[Ch7] Chun Ruk Tur Na (DaraVdo)

^ they weren't bad at all in Jao Sao Rim Tang. before I watched that lakorn, I was thinking how horrible the acting would be and all, but I was actually hooked on that lakorn.


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Yeah I enjoy that lakorn too, especially all the kiss scenes. Despite the acting they looked really good together, and love all their sweet scenes too.


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Tere all ready a topic for this. Can some one merge these two topic.



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jao sao rim taang, poo was a good dancer, very sexy: she looks good with stefan they both look mixed


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Thanks to Thip @ SPICY Forum,

The title full name is "Chun Ruk Tur Na Superstar."

credit to: Poo facebook page

ชื่อละครมาแล้วค่ะ ชื่อเรื่อง "ฉันรักเธอนะ Superstar" สเตฟาน / ไปรยา / ฯลฯ [ละครหลังข่าว//บริษัท ดาราวีดีโอ จำกัด]....ที่มาของข่าว เฟสบุ๊คของคุณสยาม


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JSRT was okay from the beginning but then there was only the kiss scenes that I actually enjoyed. Everything else was just horrible, storyline, character development (you know I am not even sure if they even loved each other), dialogues, and acting... well it was not bad nor was it good. Poo can dance? I think I will not comment on that lol


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A clip of behind the secen of Poo & Fan...

Credit to: Giantxim



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A clip of Poo interview from a scene she doing in the lakorn.


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Credit to ctluchannel