Darker Shades of You # 9


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Ch 8

Vincent was to stay with the Krannua until the family can figure out what to do next and with reporter camping outside the gate they want to make sure he was to remain hidden. Prang was told to stay in her room while the family and Vincent discuss the plan , which baffle her because she is the plan , there no reason to be secretive and pretend she naïve. She thought about college and how she will face her friends or anyone at all.

Thai are conservative sociality even though now a day more people are open with the idea of sex before marriage but majority still consider sex a taboo topic and sex tape was out of the question. The college she attend might not accept her entree and worst scenario she is ban from every college in Thailand. With her family wealth it’s possible to buy her way in but would she be able to face the people who will judge her? She will be bully by the social media and people will talk for years to come, even now her Facebook is swamp with criticize comment and dislike.

There was a knock on the door, the two older sisters enter the room and each sat on the bed beside Prang. Their expression seen hesitant and Malina was the first to speak,“There will be a wedding”

“I-I understand” said Prang, casting her eye down and fiddle nervously with her hands. It was for her protection which she had come to term with and willingly agreed, beside, it’s a fake marriage.

“Dad want us to talk to you about something else. Something very important” said Sanyo and waited till Prang lift her gaze, with careful words she began, “It will be a real marriage. At first, we do not want it so but Vincent suggest a plan that might help us deal with the blackmailer”

Prang stared at her sister with a sick feeling coil in her stomach, knot of confusion drawn her brow tightly together, “Real? Why? We are stranger with difference culture and language. It will never work out and we do not love each other!”

“Vincent want to film another sex tape” Malina explain, “Dad strongly disagree but Vincent said if his tape is release first then the blackmailer will have nothing against us. The new video will be stage as a love confession and marriage proposals”

“You will have sex with him again but this time you will have to play the part of a happy bride to be. And the sex have to be real for the blackmailer to believe it” Sanyo continue and reach for Prang’s hand, “Dad doesn’t want you to be violated again for a fake marriage because you have more to lose than that American”

Prang ‘s expression was a helpless plead as she listen to the older sisters explain the plan and her heart was tore, “D-do he want the marriage to be real”

“No” said Malina simply with no back up explanation

“How can you expect a marriage to work?” Prang was shock and desperately plead again , “Do not let me be with that man!”

Sanyo embrace her sister and with a serious tone “Don’t worry. Dad will make sure divorce is impossible and you are protected if he was to abuse you in anyway. Believe us, if the scandal had not happen he is the last man Dad will ever consider as a son in law”

Prang was in tear and bury her face within her sister arm. No matter what she said the elder sisters continue to persuade the idea of a real marriage is the best option and they explain that Thai woman does not wish to have many lover , they want to stay fateful to one man , even though that man was not their first choice but in time love will grow. It’s an old fashion idea that deserve to be burn, Prang try to explain her fear of being with a farang,

“He will practice his husbandly right on me—“ she blush to the root as the sister began to understand what had transpire between Prang and Vincent might not be a pleasant one like the farang confesses to their Dad.

“He told us that he does his best not to hurt you at all” said Malina angrily[/SIZE]

“He does thing…”

Sanyo notice the topic was causing her sister to hesitant and couldn’t elaborate without worrying her lip and shifting in posture. Sanyo ask the next question by whispering into Prang’s ear to spare the embarrassment. The question was very personal and Prang nodded her heard but not before her cheek went into flame.

Malina's curiosity was screaming as she watch both sister exchange whisper and head nodding but decided not to intervene. Sanyo offer more advice to make the marriage work and goes into detail what their Dad had told Vincent. Their marriage life will start after Prang graduate from college and during those four years he will be in the state. Legal paper and contract will be draw up by the lawyer tomorrow and Dad will make sure he sign all document willingly or forcefully.

They did not goes into detail what the contract contain because they wanted to protect their sister best interest nor did they let her know how they threaten the farang to stay committed in the marriage. When they left their sister room that night their heart was heavy and worries for their youngest sister future. She was their precious kid and now was force to grow up fast. Their Dad had it worst but he was determine not to let Prang be an object for any man lust without a true matrimony to seal the deal.

The next day was prove to be more devastating she was told to act out as if she was truly in love with the farang and then precede to be seduce because he pop the question, the occasion was an excuse to have a camera filming a surprise proposal and through their reckless love they forgot to turn off the camera. That was the plan to counter attack the blackmailer. And this video was to release into the world to watch. God, how she wish she know more English to shout her frustration at him , the two older sisters wouldn’t translate the word she want to shout at him either and now she have to endure it silently

She felt even more helpless when she sign away the marriage paper that was presented by their family lawyer while Vincent didn’t utter a word when he sign several more document than her. The reporter was still outside. The lawyer was snuck in from the back entrance to avoid confrontation.

Vincent sat across the table from her, even though he wasn’t looking at her but she felt tense, the turmoil inside cause a chill in her stomach and her heart couldn’t stop beating like a stick against a wall. And when he turn their eye did meet. His was sky blue as if he was a creature out of this world, of course, she not use to seeing a farang this close before, Asian doesn’t have color eye and his does havoc to her state of mind. His lip was grim and emotionless. His sleeves was roll up, there was hair on his arm, his beard seen to grow longer over night, he was too masculine for her peace of mind and she quickly look away.

When the ordeal was done she was told the camera was set up in the master bed room , all she need to say was yes when he goes down on one knee and pretend to be happy. If she mess up there no need to close the camera to restart or call for her family to help because Vincent said he can edit out the unnecessary scene later. She was alone on this and she doubt her family will interrupt their coupling nor will they watch the video , she was completely in his hand to do whatever his heart desire this time and with her consent .

Once they reach the master bed room, Vincent turn around to close the door behind them and lock it. The sound make her jump a bit and she move slightly way from him. There nothing comforting about his expression or the way he walk toward her with predator grace. She was so nervous that a smile couldn’t even form left along pretend to be happy as she was scripted.

“I hope this time you prepare yourself. I’m might not be as gentle now that you are my wife”


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dundunduuuuuun!  :pervie:  Another cliffhanger! But it will be different this time. Ohoho! I wonder what the two sisters were whispering about. 


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I just started on this .. but it's intense lol 
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UPDATE!!!!! Dang it I'm so impatient... Thanks Sarn for this amazing plot!!!! Gosh I feel so bad for Prang but at the same time intrigued.


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Ch 9

Sex.Sex.Sex.Those repeated word was on Vincent’s mind as he took careful step towards his wife, an Asian woman and one quite young for his own taste. Now, that he have a really good look at her without the angst and teary face, she seems angelic with her long black hair that reaches halfway and she wore a lovey yellow dress. She have smooth skin with a slight blush on the cheeks, nice short nose and cherries lip. She wore no makeup. He wasn’t use to natural looking woman and she lack in breast size. They were not the standard size for woman he use to date in America, where his hand can’t hardly cover it, her was small enough to fit perfectly in his, quite a disappointment but he can over-look that by giving credit to their height difference .The idea he can overpower her easily into submission.

Prang watch him move closer as her own mind try to accept the fate that force upon her, the American is her husband by law, soul and body. The family had assure her down to the last minute before entering the master bed room, Vincent Donavan belong to her now , divorce is impossible , he is bonded by a mutual contract that he signed , if any distrust in the marriage happen it will result in a great loss for him . Prang sense there something else in the contract that her family want to keep a secret but for whatever the reason, somehow that secret do give her some comfort and perhaps an upper hand in this marriage. She close her eye momentary, took a deep breath and force herself to smile naturally as much as possible.

She probably done a terrible job because Vincent stop his track , though his face remain emotionless but his eye became so intense that it seen to undress her with his stare and then he goes down on one knee . He said several English words while reach for her hand and held it gently.

“Will you marry me?”

“YES!” she shirked out the word and as soon as they were out she regret it. She didn’t meant to say it so fast and loud like those over hype up middle school girl or those ---

And then his lips were on her before she could even debate more on the matter. He took her by surprise with an open mouth kiss to the point of devouring her whole face, his huge hands cup the back of her head, level it upward while his body frame seem to overshadow her and she was force to back-bend while he dominate.

“Kiss me” he said roughly between kisses , “Kiss me back”

She know those words. She heard them often enough in movies and drama. She wish he would shave his beard and then perhaps she know where to kiss him. She sigh hopelessly and pull her face away for a moment, then kiss his jaw line, nothing passionate --- just kiddie peck here and there. He stare down at her with an odd confuse expression when she finished which make her blush when their eye meet.

She was lost for a moment and accidentally smile out of her own embarrassment. She stiffed when she realize the mistake and bit her lip involuntary. He groan deep in his throat and attack her lips again but more softly this time, he nib the bottom rim and then run his tongue inside her mouth. It mingle with her tongue and she jolt back but he held her fast, never lose contract with each determine kiss.

He was backing her toward the bed --- more like bullying her with his hard body pressing against her and the more she try to get away from it , the faster she back pace. He reach for the hem of her dress and lift it quickly, over the head and discard it on the floor.

On impulse she cross her chest while he tore his clothes away and when he reach down to his boxer his finger dig into the waist band but stop short. She did not realize she was watching him stripe , everything happen so fast , his torso was rip with muscle as she downcast her eye to the V shape stomach and when he finally pull down his boxer—her heart skip a beat or two.

The first time she only felt the hardness but now that she saw it sprang forward she dread the size and strength of it. There was gossip among her group of friends that farang man are well endowed compare to Asian man and she often laugh about their indecent conversation but at the same time felt embarrass for being curious. His sex was long, smooth and solid against his flat stomach.

She panic and turn to move away but he was quick to block the path and wrap his arm around her before she can escape. Where their skin touch warmth spread like a plague, he began to unhook the bra and the fabric slip away. He lift her easy and place her in the middle of the bed , he came on top of her then with his arms supporting at both side and her legs bump his bobbing arouse.

“I’m surprise. You play your part well” said Vincent as his finger slide down her naked thighs.

She can only stare at him in a heart pounding suspense as if any minute now there will be a loud bang on the door to stop this madness. She remain silent while praying for such a rescue , even though she aware of his hands slip between her legs and does wick things thur her soft folds. There was a hint of amusement in his blue eye and his finger down below was making her breathless as well, he want the pleasure to devour her sense and make her beg for release.

She try her best not to response to his touch but fail miserably when his lip skim down her throat with trail of wet kisses . She could not remain unaffected and let out a soft moan. She shook her head to and fore across the pillow to knock some senses into her brain but his hands cup her cheek to still her movement.

“I love how your body is talking to me” said Vincent while rubbing her cheek with the back of his knuckles, “I had never show this much control over a woman before. I love rough and quick sex with most of my lover. The kind of sex that we American call ….fuck your brain out but you wouldn’t understand that because you’re new to sex and to innocent for my stage of mind”

She desperately want to understand what he said and search his eye for some kind of explanation. She wish he would just smile a little and stop with those intense stare of his.

“I thought about releasing my anger by screwing you like some crazy manic because of what your father did, he force me to sign away millions of dollar on our prenuptial. I hate being force and left with no option.” his tone was serious and borderline malice.[/SIZE]

Prang sense his bitterness and something inside of her die a little. She did not understand the full statement but there were key words she can pick up and ‘hate’ was one of them. They were not a love match but two complete stranger force to be together. Why did she ever agree to her family decision on her life anyway? Now, the man they force to marry her will forever hate her because of this.

“Prang” he said softly

It was the first time he calls her name. She search his face with awareness , though it pain her not to understand him as he continue to whisper words to her ear and continue where he left off by trailing kiss down her breast.


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All done reading ch 9, it was worth the wait now off to wait for ch 10, will we be reading more bed scenes? Lol :lol:


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