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Andrew was so anti-social back then that rumors said no one wanted to work with him. If you notice at the end of the lakorn, it was only scenes of Kob because he refused to shoot extended scenes lol


Oh so it wasn't like he didn't like her she didn't like him they were just not talkative people. Haha. Well they are now. Hehe.


sarNie OldFart
andrew and kob has worked on 2-3? movies before this lakorn....i dunno about the rumors but I don't think they had big issues together...from what I've known...they both describe themselves as introvert-like..?? I remember hearing that he has issues w/the Script ending?? 
Andrew had another issue to w/a lakorn w/noon...he has issues w/the director/script and excuse himself and they filmed a bit as well...Por took his place
i'm re-watching their version again...amazing....LOOVE andrew...I don't think Om can fill Chanon shoes like Andrew...


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555 Chanon was pretty much a jerk at first. He was so cynical and suspecting of Rasa. Nobody's perfect, I suppose. And she set him right.
I wish Mai was cast as Rasa.


sarNie Hatchling
Andrew was pissed back then when the producer told him they were extending this lakorn and refused to do so. Not just with Kob but Andrew was pretty much anti-social with practically all his co-stars and luckily, most of those actresses spoke neutrally of him to the media. When interviewed, Andrew said it wasn't necessary to communicate with his nang aeks unless they're actually filming so it's understandable why Kob didn't like him. I still gotta give them props for putting aside their hard feelings and delivering great chemistry for the viewers to enjoy. 


sarNie Hatchling
Been waiting for this reunion. I hope they do well in these roles bc Andrew & Kob def did make me fall in LOVE with Rasa & Chanon. First lakorn where Kob didn't piss me off as much. Hopefully they confirm it soon.


I fell in love with Andrew in this one...did I mention that already?? He was just soo handsome as Chanon. I didn't really like Rasa because she was strong at first and then became weak, and I also didn't like the fact that she kind of stole Chanon from her halfsister. Overall though I loved Chanon, one of the best pra'eks ever. He was a cold level-headed pra'ek who only needed a mother's love. 


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I really love this lakorn, and Andrew was the one that fit this role. I don't see Om can do it (his acting skill still has a limit)...saw his current lakorn that is still airing, and stop to watch it...he and the main actress ruin it (the old version was much better and made me feel attached)..
For this lakorn, I rather watch the old version instead. Andrew/Kob did a great job on this great story line.


sarNie OldFart
i didn't feel Rasa stole Chanon from her sister. I feel no1 really belong to anyone and Rasa did nothing to pursue P'k. P'k fell in love w/her. Rasa left so Chanon and Saskit can get married. It annoyed me how the father made p'k help his brother and try to Force rasa and the bro relationship. Chanon and Saskit was a 1 sided love, Chanon only really love her as a sister and follow their parents expectations. I enjoy their mature relationship I recently watched it again and 1 of my face scene is in his offce. He was beaming when he saw her...
p'k: Why are you here...*chessing smile*, I was just thinking about you
p'k: I know you can do it (leaving alone), But I don't want you to
 and when he got fustrated w/the interrupted call just as he was getting close to nk
My biggest Pet Peeve is that someone BELONGS to someone and people can steal them...If the person isn't WILLING they can't be STOLEN and most important I feel nobody really belongs to anyone. I kinda watch 3nnt (new version) and I felt they ruin Pao...in the old version they made it more clear/mature of p'k relationship w/the girl (FWB) and Pao wasn't sooo...can't find a word...


sarNie Adult
Oh I loved this one. Too bad Ch7 is remaking it. What happened to DaraVdo? They used to be so good.

Wasn't the rumor that Andrew didn't like the ending. He thought Norn should've ended up with Sasi? One thing I liked was that they didn't feel the need to put Sasi and the little brother together at the end.

I thought Andrew got along with Ramona too. But now he seems a lot more open for sure. He looks really close to Taew and from the BTS stuff he seems too get along really well with Ice and Bella too.


sarNie OldFart
I heard he didn't like that non got w/sasit..thats why we got actually got a beach ending of them


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I remember watching this lakorn with my cousins when i was in six grade. It's really sad and ho I hate his mom. Andrew look very handsome in this lakorn and Kob is always beautiful and great at acting.


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^ Nope. lol I actually liked him and Sammie more than him and Min in their first lakorn. 
I remember when he first started as p'ek, they interviewed him on WWYWY and asked him which n'ek did he want to work with the most and he said Min. He was so shy and happy when she made a guest appearance. But I don't think Min was all that into him. They didn't really become that popular because Min got paired with Weir afterwards, and that went through the roof.