Dao Puen Din (PolyPlus)


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^ Well I guess you could look at it from that perspective. That's if you are a sucker for the sickness romances. -____-;;

Sure, good that Vee didn't tell Noon that he was sick so she didn't have to worry. But him not telling made her more upset b/c he just kinda disappeared on her while she was going through all those horrible things. Furthermore, Vee has never stood up for Noon in Da's presence. Always the other way around. Lack, of trust and stupidity, I say.

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KhoonxNouxWanx, can you please check the office forum? I have some questions to ask you about burning episodes into dvd disc. I didn't post it in a topic. It was in the topic call 'burning episodes to dvd.


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gosh! i like Chompoo+Bon couple a lot. they are so fun to watch. one moment he's all sweet to her & then he's all crazy, kidnap her, tie her up & rape her. but i understand he love her so much.when you love someone so much you go crazy and become stupid. but i like Rathasart's character a lot . he's pitiful to me. he does everything because he love Rinlada so much. nobody understand his feelings, people don't understand why he love her when she never love him,but love has no explanation or reasons, it's all about the person's feelings. he started off feeling sorry for her then it turn to love & love her so much. Bon play his character so well. i like his acting. and Rinlada is such an evil, cruel girl. the best smart nang rai ever! my mom even said why is she so evil not like the other nang rais that she have seen. heheh. i agree. Chompoo play her character very well. but so sad that they won't end up together. to me, Rathasart+Rinlada is like one of those pra aek+nang aek character that is sweet+mean to eachother. she pretend to be nice+sweet & then mean to him, and he becomes angry+mean back at her. and she pretend to be sweet again and he fall for it & she ran away from him. fun to watch for me. heheh. the reason i watch this la korn is because i like Chompoo+Bon couple. the other 2 couples are boring.


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no, not a sucker for sickness romances but since this lakorn is becoming one. might as well take the best of it and noon be there for him more which she is at the end.

its ending this weekend i hope? =]
whoo hooooooo!


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^ haha. yeah, I am hoping it ends this weekend already. This drama has gotten me too strung over nothing.


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For Chom Fan I think you might want to sit out for the last episode -.- because

Rinlada will get raped by 12 men; gang raped and then goes crazy at least thats whats being speculated


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I don't want to see tomorrow's episode because Vee will slap Noon but i'll probably watch that episode anyway. I don't think it was necessary for him to slap Noon to reality.


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Gosh i hate Vee's character in this, he says she's the woman he loves and blah blah blah but he doesn't actually help her out or stay on her side. Its sweet that he bought her the house and arranged all those roses but thats not actually helping her much... <_<


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Vee should not slap Noon if he say he loves her no matter what she is doing. I know he dont want her to be acused of murder but he could just scream or shake or instead of slapping her. Vee never seem to understand how much Areeya did to Noon if I was her I would not forgive him at alllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why is it that they never call the cops when there's something for example, when their on their way to help Noon or when Noon, Tet and Ja are on their way to Areeya's condo? Areeya would have been caught!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!