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  1. Maricon

    ❤️[CH7] Ngao Boon (Kantana): Om Akapan/Pim Pimprapa

    I think there is no thread yet for this lakorn so I made one.
  2. KhoOnxNouxWanxJai

    ❤️[CH7] Insee Daeng (Nine Bever Films): Bow Maylada/Om Akapan/Off Chanapol/Maggi Apa

    Didn't see a thread if there is one let me know. Source:
  3. Maricon

    [CH7] Nang Thip (Media Studio): Min Pechaya/Om Akapan/Pooklook Fonthip/Mookda Narinrak

    Source: @ และแล้วส้มก็มาหล่น “อ๋อม” อรรคพันธ์ ได้เป็นพระเอกเรื่อง นางทิพย์ ประกบกับ “มิน” พีชญา และ “ปุ๊กลุก” ฝนทิพย์ แถมเตรียมเปิดกล้องเร็วๆ นี้
  4. Maricon

    [CH7] Paragit Ruk The Series 3: Ratchanawee Tee Ruk - Om Akapan and Sammy Cowell

    Main thread: Credits as tagged
  5. Maricon

    [CH7] Paragit Ruk The Series: Weir and Peak, Porshe and Kwan, Mik and Stephany, Om and Sammy

    Original source: Fitting will be on January 26th Thai title: ภารกิจรัก English Title: Love Mission
  6. Maricon

    [CH7] Tai Rom Pra Baramee Series : (CH7 actors & actresses)

    Source I think it is a special lakorn to honor the late King Rama IX of Thailand. Please correct me if wrong. :)
  7. T

    Revenge, Lust, Love.

    Hello Readers! It's my first time here. After watching MSRFS, I became a huge fan of TuiKwan and I couldn't resist myself from writing a fanfic about them. Since the  lakorn did not satisfy my expections, so I decided to cast Kwan and Tui in my whole production LOL I hope you all enjoy it...
  8. krisayaporn

    [CH7] Look Mai Klai Ton (Media Studio)

    Om and Min are reunion in remake lakorn of Andrew and Kob Suwanun as Look Mai Klai Ton    Cr. CH7dramasociety  
  9. krisayaporn

    [CH7] La Ong Dao (JSL Global Media)

    CH7 will remake popular lakorn in the past that is "La Ong Dao" It just be a plan, and unconcfirm pra'ek and n'ek   Cr.  
  10. TubbyTinker

    [Ch7] Rak Rae (Honey & Friend)

    รักเร่ Blessing ceremony will be this Friday, Nov.7. Its going to be a new production. Its based on a novel by khun Sopak Suwan, same author that wrote Fah Jarod Srai & Mai Sin Rai Fai Sawat From synopsis I read, Ramin, the praek who was the secretary of the ambassador in Vienna met Wayoon...
  11. snsdapple

    [Ch7] Dung Sawan Sarb (Masquerade)

    New lakorn for Om Akapan & Poo Priya   Its a remake of Kob & Por lakorn.      
  12. C

    Power of wish' Part 21 (150816)

    Another FF of mine. I am still working on it and hope I can update sometime soon. Feel like I haven't been here so longggg. :hide:   Genre: Period & Present, Drama     What will happen when one vow to love in every Life and the other didn't Believe in true love?   Hiran (OM) never believe in...
  13. krisayaporn

    Om Akapan & Kwan Usamanee (Kullastree vol. 44 no. 1047 August 2014 )

    Cr. Magazinedee  
  14. krisayaporn

    Om Akapan & Kwan Usamanee (Kwan Ruen vol. 45 no. 1023 July 2014 )

    Cr. Magazinedee          
  15. krisayaporn

    [Ch7] Hua Jai Teuan (Samankarn Lakorn)

    New lakorn from Samun Karn Lakorn.   It's name "Huajai Tuen"      It cast Om Akapan as P'ek    
  16. Miley19

    [Ch7] Atitha (JSJ Global Media)

    Weir's confirm himself will be in here
  17. Cupid Candy

    Om Akapan and Jui Warattaya (PRAEW vol. 34 no. 806 March 2013)

    credit to praew      
  18. kwan20

    [Ch7] Jao Sao Salatan (Kantana)

    :) Boss Kantana confirm.
  19. Cupid Candy

    [Ch7] Wan Nee Tee Ror Khoi (Pordeecam)

    credit to suk13_karn @ Spicyforum http://www.spicyforu...khoi-pordeecam/ Remake of Bird and Siriam's lakorn.
  20. Zowie_lol_Sin

    [Ch7] Ubathteehet (DaraVdo)

    It seem the top pic was talking at Pantip [webboard Chalerm Thai] about DaraVDO have plan to remake lakorn "Ubattihet" and they said that the P'Ek n N'Ek is Om Akapan n Kwan Usamenee... อุบัติเหตุ [n.] (ubattihēt = ubatthēt) EN: accident ; crash FR: accident [m]
  21. T

    [Ch3] Ruk Ork Akard (Polyplus)

    ploy confirmed @ paulas wedding. wow, what an interesting pair. good to know ploy could still maintain her n'ek status while playing vilian at the same time