each other in the second half of novemeber with the bali trip, the PTT event and then the merit event! (:)

@bubbles8 welcome :) i loooove that mv too. the song is so cute and goes well with yadech. And i really like your comment about Mae Keaw being a real-life aunt Keaw! Hahahaha. I think the love potion must be working cos looks like love is in the air for yadech. That scene in the temple when they were being teased and Yaya turning to look at him and then nadech looked away is like so reaaaal. I LOVE THE FAN WHO CAPTURED IT! Hahaha. Great angle with all the expressions.

Just sharing this..


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thanks for everyone for update esp for fans who doing the translation. really helpful to non-thai fans. appreciate ur work. keep on the good job ur girl !!! :) big clap from me
can't wait to see &hearts; NYtogether again in lakorn. can't wait for it. :woot: :woot2:

I wish the book is in English (only in my dream) but with help & generous fans like all of u I think we can read it online in english even is not the whole entire book


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Heheh.. Seems like nadech so into yaya.. He so caring towards her! And try every opportunity to touch her, how cute!!!
Yaya also seems to soften a lot oh?! The Bali trip must meant sth to them heheh :) wild imagination lolz..
I soooo agree with you !!!! Yadech seems to not be afraid to care for each other anymore. Not such a long time ago, Nadech had his hand tied behind his back everytime he was next to Yaya , lol. It seems to me that a lot of thinks have changed , or at least my delusionnal self wants to think so !!!! :D

@Kittiya Thank you so much for sharing and translating the story of Ryu and Mayumi , you are an absolute Star !!!! We were very lucky to have you here to do such a time consuming task . Big Big Hug !!!!


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Thank you so much,chimeraspunk :)
Love the first Mv the most ^ ^....
I don't know clearly about Thailand's culture so I'm curious a little bit.... If somebody do merit together, what means it is? :)) And the string Mea Kaew tied aroud Yaya 's wrist has sth (meaning) special, doesn't it?... If it has sth special, anybody..please tell me ^ ^....I really want to know.
More one thing:
1:00 of this MV http://www.facebook....558134744212652 what did the emcee say? I heard everybody around there screamed loudly. I'm so curious about that.....Anybody knows Thai....please... translate it for me and everyone here who don't understand Thai....Thanks so much and so grateful for that!!!

And here some new pictures...

Yaya look like real Barbie doll.....so kute!!!

I'm curious a little bit about this pic...If anybody know what "event" it is...please tell me to know naz...Thanks so much :)

How great it is when looking NY did merit together ^ ^

Love every sweet moment of NY like this...I hope in lankorn "Roy Fun Tawan Duerd" It'll have more scenes sweeter than this...luv..luv..luv ^ 0 ^ !!

Credit: Nadech&Yaya at Pantip Fb


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@ callayuki
I'm not Thai but I also do merit couple time a yr. We do merit for good deed, it's like getting rid of our sin that we have. Couple that do merit together, wish to have a good life together and wish for life together again next life. Making merit is mainly for next life. The more you make merit this life the less sin you have next life.

About Mae Kaew tiring a string on Yaya hand is like for good blessing ja.....like wish her well and and better life, something in that term ja. A lot of us get our hand tied by the Buddha and elderly, for blessing na. I think the fans was screaming because it looked like mother in law tiring hand for her daughter in law...hehe.

I hope you can understand what I'm saying. If someone have different term in making merit pls do share with us.


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Yes...Mrs Chum is right...I don't know what tradition says in Thai.. but in my state doing merit together intend to meet again in next life.....It mostly happen between families members ,relatives & couples..I also do mini merit together with my best friends so often...We believe that will help us to relief our sin & make us to meet again with ones we love in the next life.

I m so happy for that Yadech can did merit together 'Cuz it show that Yadech have a good realationship like family members. I heard that some ppl in that merit tied by the monk & but Yaya turn they let Nadech mom to do it....


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@Callayuki i enjoyed the first MV too! So grateful to have footage of Mae Keaw tying the string for Yaya and Yadech getting teased! I'm not Buddhist or Thai so I don't understand the concept of merit well either. But the tying of string part - Its done in weddings also. I saw this done in several lakorns. I think parents will tie strings for the married couple to bless their marriage? Correct me if im wrong yea?

On to why the people cheered, I don't know the exact words the emcee used. I know its something about marriage lol. But i would like to know too what the emcee said haha. Any kind person can help @Callayuki and me?

Also does anyone have the bigger pic of yaya looking like a barbie doll? Is it a recent photo or an old photoshoot?

And OMG did Nadech like purposely arrange for Yaya to meet his friends?? Hahah purposely or not, its such a meaningful gesture! And im just guessing but they could be his hometown friends. So its like introducing a special person to his close group of friends. Hohoho. :dance2:

and thanks to @MrsChum and @swift2thesky for sharing information on merit. I think its nice to do spiritual things together. If you do it with someone, it means you care about them and their spiritual well-being. You want to share goodness with them. I think its lovely and certainly brings them closer together :D