Dao Puen Din (PolyPlus)


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Dude he actually slaps her in today's episode? thats so retarded.. no matter how angry you get at her you DON"T slap her... at leasts in other lakorns when pra'ek is mad at nang ek and wants to slap her he just raises his hands and stops himself.. obviously the pra'ek in this lakorn ugh; If I were Noon I'd be like eff that shit... even if I were wrong he had no right to slap me. ... If that were my husband he's already shoot the b i i for me already .. wouldn't wait til I have to go kill her myself ..
I just finished watching it.

Got to say, Polyplus did a very good job of me being at the edge of my chair; I was so scared and nervous if Vee was going to die or not. At the end, Chompoo was quite cute. It's better to be crazy than to be evil. All she talks about is money, that was so funny haha.

Overall this was a good lakorn; just a bit draggy at some points, but it was worth it haha.


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I'm glad that they didn't show the reason why linlada went crazy; I'll assume its cause they gave her drugs or beat the crap out of her ... -.- than the other reason... I have to admit I almost cried the scene where Rattasard decided to take Linlada back with him -.- even though people may say its stupid but it's something thats morally right the ending was great


It ended. I'm so sad. Ok, gosh. Noon's lakorn will take forever to come ad so will Arayas!
-- I just got done with the summary I posted it at Noon & Araya's forum :)
I loved the lakorn!! At least Araya didn't die, she got with Bon kind of. I liked it but some parts annoyed me like every other lakorn. The ending was really cute with Noon & Vee. Araya played her -BAH- character so well lol, and I'm glad the mom came back. I'm going to miss this lakorn. The end was touching, no matter what happens enjoy what you have because what are lost are just all the words, movement & such. Hehe. I enjoyed the lakorn so much! I was glad that they accepted Da back, the parents, I wouldn't of have haha.


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I loved it. AWWWW =) Noon and Chompoo was awesome in the last 2 episodes. I gotta give it to Chompoo in this one man, she deserves an award seriously. HAAH they both were crazy b****es hahahaha! ending was sad & cute. not disappointed. AHHHH i love noon & vee together though. as long as vee didn't die. Its alll gooood. hahaha

pancake & weirs movie looks funny =) actually i've never watched any lakorns of them paired. i think there was only 1 right? haha


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whoa. I loved that part where Noon, pushed to the very edge, got all pyscho on Rinada.

That was so awesome how she shed a tear for the act she was about to do, but that was sooo, "GO NOON, get that biotch!"


But man, Vee can't act for shit. CAn't help it either that his dialogue is retarded. "I can't believe DA would hate someone so much. Hate someone so much to the point of wanting to kill her."

Like come on, if a fraction of what happened to dao happened to arm, he would be like that too.

BTW: The ending was so wannabe Rahut Rissaya, with the video and all. But Paul did a much better job, Vee is an all around terrible actor.


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i have to say im actually glad dis lak. ended with a not so sad ending..
i mean Rinlada...shuldnt have gotten Bon.. buh it was sweet of him to take care of a crazy person :D
and Vee's acting has gotten ehhh.. even tho im not a big fan of him before.. buh i thought dis lakorn of his is womp womp womp lolz
and Noon needs new GOOD lakorns. not sucky storyline like dis or the one with Oil.. which was a sad storyline =//
anywho good overall lak. with LOTS OF DRAMA. O_O haha


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I'm so happy that I caught up with this lakorn yesterday. I watched from 7-18...the whole day...the ending was good. Chompoo actually looks cute acting crazy...now I understand what u guys meant when vee was acting stupid...god throughout the whole lakorn, I wanted to smack him for believing rinlada....


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Yeah this lakorn had a good ending. I mean this lakorn was kind of draggy but the end was good worth watching. Chom played her ending role well. hehe My mom kept saying that Bon was dumb haha for taking her I was like he has a heart thats why not all people have a heart. hehe. yeah but I almost thought Vee died!! but yeah I enjoyed this lakorn. ^_^


i was happy arm died, but he didn't. -_- i would be satisfied if they just had da kill arm somehow.

the girls did a great job. one of the pra-eg's character was descent.


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i'm glad they cut out the rape scene of Rinlada at the end. and so happy even though she's crazy but she get to be with Rathasart. yay!!! his love for her is so real and so much. i love his character. To me, Chompoo+Bon stole the spotlight in here. they play their character so well. their couple is the most interesting+fun to watch from beginning to ending. sad that it ended. won't get to see Chompoo+Bon again. they are a cute couple. it's the reason why i watch this la korn is because like Chompoo+Bon couple.