[Ch3] Rising Sun Series 2: Roy Fun Tawan Duerd (Makers Y)


sarNie Hatchling
Yadech should be getting ready to leave to Fresno cus they have a big group and have to be at least 1-2 hour early to check in. So who ever wants to meet up with Yadech in Fresno needs to be at the airport by 4pm.


sarNie Hatchling
Fans got to meet with Nadech at the Double Tree Hotel in Modesto. I'm sooo jealous cus I didn't get to meet Nadech. Modesto is sooo close to me but yet so far!!' :( Get ready Yadecher in Fresno cus Yadech is on their way!!!


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@ MrscChum : a big thanks for sharing your wonderful and memorable experience about Yaya with us :grouphug: , and I'm so glad that you got to welcome her and her mom at airport. You're so lucky to meet her. Yaya is so pretty and sweet!!!!

:hapbday: HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY to NADECH :hapbday:

Here's the clip created by ImmaSingaholic (thank you so much) to celebrate Nadech's 21st birthday :hapbday:



Live Love Laugh

:hapbday: Happy 21st Birthday, Nadech! :hapbday: :bdaycake:

May your life always surrounded by the people you love and the people who loves you.

May your heart always feels content and your soul always feels full-filled.

May your birthday and everyday bring you good health, good luck, and much happiness.

May all your wishes come true!

Miss Bouakham

sarNie Hatchling
Meeting Yadech was the most awesome experience EVER!
Here’s my account, every single minute of it, LOL (I apologize in advance for the long post):

My sisters and I got to FAT around 4pm.
We brought them a small cake for Nadech&rsquo;s birthday & a birthday card, we made two T-shirts that says &ldquo;Fresno <3 Nadech/Yaya&rdquo; and we made two flower lei for them.
We waited by the check-in entrance right next to America Airlines.

They arrived around 5pm. Yaya, her mom and some fans came in first. Yaya was the first one and she walked straight to the check-in line. We were so excited then, I was speechless. We finally called out to her, saying &ldquo;Yaya we love you!&rdquo; She turned and waved. After she checked in, she came towards us. She said she just woke up so she looks sleepy. (Don&rsquo;t worry Yaya, you&rsquo;re gorgeous any way).

My sister gave her the lei and I gave her the t-shirt. Everyone got individual pictures with her. She was so pretty and nice! She asked us how far we drove and I told her we live right here, lol. My niece took a picture with her. Yaya asked her how old she is, but she was too shy so I told Yaya that she is eight. As always, Yaya is so good with kids. She commented that my niece is shy, lol.

When Nadech came in, my world stopped for a second there!
He&rsquo;s so handsome and his smile is so radiant! He wai to us before he went to the check-in line. While he was waiting, one of the fans asked if he liked Yosemite and if it snowed. He said no. Anyway, my sister and I decided we should approach him while Yaya was with other fans. So we took some of our dvds and approached Nadech. I asked him if he could sign it. He is so nice! He moved out of the line so he could talk with us.

He asked us if we&rsquo;re Thai and we told him that we&rsquo;re Hmong. He asked how did we find out about him and I told him it was through the internet and that we follow and love all his works. When he signed my dvd, he even personalized it and asked for my name.

Nadech had to take some of his things out from his luggage and put it into his carry-on. I guess it was too heavy. While Nadech was checking in, I went back to where Yaya was and asked her to sign one volume of Thoranee and the OST/DVD. She asked for my name as well and personalized it :D

My sister asked Yaya if they were gonna go to Thai town and she said she wasn&rsquo;t sure of their schedule. She didn&rsquo;t know there was a Thai town in L.A.

We also took pictures with Yaya&rsquo;s mom.

Then Nadech came, my sister gave him the lei and he hugged her. He also said &ldquo;Aloha!&rdquo; LOL, he&rsquo;s such a tease. I also gave him the T-shirt, so my sister and I took pictures with him with the shirt we made. I realized I didn&rsquo;t hug him, so I was feeling sad. But later on I did^^

My niece took pictures with him and gave him the gift bag with the small cake we bought.

We sung him the birthday song when the fans brought the yadech.com cake. Yaya sang with us as well. Then we took a group picture by one of the staff.

I decided to ask Nadech to sign my 3+1 concert. While he was signing the spot next to his picture, he asked if I was going to get the other guys from the concert to sign the rest of the cover. I told him when I come to Thailand, I will, lol. Then I asked us to take picture with my phone, when I held the phone up, he took it from me and took the picture. He pressed the button to review the picture and asked if I like it, I said yes.

Then my sister asked him if he could sing and I sang a few words of his TNNKK song so he started singing for us! OMG, we got a personal concert from none other than Nadech!! He ended the chorus part with &ldquo;I love you&hellip;&rdquo; in English.

The staff said they couldn&rsquo;t take the cake with them so Nadech said he&rsquo;ll eat it and give it back. He ate the one from Yadech.com. He ate a strawberry first. We asked Nadech to feed Yaya but she said no because he will do something mean, lol. He also fed his mom and wiped her mouth. Then they realized we also gave him a small cake in the gift bag so we asked if he can eat that too before he gives it back. He took a forkful and turned to my niece and said &ldquo;This is for you&rdquo; before he took the bite. He&rsquo;s so sweet!

It was so hard saying bye to them. We started following them all the way to the security check point. Yaya went first because Nadech went to the bathroom. When Nadech came to the security check point, we told him to come back to Fresno and he told us to go to Thailand.

There really are no words good enough to describe my experience. I&rsquo;m still floating in cloud 9 right now&hellip;It was great meeting some online fans from yadech.com and AF :) Thanks everyone for being so awesome with Yadech and showing our support to NY <33

Tons of pictures and clips to follow!


sarNie Egg
Thanks for sharing your experiences with Yadech Miss Bouakham. I'm not only happy that you're able to meet and interact with them but envious as well!
Now all we need to complete our welcome party to Yadech from their international fans is a welcoming party at LAX. Now it's your turn to shine LA fans.


Live Love Laugh
@MrscChum, @kenann fan, and @Miss Bouakham.

Thank you so very much for sharing your memorable experience with us. I'm sure you all will cherish this meeting for a very long time.

Miss Bouakham, I'm shedding tears here just reading your account. It is a tear of joy for you and your family.

You all are very lucky to have met Nadech, Yaya, and their moms. Thank you also for bringing the birthday cake to Nadech.


@Miss Bouakham Your experience is so neat, tearful, emotional, heartfelt and warmth! I am speechless because your story is so touching! Im glad you had a wonderful expeirence with Nadech and Yaya! Nadech sounds so wonderful and kind that he even asks for your name, your ethnicity and even personalize your items with his signature. :) It would be a dream come true to meet him too! hehe :)


sarNie Adult
@Miss Bouakham thanks for the wonderful update + experience with Yaya & Nadech. it really touch my heart. Nadech is so polite and nice. hard to find like 1 in the million same go with Yaya
I hope I can meet them too someday ...need to travel again to bangkok just for them


something that we all agree and thumbs up! b( ^_^)d http://sugar-daily.c...le-nadech-yaya/


sarNie Hatchling
@bouakham.....thank you for the wonderful story. I know the feeling....hehe!! I'm glad you were able to greet and meet Yadech at the airport. I will never forget my experience and I know you won't too!!


sarNie Egg
Thanks everyone who met Yadech in US for sharing your great experience, feel so warm after reading these.
And Happy birthday to Nadech, all the best wishes to you!

Miss Bouakham

sarNie Hatchling
I'm glad Yadechers enjoyed reading my experience. I hope you will all get to meet them someday. They are both truly beautiful, humble, and caring individuals. If I thought I love them before, I love them even more now, so much more that there's no word for it. I'm even more determined now to go to Thailand in the future and hopefully see them behind the set, maybe for their future sixth or seventh lakorn (lol) or for a tv show.

After meeting them up close and personal, I've never been more proud to be a Yadecher, to support these two awesome stars.

Anyway, here are some of my pictures:

My sister putting on the lei we made for Yaya

My niece with Yaya and Nadech

“Aloha!” says Nadech

Nadech and his silly poses…I love it <3

With the shirts we made them:

Yaya noticed our matching "NY" shirts and said it was cute :D


Miss Bouakham

sarNie Hatchling
Love this shot of Yaya. She’s beautiful! So tall and slim too.

Cute Nadech

Nadech taking our picture with my phone

^Nadech making sure I was satisfied with the shot…how can I not be? This is anything beyond my wildest dreams, lol.

Miss Bouakham

sarNie Hatchling
With the cake from yadech.com

Nadech ate a strawberry first

Yaya took a bite

Being a good future housewife, she gives him a plastic fork (I’m glad I thought to buy plastic utensils so they could enjoy the cakes with us ;) )

Nadech eating a big bite with another strawberry just for us! Look at Yaya’s expression, lol

Of course, he can’t forget Mae Keaw

Nadech opening the mini cake we bought him:

“For you,” he tells my niece:

Miss Bouakham

sarNie Hatchling
And of course…I have to slip in these stolen Yadech moments, keke^^

Nadech coming from the restroom. Everyone had already passed the security check-in. It was just him and his staff (is it his manager?)

His cake and fork. My keepsake of this memorable encounter <3

When he signed my 3+1 concert, he asked for my name again, so I told him he could just put "Bo" I guess he thought it stand for something, so he added in the periods <3



sarNie Egg
@ Miss Bouakham: I'm soooooooo jealous of you, Bouakham...but..Moreover I'm happy..very happy when see you was met NY in person...Nothing to say...Sooooooooooo touching and wonderful story..It really make me cry because of happiness...I'm happy for you with your memorable experience with Nadech&Yaya...I'm happy because I gave my love to right idols...I have not supsected my feeling for Nadech&Yaya for a long time...and now...I love NY more and more...I said like that how many time I don't know....I just know that I wanna say " I love Nadech&Yaya" everyday....They're so beautiful, so friendly, so sweet, so caring so.....Nothing can describe NY's beauty...Soooooo beautiful outside&inside..Thank you soooooooooooo much for your sharing about your wonderful experience, Bouakham...I don't know how to say to show my grateful attitude to you...Thank to your story, your photos, we were seen, were felt sth special, more sth real about our Nadech&Yaya...especially on special day like today...Nadech's birthday...Love you sooooooo much...love your beautiful flower lei..love your lovely cake&T-shirt....love all photos you shared...and love every moments of your experience with Nadech& Yaya...Once again..Give you a big thank from my heart...:)
I wanna give a big..big..thank to all you guys from AF & Yadech.com for help us who couldn't be there...to give our Nadech sooooooooooo beautiful & sweet birthday cake like that...Once again..Thank you all ^ ^!!

And here I also wanna share some photos I saw from NY Pantip Fb

Soooooo proud to see "Yadech.com" and all you guys there (I'm jealous too..>..<..)

Love so funny moment of NY

Love the "heart shape" Mea Pla & Mea Kaew made for Yaya

love the "happy smile" of Mae Kaew when standing between her son & her "future daughter -in-law" (...so sorry...I can't stop imagining)

Love the best !!!...Mea Pla touch Yaya's arm & Nadech's arm...(OMG..I can't stop thinking about Mea Pla's thought...Maybe she want to imply: " here is my daughter and my "future son in-law" :secret:)...Haha..love Nadech's expression too...


sarNie OldFart
Fans got to meet with Nadech at the Double Tree Hotel in Modesto. I'm sooo jealous cus I didn't get to meet Nadech. Modesto is sooo close to me but yet so far!!' :( Get ready Yadecher in Fresno cus Yadech is on their way!!!
OMG! Was this yesterday? I have been in & out of Modesto this past weekend because my dad is at Kaiser Hospital in Modesto.

Miss Bouakham, I am so jealous!


sarNie Egg

OMG...Anyone know about the scarf of Yaya?? Now I'm so curious...whether Yaya's scarf was made by Nadech, was not?
If anyone know, plz tell me naz..thank you sooooooo much :)

Credit: Barry.Ya

And some first photos about Nadech' s birthday party

Yaya with radiant smile&the birthday cake...LOVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEE!!!

And here.."host" of the party...our Nadech with happy face&smile......

Love his shyness aliitle bit..So cute
Credit: NY Pantip Fb

P/S: Happy birthday to our Nadech ^ 0 ^!!!
Wish him has a new age with a lot of LOVE, HAPPINESS & SUCCEED.
Wish him a simple celebration, a gathering of friends; here is wishing he great happiness, a joy that never ends
Hope his birthday blossoms into lots of dreams come true!
Best wishes for our Nadech...Nadech is always in our mind..our heart.....Love Nadech ^^!!


Live Love Laugh
@callayuki, I read it somewhere, gosh where is my memory when I need it!, that someone mentioned the scarf Yaya wore at Yosemite was the one that Nadech knitted for her, not sure if that statement was true or not or it was just a speculation.

@Miss Bouakham, thanks again for sharing pictures with us. Just AWESOME..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is a little clip from Nadech and Yaya saying congratulations to YADECH.COM 2nd Anniversary and thanking the fans for their supports.

Credit to: aikoden, admins (Cecilia, Dal, Chubbycheeks) at YADECH.COM Forum and all lovely Yadech fans.