Darker Shades of You # 9


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I hope she does not get pregnant since there may/will be a huge misunderstanding, considering how much you love babies @sarN hehehe.


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Wow I love it, so I heard you are the queen of rated R Sarn haha....
those fish tongue ladies are spreading rumor again? I"m a good girl HAHA ----  RATED PG 13 not R


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Vincent checked the time on his watch and roll off the bed. It been four hours already why no words from those men? He began to suspect if they even at the door at all . Hell with it. He grab his clothes off the floor and dress himself as he make his way toward the door and knock it loudly. No answer. He turn on the nob and open it – the hall was empty, he scan the area to make sure and let out a curse before slamming the door shut .

When Prang regained her composure from what transpire, the first thing she heard was a furious voice and a loud shut which startle her into fear once more. The drug must had worn off because she was able to push herself into a sit position and it took a few moment to stable her vision. He look at her hard and cold as if she was to blame for. A shiver ran across her face and her stomach was in a knot , she clench her finger into a ball and turn her face away in disgust .

“Get dress. I’ll take you home”

His stoic tone had her scoop away until her back hit the bed post. He know the girl is terrify of him but he not in the mood to play the gentlemen with flowery word, beside she doesn’t understand English anyway. He just need to take her home where she is safe and then get the next plane ticket to the state. If he stay to explain, nobody will believe he was held at gun point to have sex with a minor ---- he pray she not a minor but a woman of age. He let out another heated curse.

“You know what, I’ll just dress you myself. It faster”

Prang watch in embarrassment as the man pick up her clothes and under garment off the floor , she had cover herself with her bare arm across the chest with her legs fold on the bed. He grab her arm and yank her upward and off the bed.

“Oy” she utter a low cry. His intense eye stare down at her and she turn away as her heart pound. He held the bra at her down casted eye and when she refuse to uncross her arm , he throw the bra on the bed and pull an oversize t-shirt over her head. She had no choice but to tolerate his ill manner and when he bend down on one knee, then nudge her leg, she was mortify by the knowledge he want her to lift her leg to slip into her underwear . She silently step in and he pull the undies up to her waist.

“That wasn’t so bad. I’m taking you home”

She watch his lip and focus on the words. He said home. She know what that mean. Now that her mind is clear of the drug she was able to understand him a little , though she recently start English class last semester and haven’t advance much with speaking but she remember certain vocabulary word by heart. She want to shout at him but words could not form on her tremble lip as he hold her hand and they walk out the room into an elevator .

She thought about screaming for help as soon at the door open but he turn to her and put a finger to his lip, “Do not cause a scene. You will regret it. Shhhh”

She understand the expression and nodded. There was something in his eye that tell her not to disobey him and with that fear, she held her tongue when the door open , she lower her head and tag along him . She was crying silently along the way, his hand held her tighter when her soft hiccup became audible. He aware of her crying but she doesn’t care. She could not control the tremor of what had happen , she felt vulnerable , dirty and ashamed .

What should she do? Call the cop? Tell her family? The reporter will have a field day if any of this reach the media and her family name will be tarnish, how will she face her friends at school? They will pity her or they will point finger and accuse her of something else. How can she explain she was kidnap and rape by one of her father investor and do she want to relive the pain by going on trial?

“Get in”

They had reach the parking lot and the man open his car door. She hesitated. What if he plan to kill her ? Shut her mouth for ever? She panic and quickly turn round but was block by his massive body

“I will not kill you. I’m taking you home”

There that word again. He want to take her home. The worst had happen already she come to realize as he grab both her shoulder and gently nudge her into the car seat , he close the door and went in at the driver side. He reach around her lap to buckle the seat belt.

Prang’s face was glue to the window as he drove down the familiar street and her mind was at ease little by little .The car stop just outside her house’s gate and they sat there quietly, listening to the sound of early bird chirping

“Leave” he unlock the door. She wipe the remaining tear off her cheek and got out. She open the gate side door and ran the rest of the way. Vincent watch her disappear into the house and drove away .


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Heh! I like how Vincent was played by the bad guys! Now he can blame no one but himself. I'm looking forward to the next chapter!


I don't think he was played by the bad guys. I think they were there, but left after he finished what ever it was they told him to do.


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I understand, family comes first, take your time.

I feel sorry for both Vincent & Prang but more for Prang.


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I'm taking a break from him now lolll, when ever I spend time w/ him I get emotional ---- it suck too b/c I'm a happy person & he make me sad *pull hair* . every time I thought about his 15 years in jail I just want to hug him and cry ahhhhh , so no more , tomorrow back to boys chasing and client flirting & of course writing rate pg13 stuff HAHA


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CH 6

She made it to her room undetected. It was still early in the morning the maid are still asleep. Nobody was aware she been kidnap since last night, Malina and Sanyo left yesterday to resolve the issue with local residence at Damnoen Saduak, apparently bunch of protester break into the company warehouse and lit the tractors on fire. The residence use violent to prevent the engineer from entering the construction site, project Flooding Market Bridge, co funded by American and Thailand. Everyone are at their neck with problem and now this happen , Prang bursted into tear as she close the door and slide her body down till her knee hit the cold floor .

She softly bang her head against the door in agony at the thought she now a victimize of rape and it pain her deeply. She was kidnap and force against her will by a farang . She can identify him and have him arrested before he escapes --- Prang pick herself up and grab the nearest object and smash it to the floor. She needs to talk to someone but who? Should she goes to the hospital and seek medical advice? Or call police? What will happen afterward if she does all the above? There will be a scandal and the company will be at risk.

And she cannot let that happen. She angrily grab more object and throw it, for the love of god, she could not bring herself to tell anyone and it make her bitter to feel trap that way. She heard pregnancy do happen on rape victim, she touch her flat stomach and fear washes over. She ran to the bathroom, strip away the clothes and jump into the shower. The cold water stream down as she scrub away the scent and ever where that man touches. There was blood on her thighs and it sore terribly now that she wash that area, it did not occur to her that the beard burn from where he kisses would leave a rash mark on her sensitive skin.

After the shower she wrap herself in a bathrobe and stood in front of a mirror, she trace the red mark down the neck line, she look completely ravished by a man and dispose. She angrily turn away and went to use the computer at her study desk. She fire up the internet explore and goggle ways to prevent pregnancy after intercourse. There was over 20 emails in the outlook box, at first she thought it was spam until the number keep adding up to 100 within the last 10 minute. She decided to check it out …all those email read the same title “sex tape of CEO’s daughter of Thailand Engineering”. Her finger grip tightly on mouse , heart pounding , mind distraught as reality hit hard when she click open to the attached file and watch the video clip .

With tremble finger she cover her mouth as her body shiver with uncontrollable tear and then her cellar phone ring. She yank the computer core and reach for the phone , she did not answer but the voice from the other end was her father

“Prang! I got the email. I will kill the bastard who done this to my daughter!”

“Daddy” she sob pitifully, “I-I was kidnap and drug” she cries.

“Where are you at now? Are you okay?”

“I’m home”

“Stay right there honey. I’m catching the next flight. Your sister is heading home as well. I will kill Vincent Donovan once I reach Thailand”

The phone went dead. Her father and sisters are coming home , there was some comfort in that as she went to laid down on the bed . She close her eye, pray for sleep and when she wake up all this was just a bad dream . She doesn’t care how the wet hair against the pillow was causing chill on her head or how the light still on , all she want to do is sleep .


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Whoaaa! Blackmail is happening fast! Nong Bieluvr was right! They (the bad guys) really did stay and left early. I'm excited for the next chapter when they see Vincent again!


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Ch 7

It was not a dream. The video was all over social media, morning new paper and TV. Her family was outrage and makes numerous call with threat of legal action for defamation and privacy violation. Outside are swamps with reporter and TV crew. The maids in the residence began to gossip which enrage Mr. Kannaru to fire the entire household s. The family was in the living room, Prang sat on the sofa between her two older sister, sobbing with her head leaning on Sanyo’s shoulder while Malina rub her back in comfort and their father pace the room furiously.

“Bastard ! It’s a blackmail from our rival company. I just receive a call and they threaten to release more video clips if we won’t stop the Flooding Market project” said Mr.Kannau and turn to his daughter with worries expression “Th-there is more right honey?”

Prang was horrify by the question that she bury herself deeper into the older sister embrace and nodded her head.

“Dad!” cries Sanyo , “how can you ask such a thing?”

“Girls, I’m sorry. I really don’t know what do at this point” Mr.Kannau nervous went to pour himself a glass of brandy and shallow it in one gulp.

“The clip they release is only 10 minute long” Prang began as everyone listen, “He done more thing to me..”Mr.Kannau cover his face with his hand in sorrow as he listen to his youngest daughter, her voice was off balance, follow by hiccup, sobbing and it was killing him alive.

The clip show both of them on a bed as Vincent began to undress her and the face shot was enough proof of their identity , even though the act itself did not started but for on looker it leave nothing to imagine what will happen next.

The company reputations are ruin and investor began to pull out one by one. Clients call in to terminate their contract as well and soon his position as CEO will be replace. He should never took on the Flooding Market project, he knew there will be trouble with the residence aside there and because of his selfish greed his daughter became a target .

There were voices from the back entrance both in Thai and English.Several men came into the living room and drag a farang behind them.

“You were right Mr.Kannau. He appear at the airport around 2 pm and was about to get on a plane. We entrance from the back door and there was no reporter onsite” said one of the man

Mr. Kannau rush toward the farang and punch him in the face. The two man that held Vincent at either side drag him up for another punch by their boss.

“That’s my daughter! You scum! You try to run away ? Eh?” Mr. Kannau shouted , fully enrage he throw another deadly punch at the jaw.

Vincent spit out some blood, thoroughly in pain and furious at the accusation “Bull shit. Would I bother to escape if you people haven’t set me up? I was force at gun point! I explain everything to your daughter already!”

“She recently learns English. She wouldn’t be able to understand everything you said!”

“I came by the house a few days ago and you weren’t there. I wanted to tell you to stop the project because I receive threat letter. I’m telling the truth. Those men break into my hotel room and threat to kill me if--”

“Enough!” Mr.Kannau wave a dismissal hand and walk away rubbing down his face. The man speaks the truth because he too receive threat letter but he didn’t bother to report it because he fear of new coverage and the project will be at a haul.

“I have an idea” said Vincent

Mr. Kannau turn to the man , “Do not joke at a time like this! I swear ---“

“I will marry her”

“You’re insane!”

“Listen. If the world know that your daughter and me are about to get married, the whole video is excusable for two reckless lover and your daughter reputation will be save --- well, somewhat”

“Those men threat to release the entire video of what transpire to the whole world and you think a simple marriage will stop them? The damage is already done . I will not ruin my daughter future as well”

“Not if we beat them to it. I saw the clip. It was short and contain mostly our face shot ...and a few clothes remove” Vincent said carefully .

“What are you saying?” Mr. Kannau eye the farang suspiciously and signal the man to release their hold on the man.

Vincent came closer and whisper into the old man ear. Mr. Kannau width his eye in shock at the suggestion, “You want to make another video??!”

“You said the damage is already done. What harm would it do if what I suggested beat them at their own game?” said Vincent as he caught a glance of the girl he spend the entire night with. She was accompanied by her sister. She had been crying he noted and she look awfully shaken by his presence.

The thought does cause an unfamiliar feeling to him and he wasn’t one who care about woman emotion because to him they are annoying when not having sex with, for god sake he was about to get on a plane to the state if those men didn’t found him and drag him here. Now that everything is out in the open, he realize that marriage is probably the best he can offer to somewhat save the girl family from damnation. They can divorce later when the scandal dies out. Play the saint does hurt his pride a bit. He was so use of being ignorant and cynical. He will make an exception for this one time.

Sanyo and Malina had translated the whole conversation to Prang. Somehow the puzzle fit in way she do not want to feel sympathy toward the man that rob her virtue. She want to hate him but yet his side of the story was understandable in a life and death situation that she find herself furious by the fact he was also force. And the man have the audacity to offer marriage as a way to fix the problem at hand – if it even fixable. It will be a marriage of convenience and they will be divorce soon afterward but what bother her the most is what did he whisper into her father ear? What do they mean another video tape ?