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Chapter #13


Evana was walking restlessly at the home office. She was planning to work from home today but after a while, she just gave up. Her mind was too conflicted and anxious to concentrate on anything. After their conversation at the party things just got more and more awkward between them. The harmony that existed between them somehow got all messed up. And she couldn't even label what happened in that party. Was it a fight? Was it jealousy? Was it a lover's quarrel? Nothing seems to fit.

Well, their relationship was unconventional, to begin with so no wonder the problems that come with it will be also unusual. But nothing prepared her for the emotional turbulence that she was feeling. This marriage was never about emotion. They both wanted it to be like a business arrangement. But where were all these emotions coming from? She doesn't know anything anymore when it comes to her and Kairan's relationship.

Before they were spending their days as allies almost bordering to good friends. But after the party, they hardly even talk to each other. Both were actively trying to avoid each other as much as possible. Evana could understand this is because they were both afraid of more arguments like in the party. But it just made her more miserable, to be honest.

"May I come in?"

Evana turned around to see who was asking for permission to come in and found Priya standing at the doorway.

"Yes sure come in please", Evana said to Priya and then added, "But I'm sorry if you are looking for Kairan, he is at the office today."

"Yeah, I know. Actually, I came to talk to you Evana," Priya said to her.

Evana was a bit surprised but she didn't show it to Priya and gestured for her to sit down on the sofa.

"Would you like some tea while we talk?" Evana offered Priya.

"Yeah sure."

Evana called the maid and requested for tea and refreshments for them and then she sat down too.

"So what do you want to talk about?"

"You know both Kairan and Maya was my best friend. I actually had a crush on Kairan and gradually it developed in to love. When he asked out Maya, I was literally heartbroken. That's why I left so suddenly back in the past. When the whole incident with Maya happened, I tried to return back as soon as I could. But when I finally returned it was already too late, Kairan already left for abroad. I tried to contact him but he was unreachable to everyone back then. I tried to convince myself to give him up and I thought I almost succeeded. Until recently when I met him again. I realized I never gave up on loving him."

Priya's every word felt like a knife stab directly to Evana's heart but she kept her composure and asked her,

"But why are you telling me all this Priya. You know I'm Kairan's wife, don't you?"

"Yes, but it's just a marriage of convenience."

"Who told you that?" Evana asked Priya in a startled voice.

"Nobody did," Priya replied then looking a little guilty she added, "Look I followed you and Kairan in the last party and overheard you both when you were talking to each other in the side room."

"So what do you really want to say Priya?"

"Look Evana, I would have never said anything if I didn't know about this marriage of convenience thing. To be honest, it is not a real marriage. Is it?"

When Evana remained silent Priya continued on.

"None of you have any feelings for each other. I don't know what is your reason but I know Kairan did this to protect himself from getting hurt more. But after all the things he had been through, Kairan deserves a chance to a real relationship, real love and not live like this in a fake one. Don't you agree with me?"

Evana didn't say anything to Priya. She couldn't cause deep down she also thought the same. Priya then took Evana's hands to hers and said,

"I know how full of life Kairan was before all that drama happened to him. It hurts me to see him living like a shell of his former self. I love Kairan and I think if he spends enough time with someone who loves him, he will find his old self again. Please Evana, let him go from this fake marriage. He deserves something better. You both do."

"I think you should leave now, Priya," Evana said in a shaken voice.

"I know my request is very sudden but please think about it and let me know. I know you are a good person, Evana and I trust you to make the right choice. Please call me when you do."

Priya gave Evana her card and then she left, leaving Evana in a more scattered and conflicted position than ever.


The next morning Evana was getting ready to go to her office. Kairan was getting ready too. They haven't talked much as usual. After finishing dressing up Evana sat on the bed and just watched Kairan for a long time putting his tie on and brushing his hair. A heavy feeling settled in her chest and with a sigh, she got up to leave the room, when Kairan called her from behind.


"Yes," Evana turned around to reply.

"I'm sorry."

"Sorry for what Kairan?"

"Sorry for everything. I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable. I shouldn't have reacted that way in the party."

"But why did you reacted that way?"

"I don't know Evana," Kairan said to her in a lost voice.

"Can I ask you something?"

"Yeah sure."

"What were you talking to Priya at the party? You know before you dragged me off."

The question seemed to surprise Kairan a bit but he replied, "We were just talking about our old university days. Life back then was so uncomplicated and it felt really good to reminisce those days. I was such an idiot kid back then."

Evana watched Kairan and see how his face transformed when he talked about his younger self. She could see a glimpse of the old Kairan that Priya talked about.

"Oh that's good," Evana replied to Kairan mechanically then said, "Look Kairan, I really didn't mind you overreacting at the party. Sometimes things happen. I can understand that. I'm not uncomfortable with you if that's what you are worried about."

Kairan looked skeptically at her for a moment and then asked, "So all good between us?"

"Yeah, everything is good. Don't worry."

"Okay, I will see you in the evening then after work."

"See you," Evana nodded slowly.

After Kairan left for work Evana paced around the room for a while instead of going to work. Then finally she picked up the phone and dialed.

"Hello, Priya?...Yes this is Evana...I thought about what you said to me yesterday...Yes, I have made a decision... Ask Kairan about this first. If he wants to end this marriage then I have no problem either."



She said not to worry. She said everything is good between them. Even though he could clearly see how uncomfortable and fidgety she still was around him. He wanted to go back in the past and give his past self a good knock in the head. He couldn't believe how he messed everything up. What in the devil happened to him that day?

Well actually, he very well knows what happened. Jealousy happened. He saw Evana with Troy and the only thing that crossed his mind back then was 'Mine'. When did he become this possessive of her? When did he start to think of her as his? He doesn't know. But what he knows is that he can't give up on her now, no matter what happened.

Evana's words kept circling in his head. Everything is good. Don't worry.

"Bullshit," Kairan slammed down his hands on his desk in frustration.

"Whoa, easy their buddy."

Kairan looked up to see Troy at his office.

"Are you alright?" Troy asked him.

"Does it looks like that I'm alright?" Kairan asked him back.

"No, it doesn't," Troy replied then after a pause he added, "Is this about you and Evana?"

Kairan nodded his head in affirmation and then said in a remorseful voice,

"I don't know what happened to me that day? I shouldn't have reacted that way. I hurt her and it's still bothering her and I don't know what I can do to remedy it."

"Seems a lot has been going on for just a marriage of convenience."

"How did you know about our marriage?" Kairan asked startlingly to Troy.

"I followed you two when you went all caveman like and dragged Evana out. I overheard your conversation and I'm not the only one who did."

"What? Who else heard?" Kairan asked now becoming tense.

"Relax man. It was your other friend Priya. So I think your secret is safe. But is it really the truth though?"

"What do you mean?"

"Kairan, you are not stupid. I think you very well know what I'm talking about. I've never seen you react like this to anyone. People just don't react like that if they are in a marriage of convenience. Maybe it's time you need to give this marriage of yours a rethought. Are your feelings the same when you married her? or did it become something more? Think about it, my friend."


After Troy left, Kairan sat in his office for a long time feeling stunned. It was as if someone dumped him with cold water of reality. He kept telling himself that he didn't know why he reacted like he did but the truth is he was just avoiding to face reality. And the reality is he has fallen in love with Evana. Truly, deeply, madly in love. When did it begin he doesn't know. How did it begin, he doesn't know that either. All he knows that he has fallen and now there is no going back.

A knock from the door brought Kairan back from his thoughts.

"May I come in?" Priya asked him from the doorway.

"Yes and before you say anything else. I know you overheard me and Evana's conversation at the party. If you come here to tell me that, then don't bother."

"Well it was one part of what I came here to tell you but there are other things too."

"Okay, then you should start with the other parts first."

"Kairan, until when are you going to keep running away?"

"What do you mean?"

"I know the things that happened with Maya affected you greatly but not everyone is Maya in this world."

"I know that."

"Then why did you get yourself involved with a marriage of convenience instead of taking another chance at a proper relationship?"

"Just say what you want to say clearly Priya. You know I don't like roundabout talking."

"Okay, you are not going to make this easy on me. I love you Kairan."

"What?" Kairan asked Priya feeling stunned at this sudden confession.

"I love you. I have always loved you. I know Maya hurt you badly but you should give yourself a chance to love again. You should give us a chance."

"Priya, I'm married."

"It's just a marriage of convenience. There is no feeling here. And I already talked with Evana if you are worried about her. She is perfectly willing to end this marriage if you want to."

"She said what?" Kairan stood up abruptly from where he was sitting.

"Yes, she understands that you need a second chance to love again. You both do. So.."

"I'm sorry Priya", Kairan cut off what Priya was going to say and looked straight at her and said, "I never felt about you that way. You are always a good friend to me."

"Kairan..," Priya stuttered listening to Kairan's rejection and tried to say something but he again cut her off and said,

"And you are wrong. My marriage to Evana is not a marriage of convenience to me. Not anymore."

And after that Kairan left his office almost running with only one thought in his mind. He needs to talk with Evana. He needs to tell her that he loves her.

To be continued...


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Awww.... I am dying to read the next chapter. I just hope that Evana doesn’t reject Kairans real feelings for her. There has to be a twist to every story so I know for sure that there is no happy ending for them just yet. Great work!


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Finally Kairan recognized his feeling. Hope they’ll confront their real feelings for each other soon. Thanks for updating ka.


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Chapter #14


After her call with Priya ended, Evana got ready for her office and drove there as if on a trance. The morning went by quickly and she tried to immerse herself to a variety of works and meeting but the restlessness in her mind kept increasing. During lunch when she finally had some alone time, it finally dawned upon her the gravity of what she has done. She told Priya that she is perfectly fine if Kairan wants to end their marriage. She basically handed over her marriage to Priya as if it doesn't matter at all.

But in reality, it does matter. It matters to her so much that now just thinking about that stupid phone conversation with Priya is giving her pain. She is not ready to let go of her marriage, let go of Kairan even if he wants it. She is not ready at all. Their marriage began casually but somewhere down the road, she fell for Kairan so hard that she forgot that it was a marriage of convenience at all. But now that she gave her decision to Priya, she literally threw out any option to remain in this relationship with Kairan if he really wants out. And Evana doesn't know if she could handle that.

"Wow, you look awful. What happened?"

Evana looked up to see her best friend Aysha standing at the doorway.

"Aysha...," Evana tried to reply to Aysha in a trembling voice.

"OMG Evana, what happened darling? Is everything okay?" Aysha rushed to Evana's side seeing the condition she is in.

"No, nothing is okay."

"What happened, girl? I've never seen you like this. Is this about Kairan?" Aysha asked tentatively.

"Yes," Evana replied in a small voice.

"I knew it. I knew that guy has such a bad reputation in society for a reason. Tell me what he did so I can kick some of his ass."

"What? No. Aysha, you are misunderstanding it. Kairan didn't do anything. I'm the one who messed up everything."

"Okay, hold on. Now I'm just confused. Tell me everything from the beginning."

So Evana told her everything. About her and Kairan's marriage of convenience, how she fell in love with him despite trying her best not to and her whole conversation with Priya. After listening to everything, Aysha sat there silently for a long moment then slowly said,

"I always thought you are a little crazy in the head Evana Sethi but I didn't know you are this crazy."

"Aysha, you are not helping me here," Evana said to her friend.

"Honestly Evana, did you even tell Kairan what you feel about him?"


"And you decided to just tell Priya you are okay if Kairan doesn't want this marriage anymore without even saying anything to him first?"


"God, not are you only super crazy but you are a big idiot also."

"Aysha," Evana said to her friend exasperatedly.

"Seriously though girlfriend. Are you really ready to let go of this marriage if he wants out? Are you okay with it without even confessing your feeling to him first and knowing how he feels?"

"But if he wants out of this marriage then doesn't it means he doesn't feel for me the way I feel for him?"

"Not necessarily. He might think that it is you who wants out this marriage and that's why you told Priya what you said."

"What? No! I don't want that. I want this marriage to be real. I love Kairan."

"Then why are you sitting here telling me this and not to Kairan?"

Evana looked at Aysha stunned for a moment then replied slowly,

"I should tell him this."

"Yes, you should."

And before Aysha can say anything else, Evana left her office running.

"You could say that over the phone too you know," Aysha called after Evana but then shook her head looking at the already disappearing form of her friend.


Evana left her office at record speed. She just got into her car and began driving really fast towards Kairan's office from hers without thinking anything else. Only one thing on her mind. She has to reach Kairan and tell him about her feelings. Tell him that she loves him and she is not ready to give up on their marriage regardless of whatever bullshit she said to Priya.

She was not very far from Kairan's office when her car halted to a stop. She tried several times to restart it but it didn't budge.

"No, no, no, come on car, this is not the time for this," Evana shouted at the broken can frustratedly.

She gave up on the car and get out of it. She was really close to Kairan's office so she just started running. But it seemed like all of her luck ran out that day and it began raining in the middle of her running. Despite all that, Evana just kept running, ignoring the pouring rain with only one focus in her mind.

But suddenly someone grabbed her by the hand and stopped her run forcefully.

"Stop," someone told her.

"No, I can't stop. Let me go," Evana told the person who was holding her without even looking.

"Evana, stop. Where are you going?"

Finally, it registered to Evana that the person holding her was saying her name and she looked back to see that the person holding her was no other then Kairan.



When Kairan came out of his office there were only two things on his mind. He needed to tell Evana that he loves her and also he needed to ask her why she told Priya what she said. To be honest he was a little angry at Evana too because she told Priya that she is okay with ending their marriage if he wants to. Does that mean she doesn't feel the same way for him as he does for her? Does it mean all this while he was the idiot who was falling for her all alone? He needed to ask her all this question.

He got into his car and drove towards Evana's office. She was supposed to be in there. There was not much traffic and soon it began raining and the road was almost empty except for a few cars. He was driving cautiously because of the rain when suddenly he noticed a woman running in the opposite direction in the pouring rain. It was so unusual that he looked at her more curiously and double took himself when he realized that the running woman was no other than Evana, his Evana.

He stopped the car abruptly and got out neglecting the heavy rain that soaked him to the bone. He ran after Evana and managed to grab a hold of her hand to stop her.

"Stop," he said to her.

"No, I can't stop. Let me go," Evana tried to jerk her hand from him without even looking at him.

"Evana, stop. Where are you going?" Kairan asked her refusing to let go.

She turned her head to him and seeing him she stopped her struggle at once.

"Kairan," she said to him breathlessly.

"Where are you going?"

"To your office."


"I was coming to tell you that what I told Priya..."

Kairan cut her off in mid-sentence and said, "I know what you said to Priya. You don't have to tell that to me again. I want to know why you said that? Do you really want to end our marriage?"

"No, Kairan. It was a mistake. I don't want to end our marriage. I never wanted to. I want this marriage to be real instead of a marriage of convenience," she told him in a desperate voice.

Her word gave Kairan hope so he asked, "Why?"

"Because I love you."

Her confession shook Kairan to his core. He stood there frozen for a moment while Evana blabbered on,

"I was stupid to say that I was okay if you want to end this marriage. The truth is I am not okay. I can't give up on our marriage. I can't give up on you. I love you."

"Evana.." Kairan began to speak but Evana was still going on endlessly without listening to him.

"I'm so sorry Kairan. I shouldn't have made this such a mess. But if you don't feel this way. It's okay. I'll deal with it. I will understand if you don't want the same."

She was going on and on so Kairan did the only thing he could think of to stop her.

He took her face in both of his hands and pulled her in for an abrupt kiss. He devoured her lips like a starving man. Evana went stock still in his embrace for a second but soon she moaned and began to kiss him back and the kiss became much more than a kiss. It became a declaration of love and passion between them. He tasted her lips again and again and slowly probed with his tongue. She opened her mouth to let him taste her more deeply and began to taste him earnestly too. Tongue dueled with tongue, teeth clashed with teeth, lips merged with lips and they became tangled in a heated embrace under the pouring rain.

After what seemed like a lifetime Kairan slowed down their kiss and peppered small kisses all over Evana's face. He touched his nose to hers and waited a moment to let their breathing became even. And then he looked into Evana's eyes and said, "I love you too."

To be continued...


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A belated Happy Valentines day to you all. So finally they confessed and kissed. Yayyyy :love::icon12::cheer::aaaaa:

But don't think this is the end of the story. There are a lot more things happening for these two in the future chapters. So stay tuned and do let me know what you thought about this chapter.:icon12:


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It’s a great chapter. I love that they finally confessed that they love each other and kissed. Can’t wait to see how they make their marriage real now. Thanks for updating ka.


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Chapter #15


"Do you need a lift to the office today?" Kairan asked Evana.

"No, I'll be working from home today."

"Oh, okay. I have a dinner meeting today and will be home a little late. So don't wait for me for dinner."

"Alright", Evana replied to him quietly.

It's been two days since they confessed their feeling to each other. Evana hoped that their relationship will progress to the next level. To be honest, emotionally it did. They now talk to each other more freely like a normal husband and wife does without having to think what the other will think about it. But physically it's just a mess. Since their confession, they shared exactly that one kiss soaking in the rain and after that nothing.

Evana full on expected them to become husband and wife in every sense of way and after that kiss, she was really really looking forward to the consummation of their marriage but it seemed like Kairan had some other thoughts going on. He didn't even touch her in any way after they returned home.

At first, she thought that he might be really spent out after all the stress that they went through so she let it not bother her. But two days passed and Kairan is still behaving the same way. It's now to the point that Evana began to wonder if she dreamed up that whole confession and kiss in her mind.

"Evana...Eva" Kairan's voice brought her back from her troubling thoughts.


"What were you thinking? You seemed really lost there," Kairan said to her curiously.

"Oh, nothing. I'm just thinking how quiet this house is now that mom, dad, and Tintin all went to vacation," Evana replied trying to divert the subject. She really wasn't ready to talk about the real reason that got her lost in thinking.

"Yeah, it really is extra quiet here, isn't it? But don't worry they will be back by the end of this week," Kairan said to her with a smile.

"Kai...", Evana tried to speak about what is bothering her but failed to come up with words.

"Yes?" Kairan looked towards her expectantly.

"Nothing," Evana said with a sigh then added playfully, "Won't you be late for office if you are still here chit chatting with me?"

"Hmm, I'm the boss of that office so if I arrive late because I was having a lovely breakfast with my beautiful wife that should be no one's problem," Kairan replied to her with a wink.

"That is very bad work ethics Mr. James."

"Is it now, Mrs. James?"

"Yes, it is. Now go do your work."

"Ok, ok, I'm going now," Kairan got up from the table to leave but just before exiting the room he turned back and said, "Eva"

"What now?"

"See you later tonight darling," Kairan said with a smile that lit up his whole face.

And suddenly Evana felt breathless and something fluttered in her belly looking at his warm eyes full of love.

"See you later," she replied to him returning the smile.

And it is in moments like this that Evana knew that their confession two days ago was just as real as it would get.



After the morning meeting, Kairan sat in his office trying to concentrate on the next project plan but his concentration was in tatters. He barely held it in during the meeting. He felt like he was in the brink of losing it.

It's been two days. Two freaking days since he last touched her, felt her, tasted her. And since then he has been torturing himself with this self-imposed ban. He is now wondering in what state of mind he promised to Evana to not touch her without her permission. Not a sane one obviously.

And because of that one crazy promise he was suffering for two days. He will die out of pneumonia soon because of all the extra cold showers he has been taking these days. But he had already broken that promise once with that kiss in the rain. He can't break it again. Although he is sure Evana won't mind if he does break it.

"God damn it," Kairan muttered frustratedly hitting his desk with his fist.

"Whoa there? Why are you trying to break furniture now? I thought you were confessing your feeling for Evana," Troy said from the doorway in an amused voice.

Kairan looked up to see his friend and replied with a sigh, "I did confess my feeling."

"You confessed? Then Why? Ohh...Oh no. My friend I'm so sorry for you. She didn't feel the same way," Troy said to Kairan in a solemn voice.

"What? No, she also confessed. She loves me too."

"Okay, hold on a second. Now I'm genuinely confused. You confessed, she also confessed and you both love each other so what seems to be the source of your frustration?" Troy asked in a puzzled voice.

So Kairan told Troy everything including that stupid promise that he made to Evana once upon a time. After hearing all, Troy sat down stunned for a moment then he burst out into laughter.

"Troy. Don't laugh stupidly. Give me some advice please," Kairan pleaded to Troy desperately.

"I'm sorry who are you calling stupid when you are the stupidest of them all?" Troy replied still trying to control his laughter. "I'm afraid I can't help you out with this one Kairan. You need to figure this one out yourself." And then he burst out into laughter again.



Evana can't believe what she just heard. So this is the reason why Kairan has been distant to her for these past two days! Really!

She was trying to work after Kairan left for office but after several hours she just gave up. Her concentration was not on work so no wonder she didn't make any progress. So she decided to end this scattered state of mind for good and just ask Kairan what is the problem.

After making up her mind she called a taxi and arrived at Kairan's office.

"Is Mr. James in his room?" Evana asked Kairan secretary to make sure Kairan is not on a meeting.

"Yes, Mrs. James. But Mr. Troy just went in. Let me inform Mr. James that you are here."

"That won't be necessary. I'll just announce myself. Thank you," Evana smiled at the older women and then went towards Kairan's room in the office.

The door was slightly ajar and Evana could here both Troy's and Kairan's voice as she went closer. She was about to knock when she heard Troy saying,

" both love each other so what seems to be the source of your frustration?"

Evana got curious so she just evesdropped from the door without entering the office and heard Kairan saying how he loves and her and longed to be with her and touch her all day but can't because he made a promise to her that he won't touch her that way until she wants him too.

Evana vaguely remembered Kairan making that promise to her on their first night together after the marriage reception but she can't believe that he is considering that promise seriously even now. The situation was very different back then from now. Evana doesn't know if she'll be moved by Kairan's chivalry or appalled by his stupidity. She wanted to barge in the room right then and shake Kairan for causing them both frustration over something so silly.

But on second thought, she decided otherwise. She can't let this go this easily. Kairan made her worried sick for these two days over that silly promise.

So Kairan James wanted her to say it out loud that she wanted him.

Okay, Mr. James just you wait and see what I have in mind for you.

Evana thought to herself with a mischevious smile playing on her face. Then she silently backed away from the door and left Kairan's office with a plan on her mind for tonight.



It was quite late when Kairan returned home that night. The dinner meeting took longer than expected and by the time he returned home he expected Evana to be already asleep. He could see from the outside that the main lights of their bedroom were turned off and only the bedside lamps illuminated the room dimly. But as he entered the room he was quite surprised to find Evana sitting in front of the dressing table brushing her hair.

"You are still awake? I thought you would be asleep already," Kairan said to Evana.

"Yeah, I was waiting for you. Why don't you freshen up first and then we can talk," Evana replied to him slowly without even looking at him and just continued to brush her hair.

"Okay," Kairan replied to her curiously. He could sense that there is something different about her demeanor but couldn't figure out exactly what has changed.

Kairan took a quick shower while thinking about how he can resolve this tense situation between them that his own foolishness created but he couldn't figure anything out. He thought about telling her but then he worried what if Evana's not ready yet to take that next big step in their relationship. He didn't want to come up as a jerk husband who is lusting after his wife without considering her feelings. In the end, Kairan decided to control himself and just continue with the way things are going until Evana brings up anything.

"So what do you want to talk about?" Kairan asked Evana after he came out of the bathroom. She was still sitting in front of the dressing table.

"Why don't you come over here and help me first to remove this necklace and then I'll tell you," Evana replied to him.

Kairan began to walk closer to Evana but as he came near her he knew all of a sudden that he is in all kinds of trouble. He could already see Evana's body outline cause the nightgown she was wearing was made up of very sheer lace materials. From afar he couldn't see that in the dim light but now that he is standing closer to her he could see every curves and angle of her body through it. Sweat began to form in his forehead and the control he was so determined to maintain earlier seems at the brink of breaking.

"Kai, would you please open the clutch of this necklace? I can't seem to get a hold of it," Evana said to him and then she pushed her silky hairs from her back to front to help Kairan to get a better view of the necklace clutch at the back of her neck.

Kairan instantly became hard all over looking at the creamy white skin of Evana's neck and shoulder that is now being exposed in front of him. He sucked in a harsh breath but immediately realized that was a mistake too cause now he can smell a hint of honey lilac and some other sweet smell that uniquely belongs to his wife. He helped her remove the necklace as fast as he could with shaking hands, afraid to touch her cause he knew that if he did touch her even a little then he wouldn't be able to stop himself.

After that, he quickly turned away from her and sat on his bed and said,

"Eva, what you wanted to talk, can we do it tomorrow, please? I'm really tired tonight."

Honestly, he was just making an excuse to avoid any more close contact with the living temptation that is his wife cause he was not sure anymore that he could control himself.

"No, Kai we can't. It has to be tonight," Evana replied in a stern voice and then suddenly she stood up and walked towards him slowly. When she was standing toe to toe with him, she looked at him for a long second and then lowered herself on to his lap almost straddling him.

"Eva, what are you doing?" Kairan asked in a rough voice while his knuckles going white from fisting his hand strongly by his side. But Evana seemed to be oblivious of the struggle he was going through. She rested her hands on his shoulder and slowly leaned forward to whisper in his ear.

"I visited your office today and overheard your conversation with Troy. Do you know what I think about that promise you made to me Kai?"

Kairan shook his head unable to form a single word so Evana continued with her whispering,

"I think it was very gentlemanly of you back then but now I think keeping that promise is just stupid."

"I think it is stupid too," Kairan replied to her hoarsely.

"Then why are you still holding on to that promise Kai?"

"Because if I touch you, Eva I don't know if I'll be able to stop."

Evana drew back her head so she can look Kairan in the eye and replied,

"Who said I wanted you to stop?"

And with those words, the last of Kairan's control broke and he grabbed her by the waist and flipped them both on the bed. He devoured her lips with a hungry kiss and they both moaned in unison. Soon clothing became a barrier and kairan almost ripped them off from both of their bodies. The pent up frustrations that they build up for all these time exploded into a thousand little fireworks. Their emotions tangling with each other and morphing into a mass of mad sensation and hunger for each other. He moved within her slowly at first then roughly and then uncontrollably as if he couldn't get enough and she yielded to him at her fullest. Tugging at him, holding him to get closer and closer. They made love to each other all through the night measuring up for the lost time and finally as dawn broke they fell asleep wrapped in each other's arms, exhausted but spent and sated and happier than ever.

To be continued...



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Chapter #16

Something was prickling Evana on her nose bridge. Then something warm and soft touched her forehead. Startled she opened her eyes to find Kairan placing a tender kiss on her. The memories from last night came back to her and now laying in his embrace a sudden blush broke out all over her body. Kairan looked down at her and smiled a cheeky smile.
"Oops did I wake you up?"
"You did. But I don't mind waking up this way," Evana replied shyly.
"Good cause I don't think I'll be able to resist waking you this way. Did you know you have an adorable way of tucking your hands under your chin no matter which position you sleep in to?"
"No, I didn't. Do I?"
"Yes, no matter when or where you sleep, it's always the same. Guess it's a habit."
"So you've watched me sleep before too?" Evana asked Kairan beaming.
"I might have done that secretly," Kairan replied returning her smile.
"Very sneaky of you Mr. James," Evana said to Kairan playfully rubbing his cheeks.
"I can't help but watch my lovely wife Mrs. James."
"Ohh, what time is it?"
"It's still early in the morning. You can sleep more if you want, it's a weekend."
"Still we need to get up."
"Or we could just stay in bed," Kairan pulled Evana tightly to his embrace once again preventing her from getting up.
"Kai, let me go," Evana slapped on to Kairan's arm and tried in vain to loosen his hold.
"Just a little bit more okay. Just let us stay a little bit more like this," Kairan said nudging his nose in the nape of her neck.
"Okay," Evana sighed a little and gave up to Kairan's demands with a smile on her face.
Kairan looked Evana sitting at the dining table and was thinking to himself how could he got so lucky in love. He remembered how he once gave up on all things regarding love and locked his heart away. But now he knows that what he felt for Maya was just infatuation because his feelings for Evana are so much more than what he ever felt before. This feeling is so deep and rich to the extent that he feels a little scared by it. But at the same time, it gives him so much happiness that he has no doubt this is what love is.
"Why are you looking at me like that?" Evana asked to Kairan curiously.
"Like what?"
" don't know," Evana seemed at a loss for words.
"Like I've finally found what I've been looking for my whole life," Kairan completed what Evana couldn't.
Hearing his words a lovely blush broke over Evana's cheeks and she smiled.
"Oh, you have quite the silver tongue there Mr. James."
"That I may have when it comes to business but when it comes to you I meant every word, Mrs. James."
Evana leaned in and placed a kiss on Kairan's cheek and said softly,
"The feelings are mutual Mr. James."
Kairan beamed hearing those words, his heart feeling content than ever. He felt so relaxed and full in a long time and wanted to stay like this forever. Then an idea suddenly came to his mind.
"What are your plans this week? Are you busy at work?"
"I'm not that busy until Friday. We have a big buyer's meeting coming up next week I have to finalize the presentation after my team sends the draft to me which will be on Thursday."
"So we have 5 days," Kairan said thoughtfully.
"Yes, but why are you asking?"
"What do you think about taking a short vacation? Let's just go somewhere just the two of us and enjoy these five days to it's fullest. We had a fake honeymoon but since our marriage is not a marriage of convenience anymore why not have a real honeymoon too?"
"I like that idea very much. Where are we going?," Evana said excitedly.
"I don't have any specific place in my mind. Do you?"
Evana thought for a little while and then suddenly said, "Let's go to that mountain place again but this time for the real honeymoon."
Kairan nodded with a smile.
When they arrived at the mountain house the next day it was already late afternoon. By the time they settled their luggages in side the house both of them were feeling ravenous.
"Let's go down to the village for food," Kairan suggested and they walked hand in hand downhill.
At the village shop, the shop keeper immediately recognized them.
"Oh, it's you two again."
"Yes, it's us. Don't worry though we brought money this time to buy food," Kairan said jokingly.
"Good cause there is no festival going on this time. Now go and eat."
They sat down and ordered some food. The foods were exotic but delicious and they eat to their hearts' content.
"Do you think we could ever cook like this?" Evana asked Kairan while eating.
"Sorry Eva but cooking was not the area of expertise for either of us," Kairan replied grimly.
"Hmm, okay. Let's just stick to eating then," Evana said with a laugh at Kairan's serious expression.
After the finished their meal they roamed around the village for quite a while. Many villagers recognized them from their previous visit and greeted them.
At one place they come across a big crowd. Curious, they both went near to check out what's going on.
"What's happening here?" Evana asked.
"We are planning to build a strawberry farm here so we are preparing the land," a villager replied to her.
"Wow, strawberry farm! Can we help too?"
"Sure, the more people the better."
"Kai, let's help. Let's build a strawberry farm," Evana said excitedly to Kairan.
Kairan looked at his wife adoringly for a moment and then joined with the villagers to help.
"Phew, that was some hard work," Kairan said to Evana after they finished preparing the land for strawberries to grow.
"Indeed it was but I enjoyed it," Evana replied to him.
"I enjoyed it but I enjoyed the food more." After their help, the villagers kindly offered Kairan and Evana to eat dinner with them to thank for their hard work.
"Of course, you did," Evana said with a snort.
"Do you want to go back to the cottage now?"
"Let's roam around a little bit more. I remember there is a lake around here. Let's go there shall we Mr. James?" Evana said playfully.
"Your wish is my command, Mrs. James."
So they walk towards the lake. The sun had already set but there was a full moon tonight. The reflection of the moonlight created an ethereal environment all around.
"Let's dance," Kairan said to Evana suddenly.
"What? Here? Now?"
"Yes, here."
"But there is no music."
"No worries. To solve that problem we have technology," Kairan said cheekily and fished out his phone from his pocket. Kairan set the music and laid his phone on the ground. Soft music filled the air.
"Shall we dance Mrs. James?" Kairan extended his hand towards Evana.
"It will be my pleasure Mr. James," Evana replied with a sweet smile and took his hand.
And they danced and danced with Rob Stewart's husky voice serenading to them.
"Have I told you lately that I love you

Have I told you there's no one above you
Fill my heart with gladness

Take away my sadness
Ease my troubles, that's what you
Oh the morning sun in all its glory
Greets the day with hope and comfort too
And you fill my life with laughter
You can make it better
Ease my troubles that's what you do
There's a love that's divine
And it's yours and it's mine
Like the sun
At the end of the day
We should give thanks and pray to the One"

The late summer night breeze surrounded them and they moved in each other's embrace slowly with the rhythm of the song. Kairan leaned down to slowly touch his lips to Evana's in a tender sweet kiss. Fireflies fluttered around them with their glowing lights. The music ended eventually but Kairan and Evana continued to rock into each other as if bound by an invisible tune. And time stood still just to make this moment last forever for the lovers.
To be continued...

OMG, this took me forever to write but I have finally finished this chapter. Lately, I'm experiencing a really bad writer's block. Thank you to all who are patiently waiting. I feel really sorry but also very grateful for you guys at the same time. Your words are the reason I pushed myself to continue with the story so Thanks again. Part of the chapter like the strawberry farm thing is inspired by Nadech's freelance volunteering work for the Thai kids.
Please bear with me if I continue with the late updates but I will finish the story I promise. Also here is the link to the song that Kairan and Evana danced to at the last scene if anyone is interested.

Have I Told you Lately

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