[Ch3] Rising Sun Series 2: Roy Fun Tawan Duerd (Makers Y)


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I think it's a scene from RP too...maybe he buy jewelry for Kim part of the lakorn scene. Do you know if he almost done filming RP?
oh, Yaya looks very beautiful and stunning in that photoshoot.


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Looking at their super busy December schedule, Yadech doesn't have any day off until December 21.

More cute stories from the calendar signing.

Appearingly, there were many students attending this event. Nadech asked them what schools they go to and did they go to school that day. They said no because they studied too much already, lol. Then some people in the crowd started groaning and moaning that they were hungry. They had been waiting for Yadech for a long time and hadn’t eaten yet. According to Boakim, there were a lot of elders and children waiting to see Yadech too. I'm glad that both Nadech and Yaya were able to stay past their time and signed each and every calendars for all the fans that were there that day.

On to another story, the foreign newscaster of channel 3 brought her two small children to meet Yadech. The older one named Ramona and the toddler one named Reya? Both girls chatted with Yaya in English and they had a wonderful time. Nadech then asked if he could carry little Reya. Guess what, Reya said she is a girl so she cannot let a guy carry her (wow, she already knew how to take care of herself at this young age. I hope she doesn't regret it later when she found out who Nadech was when she grows older). Little Reya was also possessive and protective of Yaya. She wouldn't let Yaya go when the reporters wanted to interview Yaya. Their mom called them it was time to leave but both of them said not yet, Wait, Wait, Wait! Yaya is so na ruk and adorable even the children cannot help but love her too.

Credit: Barry.Ya Facebook and NYAlwaysFB.


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And Happy Birthday In Your Born In December from me
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Miss Bouakham

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It's been a long time since I've been in here. But I enjoyed backlogging 20+ pages, so much Yadech treats to feast on :D

boakim, thank you so much for the fan account! I enjoyed reading every word of it; it feels as though I was there myself ;) Yadech makes me speechless, they're just too cute for words^^

Kittiya, no words can describe the gratitude I feel for your time and kindness. Thank you for making the book scenes more accessible to us fans <3

kenann fan, I absolutely love that song! It was perfect for Yadech. Thanks for sharing :)

I hope there will be more detailed flight schedule released for Nadech's and Yaya's arrival to San Francisco. I'm hoping to catch them in SF and LA...hehe...stalker mode...


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I used online translator to translate yadech's schedule shared by @mrschum. The schedule credited to NY Family. I'm only translating so I won't be able to answer any questions on their schedule. Hopefully the translation is accurate!
Thank you so much for your tranlation of NY' schedule, chimeraspunk.....I had waited it since Mrs Chum posted NY's Schedule in Thai language... because I didn't understand anything of Thai schedule...One more time...thank you so much :)

So sorry, everybody about my hasty....
The photo that Nadech was on Jewelry is one scene of RP...Looking again at his hair style and his clothes..I knew it exactly..Maybe everybody recognized this....When I saw that photo..I was suspicious that it might be a lankorn's scene...but ..maybe I was too excited..and..at that time I only want to share that photo for everyone immediatetly....so I thought not too much.... Once again....Sorry everybody naz :)

@ kenann fan, thai-lankorn-fan-forever: Love the thing that you guys said ^ ^...Although that photo is lankorn's scene..it won't make us stop our imagination...hihihi...^^....However...I really want to see a real photo like that someday... :)
@kenann fan: thank you so much for your Mv...Love all photos on it..love the song too...Oh..this MV make my day sweeter.....

The moment....Eye meet eye.... love..love..love ^^

Zoom..photo....ohhhhhhhhh ....>...<...

Nadech...Did you have to be close to Yaya like this???..hahaha ...^0^

Lovely photo for everyone ^^..Have a good day everyone ^^!!

Credit: Nadech&Yaya home at Pantip Fb
NY always Fb


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@Mrs Chum: thanks for post NY schedule ja, I'm really wanna know when they be together,,,,,, but I couldnt read Thai,,,lol only speaking and listening Ja, :)
@chimeraspunk: thanks you mak mak ka for this translated, :)
@boakim: I'm really appriate your time for waiting more then 5 hours for yadech ja,,,,,,, so when they be together next time don't forget me na, I'll joint v you na my dearest sis,,,,,lol :)

Ps., Nadech for sure 100% falling in love with yaya,,,,,, but why YaYa pretending normal,,,,,, but anyway I like their keeping secret like this wish they be together forever love
Can't wait for RFTD


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Yadecher pls vote for Yaya! Thank you :)


Yay a is the first box, just click on it,


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Thank u chimeraspunk &amp; MrsChum for sharing with us...I ve vote for yaya on FB too...I think Yaya is on the lead right now...But Its all in Thai...Anybody know vote for what ????

Thanks for sweet sharings na..Calla &amp; kenannfan .... Love the Mv...Nice work..

So,I wanna share my Yadech slides with u guys...Its just a collection of my fav pics actually...Hope u guys enjoy my untidy work na...lol..



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Came here to drop a wonderful mv by pittanomipa @ youtube. The video starts with nadech singing-along to a song playing in the background at the ch3 signing event.


The lyrics are really cute and its like he's singing it to Yaya -
"Are you really that person? (Referring to soulmate)
Will you be able to accept me or not?
That I'm like this/The way that I am?"
Full eng lyrics can be found here - http://deungdutjai.wordpress.com/2012/09/24/turchaimaiknot/

You can see Nadech grinning while singing and Yaya smiled after. Its sucha sweet moment. And I think the lyrics are so real, in how it relates to them!

There are so many special moments in the MV. A really wonderfully done MV! I particularly liked the part when he stretched behind yaya to pass Mark the mic and he was really SUPER CLOSE. Her hair was touching his face and he wasn't bothered by it at all. The fact that she didn't flinch either is very telling! They're acting like lovers at this event. And yea I don't think I need anymore than this from them. They can continue being secret lovers, but just show us a bit of their sweetness and i'm happy!


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@kenann and @swift2, thanks for beautiful MVs.

@tibthao, thanks for a beautiful bd card.

@Vimalee, thanks for sharing a very cute story.

@chimeraspunks, thanks for the MV and translation/comments. They're so sweet!!!

I came across this GREAT MV created by kiki(thank you so much) and would like to share it.

Nadech as Yakuza. It's totally Awesome


p.s. kiki, korb khun mak mak mak makkkkkkkkk ka( Yaya's style)


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@chimerspunk thank you so much for the cute mv and translations of yadech's schedule -it seems like there is no fitting for rftd this month, or did i miss it?, also sad that they dont have an event for solvil et titus but glad that get a trip to US to develop their relationships, oops i meant to relax hehe and as yadechers we would have mae kaew as our undercover to give us all the fuzzy cute photos!

@vimalee, thank you for all your cute stories/accounts

@kenann and swift2thesky for sharing your mvs, i love them!

oh and happy bday to the king in thailand, even though im not thai, i fully respect him for everything he has done for thailand!


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Kob Khon Mak Mak na,Chimeraspunk......I love it soooooo muchhhhh :clap: :rofl: :thumbsup: :heart: ..I can't help but to watch it over & over again...

How sweet & romantic !!! :thumbsup: :heart: :rofl:..that Nadech stare at Yaya 5 sec(I guess) at the last minute of MV.. too obvious ........Yaya's little nervous smile when he pass mic to Mark...Yesss...they r SUPER CLOSE in this event...Mv is the collection of Sweetest scenes... :heart: :heart:...


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Thank you so much to Chimeraspunk for posting and translating the clip.

This has to be one of the cutest/sweetest Yadech MVs of the year. The title of the song is called: Tur Chai Mai? or It's You, Right?

Again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts to Pittanomipa for always be there to capture the many candid and precious moments of Yadech.

Here are some of my favorite comments from viewers. There were so many, but can&rsquo;t list them all.

&ldquo;Accidentally stumbled into the land of Nadech and Yaya, tried very hard to get out but could not. The more I learned about them, the more I fell in love with them&rdquo;

&ldquo;Witnessing their happiness together, now I want to have a boyfriend/girlfriend like them&rdquo;

&ldquo;Watching this MV so many countless times, but still cannot get enough of it&rdquo;

&ldquo;Nadech and Yaya, do you know that you two have become our household brand name? You two are adorable, down-to-earth, good manners, respectful, hard- working, etc. You have the support and love from our families and communities. We have watched all three of your series: TNNKK, GRGR, DJA, countless MVs. Events, CFs, photo shoots, and your two songs: Let The Love Grows In Your Heart and Symptoms Of Love. Wow, we have never seen so many MVs made for any couples, but for you two just incredible. No wonder so many people love you.&rdquo;


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Yaya singing 'Near Dawn' @ Siam Paragon's Concert for the King


Yaya is gorgeous and sings beautifully. Love her yellow dress, hairdo, and makeup. She's simply perfect!!!

Yaya was so excited and honored to be there and sang the song that was composed by the King, himself.