Frozen Love (NY fanfiction)


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She is known as the ice princess.
He is known as the cold-hearted devil.
What will happen when the two of them are forced into a marriage of convenience?
Can love bloom in two frosty souls?
Or will they remain frozen forever?

Nadech Kugimiya as Kairan James / Kai
Urassaya Sperbund as Evana Sethi / Eva
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Hello everyone
I'm a very new NY fan and I have been obsessed with them from June this year.
I finished watching all their lakorns and even shows & interviews that have been subbed :)
As they don't have any upcoming lakorn together in recent future :sad6::sad6: I decided to write a story where I imagine them playing the main characters.
I've just opened an account in this forum cause a fellow fan recommended it. So if I make any mistakes bear with me :):)

I will try to update the story on a weekly basis unless I'm too busy with real life :attempt:

Please read and leave a comment if you like it. Also if you have a wattpad account please give the chapter a star there too if you like it.

Thank you and I hope you like the story :icon12::icon12::thumbup:


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Chapter #1


"So you see dear, we are a perfect match in all areas...."

Evana suppressed a yawn while the man blabbered on and on why they are so compatible with each other. She rolled her eyes inside her mind, this one is the worst among all the men she met for potential matchmaking so far. Why she gets stuck in these marriage meetings, again and again, she asked herself. But she already knows the answer to that, she just can't say no to her grandmother. The only person in this world she values more than herself. For some reason, her grandmother became insistent that she needs to marry and have a family no matter how much she tried to tell her that she doesn't want to. In the end, she just gave up to her and agreed to meet the guys that her grandmother thinks suitable for her to marry. So far all that achieved is to make her more certain why she doesn't want to marry in the first place.

"You see once we merge our companies and I became the CEO, you don't need to worry about the business side at all. You can just relax at home." Her potential suitor's current words brought Evana back from her thoughts.

"I'm sorry what merger?"

"The merger of our company dear."

"Who said anything about a merger?"

"Of course a merger is necessary darling. It will be much easier for me to run both the companies."

"First of all, I am not your darling. Second of all, there will be no merger, marriage or no marriage. I have no intention to sit back at home and relax while some idiot tries to run my company for me. I will be running my company as the CEO and marriage with anyone will not change that." Evana informed the guy sitting in front of her.

"Did you just call me an idiot?" The guy whose name Evana can't even remember asked her outrageously.

"Well you certainly didn't do anything so far for me to call you smart," she replied in a flat voice.

"In that case, I think we are not suitable enough for marriage," the man said smugly thinking it might cause Evana to rethink.

"I'm glad that we both agree to that. Thank you for your time." Evana stood up and took out enough cash out of her purse to cover the bill with tip and turned around to leave.

"You know when I first saw you I thought the rumors are false. But now that I have met you I can definitely vow that every single one of them is true. You are as cold as the ice. I feel pity for the guy who gets to marry you. He might freeze to death in your marriage bed."

The old Evana would have felt hurt at that jab but this Evana became immune to these a long time ago.

"At least he would manage to survive until the marriage. The same can't be said for you who couldn't even manage half an hour with me," she casually replied to the douchebag and walked away from the restaurant without a second glance.



"So gentleman and ladies, I want all the work that we just discussed finished within two weeks before our next general meeting. I will be expecting a progress report from each of you then."

Uneasy murmurs broke throughout the room with the thought of impending workload for the upcoming weeks.

"If anyone of you has any problem with it then he or she can visit me in my office along with their resignation letter to discuss it."

Whatever murmuring was going on died down instantly. Kairan James stared down towards the people he was speaking and after a minute he added, "So no problems?"

When he received a pin-drop silence from the room he nodded satisfactorily, "I thought so. Meeting dismissed."

After exiting the meeting room he can hear the murmuring break through again most probably cursing him and complaining to each other but he didn't care a bit. In this business, one can't afford to care about comfortable work schedule if one wants success. Working as the CEO of the overseas branch of his fathers' company for 5 years he learned that first hand. It's not that he is demanding work for free. Every employee of this company receives a higher amount of salary and benefits compared to the same positions in other similar companies. That's why people prefer a position in this company even after his infamous reputation as the CEO.

"I heard the boss just announced another workathon for us for preparation of the upcoming deal."

"Oh man, not again. Doesn't he need rest?"

"Apparently rest is a word that is not found in the devil's vocabulary."

"Man, whoever came up with that nickname for the boss deserves a medal, it's so fitting."

"Indeed it is. By the way, did you hear the other rumor about him?"

"Which one? There are so many."

The guy lowered his voice dramatically and whispered to his colleague, "The one where it says he killed his ex-fiance for cheating on him and..."

The new employee froze in mid-sentence when he noticed the topic of their conversation just walked passed them. Both of them instantly became pale with fear.

Kairan kept walking without even acknowledging them. He had heard all those rumors and the name his employees call him behind his back countless times. The cold-hearted devil, that is the full title actually. To be honest he kind of like it. It generates a fear among his employees and with fear comes respect which ultimately works in his favor.

Once upon a time, a younger Kairan would have been horrified to be given such a title but he died a long time ago. This Kairan likes the title and proudly does things that the cold-hearted devil was supposed to do.

He came back to his office and poured a cup of coffee from the jug. As he started to take a sip his cell phone buzzed suddenly. Kairan became a little startled to see his father was calling him. He never called him during office time unless it's an emergency. Quickly he received the phone.

"Dad, what happened?"

"Kairan we need you. You need to come home son."

To be continued...

Curious about how Kairan and Evana became the way they are now? Find out in the next chapter where their backstory will be revealed.


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So the backstories got a little longer then I expected so I split it up in two chapters.
Chapter 2 is Kairan's backstory and chapter 3 is Evana's.
Happy reading.
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Chapter #2

5 Years Earlier


"Kai, I want you to take over the charge of our overseas office," Kairan's father told him during lunch.


"You have graduated successfully. It's high time you take over the family company. Handling the overseas company will give you enough experience that will be very useful to you when you finally run the main branch here."

"Dad, I don't want to go to the overseas office. I have plans here and I can't leave Maya here."

"Ah, Maya. So how is everything going on between you two?"

"It's going good. I'm planning to propose to her soon."

"Oh, really?"


"Kai, don't you think it's too early? I mean you are only 22 years old. I don't want you to make any hasty decisions son."

"Dad, I want both my career and family. I believe settling down early will give me enough time for my career later and I really like Maya," Kairan told his father confidently.

"If you think like that then I respect your decision Kai but if you are planning to marry her then you can both move overseas together. That way you don't have to leave her here and can manage the company there too."

"I never thought about that. It's kind of a big decision moving overseas all of a sudden. I don't know how she will feel about it too."

"Well think about it. Ask Maya too. I really think its an excellent opportunity for you, son."

"I'll think about it dad," Kai said agreeably to his father.

"That's all I ask."

"Enough talk. Now you both finish your lunch," Kairan's mother told them both from the other side of the table.

"Yes, Maam," Kairan and his father replied together with a smile on their face.

Later while idly laying in his bed Kairan was thinking about his dad's words and also about Maya. He met Maya at the university and they became good friends. After a year they started dating officially. He likes her and she seems to like him too. It's not like the love you read in novels or see in movies but he is not that much of a romantic anyway. And he is sure with time love will grow between them cause they get along so well together. That's why he is seriously thinking about marrying and settling down with her.

What his dad offered is very good too. He should ask Maya first before he decides on anything, he thought to himself. He got up to leave just when his little sister entered the room.

"Hey, big brother. Where are you going?"

"Hey, brat. Just going to Maya's place."

"Oh, Maya," Tintin, Kairan's little sister rolled her eyes.

"Hey don't roll your eyes. She is going to be your sister in law soon."

"Yeah, yeah I know."

"I'm sure you'll like her once you get to know her more."

"I'm not so sure," Tintin deadpanned, "But enough about her, I came here to ask you something."

"Yes, what is it?"

"Can you bring me some friendship bands? You know the ones they sell at streets, cute handmade ones."

"Why didn't you buy yourself?"

"Please brother? I forgot and friendship day is tomorrow all my friends are getting one for each other."

"So typical of you," Kai tsked at his little sister, "Okay I will bring you but you'll owe me for this brat."

He ruffled her hair affectionately and left for Maya's home. On his way, he noticed a street vendor and stopped by to pick up the friendship bands for Tintin. He was choosing a bunch of colorful ones when a bracelet caught his eye. It's a simple bracelet made by a red thread with a small delicate butterfly charm attached to the center of the thread. Kairan took the bracelet in his hand to look at it closely. The old woman who was running the shop spoke suddenly to him.

"It's the butterfly of fate."

"It's really beautiful," Kairan told the old lady still admiring the bracelet.

"It is said that if you give it to the women you admire, the butterfly of fate will bring you closer. Do you have a lady in your life young man?"

"Yes, I have," Kairan told the old women with a smile.

"Then take it. Give it to her and love will bloom between you two."

"I will. How much?"

"Oh, no price. I'm giving it to you."

"No, no I can't take this for free."

"I insist. You are already buying many bracelets from my shop. Think of this as a free service," the old lady said to Kairan pointing to the pile of friendship bands he chose earlier to buy.

"Thank you very much." Kairan paid the lady for the friendship bands. He will give it to Maya he thought, pocketing the butterfly bracelet.


Kairan arrived in front of the building of Maya's apartment. At the front gate, he met the manager of the building who was getting out in a hurry.

"Good afternoon," Kairan greeted the man. They met several times before and the manager knows him well as Maya's boyfriend.

"Oh Mr. Kairan, how lucky of me. Would you please do me a favor and give this spare key to Miss Maya? She asked for it yesterday. I have to go out of the country for an urgent business now and I'm running late."

"Sure, I'll give it to her. No problem."

"Thank you so much," the manager gave Kairan the key.

As he has the house key Kairan decided to surprise Maya without ringing the bell. He entered the house silently but what he saw next surprised him instead. Maya was kissing a guy passionately in front of the kitchen counter. They didn't notice Kairan standing in the living room staring at them dumbstruck. At first, Kairan thought he was dreaming. He couldn't believe this was happening to him. But when he got over the initial shock a strange numbness took over him. He coughed loudly to get their attention.

Maya was the first to notice him. She gasped and then pushed herself away from the guy.


"What is happening here? Who is this?" Kairan asked Maya apathetically.

"Kairan, I really didn't want you to find out this way. It just happened."

"Oh really, cause the last time I checked we were still dating Maya."

"Kairan please, I was going to tell you about him. We work together and I felt a connection to him that I never felt before with anyone."

"Then you should have told me first before going of sucking his face," Kairan said in a chilly voice.

"Yes and I'm sorry about that," Maya said with tears in her eyes.

"No need to be sorry now Maya. And as you have already guessed we are over. Good luck with your new lover. I hope you don't do the same to him that you did to me."

Kairan left the apartment without looking back. Just this afternoon he was so sure about his future plans but now he doesn't know anymore.


It was a week after the incident. Kai sat in the desk in his room and was contemplating about his life. No matter how much he tried to tell himself that it doesn't matter but the truth is he was hurt. Hurt by the betrayal. Maya was not only his lover but a friend also. He was so sure of the relation between them that never once did he thought this could happen. Tintin suddenly entered his room in a panic.

"Brother come to the living room. You need to watch this," she said nervously.

Kairan was surprised to see Tintin so rattled so he followed her to the living room. Their parents were already there watching a news on TV. Kairan focused on the TV screen.

So we just found out about some interesting facts about the couple that died in the road accident today. Apparently, they were newly married and was going for their honeymoon. The car lost balance and went off the cliff on their way to the mountain resort and both of them died on spot. The women named Maya Reynolds was previously dating Kairan James the eldest son of the owner of KT group of industries. According to our inner sources, Mr. Kairan broke up with Maya Reynolds, his longtime girlfriend recently for reasons unknown. The police are now conducting an investigation on whether the accident was truly an accident or not.

Kairan couldn't believe what he is seeing. Maya is dead. Not only is she dead but the news is now hinting that he might have a relation with the accident due to his relationship with her. Before he can say anything he heard his father saying outrageously,

"What nonsense is this? Why would they drag my son and my company name to this mess? This is unacceptable. I will sue the media."

"Dad, calm down. If we react like this it will only fuel the media. Let the police do their investigation and when they will find nothing it will be forgotten in a matter of days," Kairan tried to calm down his father.

He managed to assure his father that the situation will be soon forgotten but he didn't know how wrong he was back then. The police did declare the case as mere accident as they didn't find anything suspicious but instead of calming the rumors it actually fueled it more. People assumed that because they are rich they bribed the police with money. Soon everywhere Kairan went, be it social gatherings or private parties there was always whispers around him. Things got worse when Kairan lost control of his temper and punched a guy who was bad-mouthing him behind his back at a party. That news was highlighted all over the media.

He grew tired of all the gossips regarding him. He was stressed all the time. One afternoon he drove away towards the sea to get some peace and quiet. As he was sitting by the ocean the soft sound of the waves calmed his mind down a little. A little boy approached him.

"Hello, young sir. Care to buy a message bottle?"

Kairan looked at the boy and saw that he was carrying a basket of small glass jars.

"You want me to buy an empty bottle?" he asked the boy feeling amused.

"Oh no sir, this is not just an empty bottle. It's a message bottle you see."

"And what is a message bottle?"

"If you have a message that you can't tell anyone or you wish to tell yourself, you write it in a paper and put it in the bottle and close the lid and then you throw it in the ocean. You'll feel free," the boy said excitedly to Kairan all the while mimicking the actions he was saying.

Kairan thought about it for a second then bought a bottle from the boy. Come to think of it his emotions got the better of him these last days and that's why he is in this position now. He took out a pen from his shirt pocket then searched his pants for some papers. A hard thing came in contact with his hand. He pulled it out to look and saw the butterfly bracelet that he bought before all went downhill. Looking at it now he sighed sadly. Then he found the scrap paper he was looking for. He wrote down

Never give your emotions enough power to control you

Then he put it in the jar. He caressed the butterfly bracelet gently and put it in the jar too. He has no use of it now, whoever finds it maybe it will be more useful to him/her, he thought. Then he closed the lead and threw away the jar to the deep sea. He finally came to decide what he was gonna do with his life now and turned to go back and talk to his father determinedly. It was time he takes that overseas position. He was ready.

To be continued...



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Chapter #3

5 Years Earlier


"Grandma I want to get married to Dan."

"What?" Evana's grandmother Mrs. Sethi asked abruptly, shocked by the sudden announcement of her granddaughter.

"You heard what I said."

"Eva, you are only 20, you can't get married. You have studies to finish then you have to take over the company after me."

"I can do all that after getting married too."

"No, you are certainly not getting married now and you are certainly not getting married to Daniel ever."

"What? Why? We love each other."

"I'm sure you love him, dear child but I'm not so sure how much he loves you without your money."

"No, you are wrong, grandma. Dan loves me for me. He doesn't care about my money."

"Evana, listen to me. You are certainly not going to marry him. I forbid you," Mrs. Sethi told her granddaughter strictly.

"You never cared about my happiness. All you cared about was the company. You took care of me when my parents died cause you needed someone to manage your company later. If my parents were alive they wouldn't do this."

A sad expression came on Mrs. Sethi's elderly face, "You really don't mean all that you just said."

"Oh, I meant every single one of them grandmom. I don't care about your money or your company and nor does Dan. I don't need your permission to marry him," Evana said to her grandmother angrily before heading towards the main door.

"Evana if you set one foot out of this house now then rest assured the doors will be forever closed to you. You won't get a single penny from me."

"I don't need your money. I love Dan and that will be enough for me for the rest of my life," Evana said stubbornly and then left her grandmother and home behind.

She took a taxi towards Daniel's condo. She never thought things will get this extreme but she was always doing impulsive things in the spar of the moment. She loves her grandmother but she can't imagine a life without Dan. He was the only one who makes her feel cared enough. After her parents' death, she always craved for love and honestly Dan understood her, made her feel loved. Her grandmother, on the other hand, was always too strict on her.


When Evana reached Daniel's condo she could see Daniel was outside in the lawn smoking and talking to someone in the phone. His back was towards her so he didn't see her coming. Evana approached slowly to call him but then she heard the conversation Daniel was having on the phone.

"No, it's too early for me to marry her. I have to wait until she is 21. She will get the control of her trust fund then."

The other side said something to which Daniel replied, "No, I think her grandmother already suspects something so I have to play safe. I can wait one more year. Don't want to let the golden duck slip away from my hand just because I hurried." He laughed at his own joke.

Evana was shell-shocked to hear all those things. So her grandmother was right all along. Tears blurred her vision and she tried to run away from there as fast as she could. But she stumbled and fell down on her way. Daniel turned back hearing the sudden sound and was shocked to see Evana.

"Evana, I didn't hear you coming darling."

"I know you didn't otherwise I wouldn't have heard all that."

"Now, now darling you are just misunderstanding," Daniel tried to calm her down.

"No, on the contrary, I'm understanding things for the first time. I can now see perfectly what my grandmother said was right."

"Evana, darling," Daniel tried to approach towards her.

"Don't you dare touch me you greedy asshole. I can't believe I was blinded by all your sweet talk. From now on we are over. Don't try to contact me or you'll face the police," Evana stormed out of there without any hesitation.


For a while, Evana walked around aimlessly. Not even knowing where she was going. In the end, she found herself at the beach. The soft waves of water touching her feet brought her back from her trance. The sun had set a long time ago and the moon now shining brightly casting an ethereal glow on the ocean. Then it dawned upon her, she has nowhere to go now. She ran away from her grandmother, the only person who probably cares about her for a love that was so fake that it made her laugh out loud now. Looking back remembering her behavior she cringed at what she had become. How pathetically she acted for a man.

Her grandmother was right all along. She saw right through Daniel but Evana was blinded by her naive heart. Serves you right now that you have no one, she thought to herself. Tears pooled in her eye. She remembered her parents and cried out looking at the sky.

"Why didn't you take me with you mama, papa? Why leave me here?"

Only silence surrounded her. Then a sudden craziness took over her.

"You know what, it doesn't matter you didn't take me with you there. I'm coming to join you now," she said brokenly looking at the night sky.

Then she walked right into the ocean, going deeper and deeper with the intention to drown herself. When she was submerged up to the neck, suddenly a glint of something caught in the peripheral vision of her eye. She turned her head to see a corked bottle was floating in the water and there is something inside which was reflecting the moonlight. Curious she reached for the bottle. She could see inside there was a note and a red bracelet with a beautiful butterfly charm. She opened the lid and took out the bracelet and the note.

Never give your emotions enough power to control you

That one sentence shook her to her core. That is exactly what she was doing this entire time. Letting her emotions control her life, her decisions. Even now throwing away her life.

Never again, Evana promised herself internally. She clutched the note and the bracelet tightly to her chest and turned back to walk towards the shore. Soaking wet she returned to her home in the middle of the night, to her grandmother. The only person who truly cared enough for her up to now.

When she reached the main gate her grandmother ran towards her.

"Crazy child, where have you been gone? I was worried sick," she shouted at Evana.

"I'm so sorry, grandma. You were right, I was wrong," Evana broke down in tears.

Mrs. Sethi was shocked at first to see the state her granddaughter was in. Then she immediately pulled her in a hug and murmured softly, "Oh my poor child. Don't cry. I was just worried about you."

"I know. I will never do anything to make you worried again," Evana promised while hugging back her grandmother tightly.

"So what will you do now?" Mrs. Sethi asked her granddaughter.

"I'm gonna focus on taking care of myself. This will be the beginning of a new Evana," she answered determinedly.

To be continued...
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So there you have it, both Kairan and Evana's backstory. Next chapter we will come back to the present time when Evana & Kairan finally meet. See you all soon.
Btw this is the picture of the butterfly bracelet that Kairan threw away and later Evana found.



Hi! I really like the plot and the storyline of this fan fic as well as "can love bloom in two frosty souls or will they remain frozen forever". :):clap::icon12:

Thank you for releasing this fan fic & updating it. :cheer::clap::cheer:

I always look forward to reading a marriage contract storyline and especially if NY is in it. :angel10::icon12: @oodrishsho
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Chapter #4


It is nice to be back at home, Kairan thought sitting in the car looking at the surroundings of the city he grew up in on his way home from the airport. He has been away for only five years but he could see a lot has changed. When he first received the call from his father to come back home his first reaction was to refuse. This city was a place of such bitter memories to him that when he left, he never wanted to return ever.

But then he remembered all the laughter and love this city gave him too and finally that made him decide to return. Also, there was so much urgency in his dad's voice that he couldn't ignore that.

The car reached home and before he could even get off from the car Tintin ran off towards him and throw herself in his arms. Kairan hugged her tightly and smiled. Five years and his little sister changed from a kid to a beautiful young woman.

"I missed you, my crazy brother," Tintin said to her brother voice filled with untold emotion.

"I can see that from the way you are crushing me," Kairan said jokingly then affectionately rubbed her head and added, "I missed you too brat."

"Let's go inside for more of this emotional reunion. Mom and dad are waiting," Tintin said to Kairan playfully.

Inside his parents were eagerly waiting to meet their son after 5 long years. Sure they talked with each other via phone calls and video calls regularly but still, he missed them Kairan had to admit to himself.

"Kai, son, how was the journey?" Kairan's father asked him after giving him a hug.

"It was okay, dad."

"I am so glad that you agreed to come back."

"Yes, but why do you want me to be back? You didn't say it on the phone," Kairan inquired curiously.

"You guys can talk about that later. Kai, I'm sure you are tired after the journey. Go take some rest first," Kairan's mother interrupted before his father can answer.

"Ok mom," he gave his mom a hug and went to his room.

After taking a shower he sat in his bed and looked around. His room is in exactly the same condition that he left. Nostalgia hit him when he looked at his old desk and books. But soon the tiredness from the journey took over and he fell asleep.


When Kairan woke up it was already dark outside. He freshened up and went to the dining room. His mom smiled at him from the dining table.

"Good you are awake. I was just about to send Tintin to wake you up. Come, eat."

Kairan smiled back and sat at the table. His stomach making rumbling noises already after smelling all those delicious foods. His looked at the table and saw his mom made all his favorite foods.

"Now, where is your father? I called him at least a hundred times by now," his mom said trying to be irritated.

"I'm here darling and you only called three times," Kairan's dad took his seat at the dinner table after giving his wife a sweet kiss. Opposite side of the table Tintin rolled her eyes at the antics of their parents. Some things never change Kairan thought to himself while smiling at his parents.

"So dad, want to tell me now why you need me back suddenly?"

"Ah, about that. I wanted to take an early retirement and travel the world with your mom. We have planned this for a long time."

"You want me to take over the company just so you can travel around the world with mom?" Kairan asked his father incredulously.

"Kai, actually, your dad's health is not going well these days so the doctor suggested a change of the environment and relaxation will be good for him," Kairan's mother explained.

"What? Why didn't anybody tell me about it before?" Kairan asked getting worried about his father.

"It's nothing serious, son. Just your father is getting old so he can't handle the work stress as much as he could before," Kairan's mom tried to reassure him.

"He is not that old," Kairan scoffed then he said to his dad, "But I understand. I can handle the company here so don't worry. You go have fun with mom on your trip."

"Thank you, my son. And there is also another thing," Kairan's dad said to him a little cautiously.


"Your mom and I both would love to see you get married."

"What?" Kairan asked surprised by the sudden demand of his parents, "Dad, you do remember what happened don't you, when the last time I wanted to get married?"

"Of course I do. I'm old but not that old. But Kai, me and your mom both don't want that incidence to stop you from starting your own family, son."

"Dad, I can't agree with you guys on this. I'm sorry."

"Please, son. I really don't know how long my health will be okay and I really want to get my children married while I'm healthy."

"This is emotional blackmail," Kairan grumbled under his breath.

"You don't have to get married right away. We have a girl on our mind, meet her first and if you two like each other then we can think further."

"Wow, you even looked up the potential daughter-in-law?"

"You can't blame us, son. We both are getting old and want to see our children settled down."

Kairan could see that it's already a lost cause to refuse. So he sighed and said, "Do I know this girl I'm meeting from before?"

"No you don't but she is the granddaughter of Mrs. Sethi. You know her right?"

"Yes, I met her once many years before," Kairan said remembering the old lady who is one of the senior businesswomen in the society.

"Yes and I respect Mrs. Sethi very much so when she asked if she can introduce her granddaughter to my son I couldn't refuse."

"I see."

"Just meet her once. You can always say no. You know we will never force anything on you."

Kairan could understand why his father agreed for this. Mrs. Sethi is one of the oldest business owners in this country and her reputation is legendary. If his father refused it would have been disrespectful towards her and it would have a negative impact on their companies reputation and if he refuses now it would have the same impact. In business, reputation is very important for any company.

Kairan thought it over. Meeting the girl will do him no harm. He can always refuse to marry later making up some excuse. Actually, that's exactly what he decided to do when he said to his father,

"Okay dad, I will meet."

"I knew you would understand, my son," Kairan's father said looking at him and then his mother happily.



"Grandma, not again please."

"Eva, my dear child, you said you will take this marriage thing seriously."

"I'm trying to grandma but it doesn't help when you want to marry me off with people who think they can run our company after they marry me and I would sit at home," Evana said to her grandmother frustratedly.

"I know and I agree that the last one I chose was really wrong. I misjudged that guy's character. But this time I'm really hopeful. I have a feeling you will like this one."

"Grandma, you said that for the last person too," Evana rolled her eyes.

"Please, Eva just meet him once. I won't nag you again, I promise."

"And you said that for the last three times too," Evana sighed.

"Okay I understand," Mrs. Sethi said but then dramatically added, "Kids these days doesn't understand the feelings of their old grandmother at all. All the grandmother wants is her happiness."

Here she goes again Evana thought to herself. No matter how much she convinces herself that she won't fall for her grandmother's emotional blackmail anymore but every time she fails. She just loves this old woman a little too much.

"Okay, okay, don't sulk. I'll meet," Evana said resignedly.

"I love you, my dear," Mrs. Sethi said happily patting her granddaughter's hand, "And I really have a good feeling about this time."


Evana arrived half an hour early to the hotel lobby where they were supposed to meet. She always arrives early so that she could see the person she was supposed to meet first. It helps her to get an idea about the person and she personally prefers to get settled first so she is fully prepared for whoever she is going to meet. This time was no different either.

The hotel lobby was a little quiet than usual. There is only an old couple sitting there beside her. As soon as Kairan James walked in she could sense that it was him. He arrived 15 minutes early before the meeting time.

Evana had to admit that she was impressed with her grandmother's choice this time. Cause this guy that was approaching her now looks like a model straight out of a GQ magazine. Tall with lean body accentuated by a fitted suit. Jet black hair and sharp edgy face devoid of any emotions. He is quite enigmatic, Evana thought to herself. He has such an authoritative aura about him when he looked around the lobby for her. His stare is calculating and cold which almost brought a shiver down Evana's spine. It didn't take him long to find her. He approached her with a steady determined gait. The young Evana would have swooned by this man but the present Evana remained calm and composed.

"Miss. Evana Sethi, I presume?" Kairan James inquired with a deep low voice.

Evana stood up extending her hand and said, "Yes. Nice to meet you, Mr. Kairan James."

He shook her hand firmly and said, "Nice to meet you too," then he politely offered, "Do you want to order something to drink first?"

"No, Thank you," Evana said a little unsteadily. She doesn't want to admit to herself but the truth is she is affected by this man no matter how much she tried to remain impassive and she didn't like that she is feeling this way at all. So she rushed to finish this meeting as soon as possible and said, "Look why don't you have a sit. I can see that both of us value time so I'll make it short."

"Okay," he said looking at her a bit curiously now.

"I know that you came here expecting a typical marriage meeting or whatever. So I just want you to make some things clear first. I'm currently the CEO of my grandmother's company and I'm very serious about what I'm doing in my career. So if you expect me to be a good old housewife for you then you can just as well leave now. Also, if you agree to marry me, this will be a purely arranged marriage. I'm not a very big believer in love and romance and all that so if you are expecting that kind of stuff then my answer will be no. I'm just not the lovable wife kind and never will be. So you might wonder why I'm having this marriage meeting in the first place and my answer is because I respect my grandmother. I will respect your family as my own too but don't expect me to change for you or your family. So what do you think?"

Evana finished speaking and looked at Kairan expecting him to look at her horrified. That is usually the reaction she got when she told her conditions for marriage to the guys she met so far. Sometimes they try to convince her otherwise and sometimes they just say awkward goodbye promptly. By now she is used to every kind of rejection after she delivers her speech to the potential husband to be.

But nothing prepared for what Kairan James said to her next. He was silent for a bit then he looked at her as if he is amused and said,

"I think we should get married."

To be continued...

Okay, so what happened there? Why Kairan did a 180 when he seemed so determined to refuse the marriage earlier? Find out in the next chapter. See you all soon.


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Chapter #5


"I think we should get married."

It took a couple of minutes for Evana to register what she just heard. She looked at Kairan James incredulously and asked, "I'm sorry, have you not heard what I just said?"

"I heard every word."

"And still you think we should get married?"


"I...," Evana was truly lost for words now. Then she composed herself quickly and asked the only thing that came to her mind, "Why?"

"Hmm, I can explain why but that is a long talk. So I think it is better if we order to drink something first," Kairan spoke casually. "Coffee, tea or juice?"

"Tea please," Evana replied automatically still trying to grasp the situation.

"Be right back," Kairan stood up and went towards the snack bar at the end of the lobby to get the drinks.

It gave Evana some very wanted moments to think. The first thought that came into her mind is this time her grandma selected a crazy psycho. She should have expected it when she saw him first, surely a man that looks that good must have some serious limitations to come to a marriage meeting in the first place. Seems like Evana just found out what that limitation is, a crazy head. Maybe now is a good time as any to escape from here before this situation gets crazier, she thought to herself for a split second. But curiosity kept her glued to her seat. Right now, Kairan James is an enigma and she is determined to find out what's going on in his mind.

Kairan came back with two cups in hand. Looks like he brought tea for himself too. He took his seat and slowly sipped his cup. Evana was getting impatient but she kept her cool and waited patiently for him to explain.

"So from your speech, it seems like you are not very keen on this marriage thing at least the conventional one. You had a lot of conditions," Kairan said.

Evana nodded still trying to understand where is he going with this talk.

"It's funny cause I came here to tell you almost similar things what I just heard from you. I don't want to play the concerned husband part as much as you don't want to play the lovable wife. Love and romance belong in books and TV screens. In real life, there is no place for such silly emotions. Still, I'm here in this meeting why? The answer is the same as you. I respect my parents and I respect Mrs. Sethi too."

"So if you and I have the same opinion about marriage then why do you think getting married is a good idea?" Evana asked frankly.

"Look it doesn't matter what we think the fact that matters is my parents and your grandmother thinks otherwise. Judging from your earlier speech this is not the first marriage meeting for you and I'm sure if we disagree to marry it won't be the last for you. And although it is the first meeting of this kind I'm sure it won't be the last for me too knowing my parents."

"So what's your point?"

"As far as I understood neither you nor I wanted to get married but due to our respect towards our guardians we will have to go through these marriage meetings again and again until they give up somehow. But that is a wastage of whole lot of both of our times. I would be much happy to spend this time working instead of rehashing the same thing. So we need a marriage which would not meddle with our life but at the same time also appease our guardians. What we need is a convenient marriage instead of a conventional one."

Evana could finally get a grasp of what Kairan was saying to her and to be honest suddenly his crazy talk begin to make a lot of sense to her too.

"Hmm, a marriage of convenience, that's interesting."

"Yes, think about it. We would get married and you live your life as you are living and I live mine. This marriage will satisfy both our guardians and also comply with your and my expectations."

Evana thought about it deeply. These marriage meetings are indeed getting tiresome and a major waste of her time. What Kairan proposed was very tempting. In this way, her grandmother will be happy and she gets to live her life as usual too. It is a win-win situation with huge benefits. But there is the fact that she will be kind of tricking her grandmother and if she ever find it out she will be very hurt. And she promised herself never to hurt her grandmother again. So the risk is pretty big too. Now all she has to figure out is if the benefit is worth the risk.

"Look you don't have to answer me now. Think about it and when you decide, give me a call to let me know your decision. Here is my card," Kairan spoke up before she could answer anything.

Evana took the card from Kairan's hand and nodded silently.



Kairan watched Evana leave after their discussion. When he first knew about who he was meeting he did search about her on the internet. He always likes to be prepared before a meeting be it for personal or business reasons so that he could have an ample idea about the person he is meeting and what to expect.

He read about how cold and calculative her personality is in several news articles. Almost all of them painted her in a somewhat negative light. But even reading all that couldn't have prepared him for meeting Evana Sethi. When he first saw her in the lobby waiting, he was impressed. There are very few people who arrive at a meeting earlier than him and she did just that. He saw various pictures of her on the internet so he knew she was pretty but in person, she was a vision of beauty. She seemed calm and poised from afar but when their eyes met he saw so much intensity in her amber gaze that it almost took his breath away.

And then when she began to talk Kairan could see why she was labeled as the ice princess. She jumped straight to the topic without wasting any time and he was more impressed by the second. Before meeting her, he thought he mastered the poker face but after talking to her he could see that she could give him a run for his money in that department. Not a single time did she falter in their conversation even when he kind of jumped on her with the whole marriage of convenience idea.

Speaking of that Kairan actually surprised himself with that. Their conversation has turned in to something he had no prior plan for but when he proposed to her he was absolutely sure that this would work perfectly.

The more she talked about her conditions the more he can see how their needs fit together. Sure it is a bit cunning to trick both their guardians like this but honestly, Kairan had no intention of entertaining his parent's idea of marriage. He was trying to think of a way out of it from the time his father brought up this marriage issue and it seems like fate had handed him the perfect opportunity in the name of Evana Sethi.

Meeting her was almost like watching himself through a mirror. When he read about her last night it made him wonder why the media and her fellow businessmen in the industry view her in such a negative light but after meeting her he could understand perfectly why. Her no-bullshit attitude towards people are bound to intimidate them and no one in this world likes to be intimidated. But this same quality is why she is so successful at such a young age. That's also the reason why he is so confident that this marriage of convenience thing will work between them.

After his meeting with Evana, Kairan went back to the company to oversee the current situation there. The rest of the day went away in a flurry of different meetings and handling the takeover as a CEO of the main brunch. Everything went on smoothly cause the employees were already prepared for the change. But even throughout the works, Kairan could feel a strange restlessness in him. He hated to admit it to himself but he was thinking about the meeting with Evana Sethi earlier. Anticipating what her answer would be.

He knew she perfectly understood what he proposed and if she agrees there will be zero chance of emotional entanglements cause he can bet her mind works the same calculative way his does. She knows the risk and benefit of his proposal and so does he. That is why he knew he wouldn't have to wait very long before she decides. Because another thing he can bet about Evana Sethi is she will make her decision fast.

So later at night when he was still working he was not surprised to see a call from an unknown number. He knew who was calling him before he even answered.

"Hello, Kairan James here."

"Hello, Mr. James this is Evana Sethi. Before I can give you an answer to your proposal earlier I need to ask you a question first," Evana said going straight to the point as usual.

"Sure, ask away but I think we can skip the formality and call each other on a first name basis for what we are about to discuss," Kairan said casually.

"Hmm, yeah that would be more convenient," Evana replied thoughtfully and continued, "So Kairan, you do understand that if we agree to this marriage of convenience thing we are actually tricking our guardians and if they ever get to know this they will be hurt beyond words?"

"Yes, I do Evana."

"And you are okay with it?"

"Yes cause this deal is only between us. To my parents and your grandmother and to the rest of the world it would look like any other normal marriage. So unless one of us slips up there is no way for anyone to suspect anything else is going on here. I know I will never make that mistake and I have an inkling you will not too. So technically there is no risk of them getting hurt."

"Hmm," Evana stayed silent for a second pondering over Kairan's words.

"So what's it going to be Evana?" Kairan asked.

"Kairan, we have a deal," Evana finally replied agreeing to the marriage of convenience.

To be continued...

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Chapter #6


"Tell me what I heard is just a rumor. Tell me what I heard is not true."

Evana looked confusedly at her longtime childhood friend Aysha.

"I have no idea what you are talking about," she said to her.

"Evana Sethi, tell me you didn't get yourself engaged with the cold-hearted devil."

"The cold-hearted what?"

"OMG, it's true, isn't it? You are really marrying him, aren't you?"

"Aysha, calm down," Evana rolled her eyes at her friend's usual dramatics.

"Calm down? You are telling me to calm down? I leave you alone for 3 days and you get yourself engaged to the most infamous person available in this country and you are telling me to CALM DOWN?"

"I get your point that we are rushing the marriage a bit but no need to be so dramatic about it, gosh," Evana told her friend amusingly.

"I'm not being dramatic, girl. I am being concerned. Last time I left you alone you got tangled up with that bastard Daniel and now this? Seriously of all the people to get married to in this big world, you chose him?"

"Why? What's wrong with him? And what is with all that cold devil thing?" Evana asked Aysha genuinely amused by her reaction.

"Girlfriend, have you been living under a rock? The whole country knows why he is titled that. Have you not read the gossip columns or anything?"

"You know that I don't read them for a long time now."

"Oh yeah, I forgot about that. But seriously girl, you are getting married to Kairan James really?"



"Well, grandma told me to go meet him. We met and talked and surprisingly got along well with each other so we decided to give this marriage thing a go."

"The way you are talking about this seems like more of one of your business deals than a life decision to me. Evana have you really thought about it girl? I know that after Daniel you changed a lot but this is a very big decision of your life," Aysha said to Evana in a concerned voice.

"At least she decided to get married. I never thought I would see this day so I'm happy." Evana's grandmother Mrs. Sethi said to Aysha entering the room who has clearly heard the last part of the girls' conversation.

"Okay, I have serious complaints about you too, Grandma. I thought you are the wise person among us. What made you chose Kairan James as a potential grandson-in-law? Haven't you heard any of the rumors regarding him?" Aysha asked Mrs. Sethi.

"And I believe I'm still the wise one among us my child. That's why I never believe in these so-called society gossips. My own granddaughter has quite a bit of reputation in the society too if you know. So I think they will make a perfect match." Mrs. Sethi said to Aysha.

"Oh well, if you are both so into this marriage then who am I to oppose. But I do agree with you, grandma if you consider visually, they both make a perfect match. I'm not so sure about personality wise though."

"Don't worry about that dear. I'm sure they will have plenty of time to work on that aspect after the wedding," Mrs. Sethi said smiling lovingly at her granddaughter and her best friend.

"Speaking of which, when is the grand wedding? We need to do a lot of shopping and organizations," Aysha asked excitedly.

"There will be no grand wedding. Actually, there will be no wedding at all," Evana replied flatly.

"What do you mean by there will be no wedding?"

"Yes, I was hoping you would talk with your friend about this. Apparently, she and her fiance decided they will only register the marriage officially without any ceremony or party," Mrs. Sethi informed Aysha with a sigh.

"Are you kidding me? Evana, you aren't getting married every day, girl. What is with this nonsense?"

"Look I'm not really a very big party people and doing all these wedding ceremonies will just be a waste of time for me. I talked with Kairan already and he agreed with me too. It will be convenient for both of us if we just register the marriage and then I'll move into his house. Saves all of you a lot of hassle too," Evana explained to an exasperated Aysha.

"Well, we don't agree with it and I'm sure Kairan James's family doesn't agree with it either. You have to have a reception party at least, just for the sake of society."

"Yes, I've been trying to make her understand that from yesterday," Evana's grandmother chimed in.

"Please, Eva," Aysha begged Evana using the shorter endearment of her name, "Please say yes to a reception party at least. I wanted to brag at social media about my best friend's wedding and I can't do that without a party."

Looking at the puppy dog eyes of her best friend and the wistful look in her grandmother's face Evana really can't help but feel sorry for them. She really does think all these extravagant ceremonies are unnecessary when it is just a marriage of convenience. But she couldn't possibly tell that to them. So in the end, she gave in and said, "Okay but only an after wedding reception party nothing more."



When he told his decision about agreeing to marry Evana to his parents at first it seemed they were a bit taken aback. Kairan guessed that they didn't expect him to agree to marriage so easily that's why the surprise but he could also see how relieved and happy both of his parents were so he knew it was a right decision to get married.

His mom and Tintin almost immediately started to plan for god know how many ceremonies and parties. Just listening to it was giving him a headache. He was dreading about this part of his marriage plan cause honestly it really was a waste of time for him. So when Evana called to ask him for a simple wedding registry instead of any big wedding he was surprised himself but relieved beyond words. He quickly agreed to her and they both decided to keep it really simple.

But it seems like both their families have some other ideas and after countless nagging, they both had to give up for at least one party for the wedding. So here they both were sitting at that wedding reception party and being bored out of their mind. Really he is just sitting there in their table for the past few hours listening to the band playing some cheesy music and smiling and thanking people who came up to them to congratulate. He could've finished a ton of work rather than just sitting here. Looking at Evana and seeing her rolling her eyes from time to time, he knew that she was feeling exactly the same. The only people that were enjoying this party is their families.

He thought back to this morning when they got married in the register office with the presence of their families. Evana arrived with her grandmother and another very loud woman who she introduced as her friend Aysha. Kairan dresses casually for the occasion despite numerous complaints from his mother and sister so he was relieved to see that Evana dressed just as casually as him too. She wore a simple short white dress but even in her simplest attire, she was breathtaking.

He offered his arm to her out of politeness and felt strangely happy when she took it. It actually disturbed him a little bit about how he was feeling about a marriage that is in name only. They walked to the marriage register office together. There they both signed the papers and exchanged rings to officially legalize the marriage. It was really a simple affair, just the way he liked.

"Just looking at them is giving me the shivers. The cold-hearted devil and the ice princess. It's like Siberia over there. Both are so cold."

"Can't imagine what the marriage bed will be like."

"I can tell you what it will be like. A big iceberg that sank the Titanic."

"I hope none of them freeze to death from the cold."

Snickers and side comments from the people at the reception party brought Kairan out of his thoughts. He was used to this type of snide remarks at any party he attends but he can't help but get a little irritated. He clenched his teeth in frustration and decided to ignore all as usual just when he heard Evana speaking to him.

"Want to shut them up for good?"



Evana can't believe how insensitive and rude these people are being. They are sitting at the party, enjoying the food and at the same time gossiping about the hosts without any shame. Most of the time she would ignore these stupid people but this time it irked her beyond the limit. She looked at Kairan and seems like he is irritated about it too judging from his clenched jaw and stony face. That's when an idea struck her and she leaned in towards Kairan.

"Want to shut them up for good?"

"These people will never shut up. I just ignore them," Kairan replied.

"Usually I do too. But no ones come to my wedding party and get away being this rude openly."

"Hmm, you have a point there. Okay, what do you have in mind?"

"Do you know how to dance?"

"I took a lesson or two when I was young. Why?"

"That will do. Follow me."

Evana stood up and lead Kairan to the middle of the room. People stopped talking once they saw the bride and the groom standing in the middle of the room. She then walked over and whispered to the band about the music she wants them to play and then get back to stand with Kairan.

They accused them of being cold as ice so Evana thought what better way to shut them up other than to dance the hottest dance of them all in front of their faces. As soon as she aligned her body to him, Kairan caught up with her idea. It was as if he could read her mind. So when the low sultry music started he effortlessly led her to the dance. Soon everything faded away and Evana almost forgot why they were dancing in the first place. She looked into Kairan's dark eyes and got lost in them, got lost in the moment. They danced in harmony leaving everyone mesmerized and breathless around the room. The slow beat moving both their bodies in unison. He lifted her up as if she weighed nothing and she wrapped herself around him following the moves of the dance. They danced and danced and danced and time stood still during that dance.

When the music ended they both were still on a daze. Suddenly clapping from everyone around brought them back to reality and Evana realized that they are a bit too close to each other then she would prefer. Realization dawned on them both at the same time and they both jerked away from each other.

"Um," Kairan spoke first with an awkward cough, "I think we shut them up good."

His voice seemed a little rougher than usual but Evana couldn't be sure because she was pretty shaken up from that dance herself. All she can manage to reply was,

"Yes, I think we did."

On her way back to her table Aysha caught up with her.

"Whoa girl, what was that?"

"Those annoying gossipers were getting on my nerve so I thought to shut them up," Evana replied.

"Shut them up? Holy shit, I think you two might have just burned them down. Damn," Aysha exclaimed.

Evana laughed at her friend's antics who was visibly fanning herself and tried to brush it off casually. She was supposed to feel satisfied hearing that but why did she get an uneasy feeling that she somehow burned herself?

To be continued...



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