Full House Or My Girl?

Full House Or my Girl?

  • Full House

    Votes: 17 60.7%
  • My Girl

    Votes: 11 39.3%

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sarNie Egg
Mint27 said:
lolz, haven't neither...but FH is probably better because my friends crazy over. :loool:
Lol you're never sure until you watch it ... so yeah :D because all my my cousins love Full House but i don't like it. I though it was really good cauz they were all hyped up lol.


sarNie Adult
I've been watching My Girl.. and its really good. The girl is very cute and has the same flair as SHG in my opinion.

BTW did anyone catch on the 2nd episode when she meets her friend at the salon, they were playing Tata Young's sexy naughty bitchy song?
I thought that was interesting.


sarNie Egg
Darvil said:
I've been watching My Girl.. and its really good. The girl is very cute and has the same flair as SHG in my opinion.

BTW did anyone catch on the 2nd episode when she meets her friend at the salon, they were playing Tata Young's sexy naughty bitchy song?
I thought that was interesting.
Lol I agree that her hair does look like Song Hye Kyo .. if that's what you mean :lol:


sarNie Elites
MY GIRL is so funny,, I watched it when evryoone were sleeping and I couldnt hold it, i bursted out laughing and woke my parents up...hehe ..not good :sweat:

I really didnt thought that i would find a drama funnier than FH but when I watched My Girl i totally changed my mind. :shock:

but since FH was the first k-drama i ever watched then imma vote for FH ..but really i do like Goong also =)
and haha hiatus u really got touched by MISA huh? :wub:


sarNie Adult
I can't decide so I'm not voting. I love them both because they both are equally funny but My Girl made me cry a lot towards the end. So sad ... sniff sniff...


Mrs. Robert Pattinson
Full House. Because that's the only drama I watched out of the two drama. ^_^


Staff member
sunflower said:
HOW CAN YOU BETRAY FULLHOUSE!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?! *gets out bi's fake number i got from some obsessed bi fanl* NOW I"M GONNA HAVE TO CALL HIM AND TELL HIM THAT CECILIA HAS BETRAYED HIM :wavecry:  ahhahahaha good more of bi to myself  :p

dude... i started watching my girl and she got on my nerves.. but i'm gonna DL all the episode and watch it since you guys say it's so good...

no..you got me wrong..i still love JIHOON..HE'S ALWAYS WILL BE THE LOVE OF MY KDRAMA..kekek..just that i love love MY GIRL..there see to be an X factor to it..IT'S EVEN BETTER THAN KIM SAM SOON..even though HYUN BIN'S hot..nothing to it..she's funny..but she talk too much...but MY GIRL..just got it..MY VOTE..the best..


Mae said:
Totally MY GIRL....love Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae.......awesome and hilarious......Full House was good, but I'm not fond of Bi Rain after watching Full house....Song Hye Kyo is alright.....i really don't understand the craze over Bi, but oh well....the only person I liked in Full House was Rain's friend..he's HOT....
how could you not like RAIN..:(..wait til you see him like AN ARM AWAY..you'll die....he's so much HANDSOME IN REAL LIFE.. :wub: ..
and yeah..he's not all that in FULLHOUSE..i hate his dressing image in there..BUT I LOVE LOVE SANGDOO..he's always will be the one that got my love..same go for BOGKU..Young Jae's personality got me hook to FULLHOUSE..but yeah..he's not hot looking in there..that's why..but MY GIRL..EVERYONE SEEM HOT.. :lol:

natty said:
full house? watching it right now.. i totally have this love hate hate relationship with bi.. hate more then love.. omg he's such a ugh..

again..why?..otoke..oh well..more rain for me then..:lol:

*btw..i vote for FULLHOUSE...just cuz.. :rolleyes: *


sarNie Hatchling
i say full house...........because thats a classic series for me......its the series that got me into k-drama........heehhee

evol ecallaw

sarNie Egg
Definitely My Girl. Full House was funny but I don't think I would watch a seconde time but with My Girl I can watch many times and the comedy is still there .


sarNie Egg
My Girl.

A perfect mixed between comedy, romance and melo.^^ I'm quite surprised since some of you voted when you only have watched Full House. It should be for people who have seen both to judge.


sarNie Egg
i never watched my girl..so i would have to pick full house...i think bi's hot!! who knows..if i watched my girl..i might change my mind..*shruggs*


I'm voting for "My Girl"...I like Full house too, but My Girl is mix with comedy, romance and melo..I cried with "My Girl" never on Full house.


sarNie Egg
My girl was hilarious. I love how the main girl through her querky ways changed this serious guy into someone who was fun.

I laughed so hard in so many of the scenes. I can watch this series over again....and not be bored. I laughed, cried, and alot of romantic scenes b/t the two.

an la

sarNie Hatchling
its such a hard decision, i really like both of them, but then again when i started watching my girl i was so addicted, and i think that it has much more comedy than full house. and since i love comedies my vote is for My Girl.


sarNie Egg
i've just started watching my girl and it's really not that funny. i thought i would be laughing out loud from all the reviews i've been reading, but it hasn't been so. it's still interesting to watch. can't beat samsoon imo, but i do like it more than full house. fh is totally overrated. also the other reason i picked my girl is because my views of lee da hae has totally changed. i hated the girl in sweet 18. usually when ii see someone act for the first time, the impression they leave on me is for life. if i hate you i hate you, but in this case i've had a change of heart. i'm not in love with her, but i no longer hate her like i did during sweet 18. she's actually tolerable to watch now.


1TYM hwaiting!
yeah, the beginning of my girl doesn't really get you hooked right away, but as the episode progresses, it gets better. however, between the two i wouldn't really be able to choose because i don't really think they are all that similar. if you think they are similar then wouldn't you also think that DGCH, MNIKSS, and all those other comedy-drama ones are similar to them? i think the only thing really similar between fh and mg is the style of ldh and shk, especially their hairstyle.