sarNie Egg
aww...esther could have been a better choice for pope.

james and chalida are definitely standing out amongst the other couples!

Cupid Candy

sarNie Coma
Surprisingly James Ma outshines the other guys. He's glowing, while the other guys look very washed out especially Pope in that group pic. James Jirayu looks better in modern clothes, he looks like a kid with the glasses and slicked back hair.


sarNie Coma
they got such a huge guy for taew. maybe she should of gotten with james ma while mint gets with the other guy.

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sarNie Coma
From what i see from Bomb Thanin's acting in NBRGWJHS, he seems to hesitate when reciting his lines, his acting is sort of like Mark's acting back in Ngao Rak Luang Jai. Hope he improves, he looks much better onscreen.


sarNie Juvenile
Omg the last group photo is totally another prom picture hahaha! I'm already seeing chemistry between Chalida and James Ma just the way he holds her is so tenderly woohoooo I can't wait


sarNie Juvenile
james ma is the shortest one.. ahah..ANd dayym! That james jirayu is pretty tall too.. although he have a babyface! i like. lol <3


sarNie Oldmaid
OMG is there any update on this series who are other supporter cast in part 3....

Is Marie still in here but is she playing n'rai? I saw it at her wiki page that she going to be in part 3 but as a n'rai? I will be so upset if its truth. :rant: From n'ke in this series to pulling out than back in play in to playing the n'rai role. :annoyed:


I think tat false rumor...Marie no longer in i heard thai Wiki are fake lol...

Anyways i wanna see some couple pics where they stand by there man and lady with no other in da way lol