Full House Or My Girl?

Full House Or my Girl?

  • Full House

    Votes: 17 60.7%
  • My Girl

    Votes: 11 39.3%

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sarNie Egg
i love boths but my fav have to be MY GIRL >.<
oh by the way i got to see RAIN at his concert in sydney!!!! CAN U GUY BELIVED IT?


sarNie Egg
Nothing can ever replace Full House for me...This was my first kdrama and it will be my fav for ever. I love both rain and song hye kyo- they make the BEST COUPLE EVER!!! My girl was more of an only-comedy thing..it had its touching moments but it didn't really reach my heart as it did with full house. Full house was a combo of everything- romance, comedy, GAHH it was perfect :)


sarNie OldFart
I voted for full house... my very 1st korean drama...I still rewatch it sometimes...the 3 bears song was so cute!! :wub:


Staff member
it gotta be FULL HOUSE.. i super love it keke.. LOVE BI .. keke.. but omg loved MY GIRL too kekkee.. lee dong wook n LEE JUN KI.. kekek.. i likem both but i gotta say i liked FULL HOUSE more.. xp..


sarNie Egg
MY GIRL!!!!!

It was just too funny..... and so sweet.
I loved the scene where she imagined she was raping him! :dude: :loool:


sarNie Hatchling
I like them both... but if I had to pick.. it's be Full House because it's a "Happier" drama. Lol

Like both dramas drag like crazy... Song Hye Kyo's character cries waaayyy too much and Lee Da Hae's character is soo annoying in that she is rarely serious. "My Girl" has a lot of good-looking actors/actresses though.. lol so that's a bonus for me. But "Full House" all the way because of the storyline.


sarNie Egg
I chose My girl because i liked the main characters' character (mature, sometimes childish, gentle and caring) a lot more than in Full house and the drama was also a lot funnier for me.


sarNie Adult
this is a hard decision!
My Girl is so cute,romantic,funny,and Sad.
Full House is so awhhh.i just love BOTH SO MUCHH.
But i have to go for Full House..