Full House Or My Girl?

Full House Or my Girl?

  • Full House

    Votes: 17 60.7%
  • My Girl

    Votes: 11 39.3%

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I haven't seen My Girl and I don't think I'll watch it because their wardrobe is....I'm not gonna say it. Let's just say...Lee Dong Wook is so much hotter today.
My choice: Fullhouse


My girl in my opinion is a billion times better scripted! It is filled with love, warmth, sadness, comedies and you can watch it all over again without being bored. Hence, the soundtracks are KICK ASS amazing!!!! MY GIRL FTW! Love MY GIRL! <3
Full House's script is a mess, annoying and complicated and too much bickers btw SHK and Rain.  If it was not for SHK or maybe Rain, I wouldn't watch the drama. :/
MY girl Sample mV


sarNie Adult
MY GIRL! it was so fun to watch. not that i dislike fullhouse... i love it as well (hello, its bi and songhyekyoooo) but just slightly draggy and predictable. 


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My Girl! It has good OST, my favorite is the song in video below. The chemistry of main couple is off the chart! I remembered I got really happy every time I had break time to watch it. It is a better drama because there are a few life lessons within it, the script was well scripted. I like how the main girl kept saying "you will be blessed" lol. Love the part he gave her a kiss leaving her speechless & unexpected lol. Love how he tend to her injured knee. Gosh so many sweet scenes of them...I think I will watch it again soon :D. And yes main guy is cute & light skinned hahaha.

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sarNie OldFart
My Girl Hands down - I've re-watched it every winter

I enjoyed FH in the beginning ...I don't think I finished it.\

FH did drag. My girl does give you more of the "feel" about love, friendships, family...