[CH7] Paragit Ruk The Series 3: Ratchanawee Tee Ruk - Om Akapan and Sammy Cowell


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Note: Original Song by PloyChompoo was pitched due to copyright =( the video was originally made for a female POV, sorry it doesn't fit as well now but I want to remake it to an entirely different song. Maybe mute the sound and play the original song if you want the true experience lol. Or maybe if enough people want it, I can try dailymotion or something.


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FINALLY I can watch something from this series lol. I'm still holding out for someone to sub Porsche & Kwan's part but still I'm happy this one has been picked up.
Sammy is so beautiful ! & @xcinsationalx loved your FMV (hope we get more in the future for this.)


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lol the gay friend...The 2 girls fall into his arms and FIN him and he drop each on into the ground hahahah

I wish they gave us better flashback of their relationship...they use to date until a mis-understanding???...sounds like he known her since they were young...lol the p'k always trying to get close to her...I wish they made his character more firm w/the n'rai...

I'm a sucker for lots of pra'nang scenes


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Yeah they've known each other since they were kids. I'm not sure what the misunderstanding was. From thairath summary, it said that Praew saw him with another girl and misunderstand him for that. Hopefully we get to see flashbacks of their past too.

I enjoyed every scene with the leads. He's so touchy towards her hahaha. Episode 1 and we already got some lip action haha. I love how he keeps calling her Nong Praew and refers to himself as "pe" I'm such a sucker for that.


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From what I can gather there was a love square. P'k knows n'k and her older bro since childhood. P'k and n'k likes each other. Her bro likes the girl (soldier too, she was in preview) who likes p'k. P'k is ner-hom (all these girls on him and claiming he's their man). N'k thinks p'k a player and don't trust him. She misunderstood of course because he said she owes him an apology.

Lol at the hospital scene where she's trying to avoid him and smack into him. I also like the spider scene. Again she can't avoid him.....so many Fin scene in ep 1 ! I love how he's trying so hard to win her back...
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