Don't Look!


Sticky Rice
Penny said:
omg, your lips are like, sexy as hell. Damn it you have similar lips to Yoon EunHye!!!! i need to like, grab a knife and cut my lip so when it heals, it'll turn out with that sexy slice.
(NO, it'll hurt too much, people might think i'm nuts)

Did any sarnies claim you yet? Since I can't claim YoonEunHYe, i'm coming for you.
no one claimed one loves me T_T

so since I have no one I can be yours!! :w000t: yayy Penny :wub:

oh wait...there's LaLa...but we can work something out right? :lmao:

mizterkevin said:
are u like....12?
kevin....IM NOT 12 ACK!!
close though wow...usually people are guessing I'm like 17 or something....but i'm only 14 :shock: <------that's how you probably look like now that you know huh :loool:


Sticky Rice
^asian bowl cut??!! OMG stop criticizing me maybe instead of just stalking you kevin...maybe I should kill you instead.... :lmao:
your new haircut looks nice! you should keep it at this new length! :) omg, i was shocked when you said you're only 14...really??? you look least 16 or 17...

btw, your nieces and nephews are sooooooo adorable!!!


Sticky Rice
^ AHA don't deny the fact almost everyone that doesn't know my age thinks im like 17 haha i do NOT look like a 12 year old =P


Sticky Rice
thank you for letting me show you my hair in your thread.

good, today i fixed my hair, or else it'll look like a bird nest.
but anyways, back, front, sideways.

it's not complete without that dumb sign.

but anyways, i think you would look very pretty/cute/adorable with my hair style =I .. who knows, try it out.
lucky lucky you get to see my eyes.
*The truth* (P just loves her hair)
omg omg Penny!! you look hot even though I dont see your face but goshers... I want a WHOLE VIEW!!! haha and maybe i'll try that hair out that way it looks purdy nice too xD


sarNie Adult does look hott even with her face missing. And Penny...i lovers your haircut. Its freakkin cute! Now post up that face of yours.