Full House Or My Girl?

Full House Or my Girl?

  • Full House

    Votes: 17 60.7%
  • My Girl

    Votes: 11 39.3%

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sarNie Egg
comparing the two dramas......hmmm very hard to decide
full house's theme song was great...it created the perfect atmosphere for the scenes.
In terms of character development.....the characters in my girl i thought were great but the dialog did not create depth or emphasises their unique characteristics, so i felt their was that lack of connection with the personalities, where as full house i felt as if i knew the characters so well. but i have to say My girl's has a better story line than full house. Overall i would have to go with Full house.

Oh and also the thing that could be affecting the trend in this poll is not just whether the voters have watched both the dramas or not but also whether they've watched it round about the same time......its just human instinct to be crazy over more recent things than the older ones. These are just human errors ....so yes in someways its almost impossible to get the accurate trend.


sarNie Adult
I saw Full House too....but to me, I didn't think it was better than My Girl. I like My Girl...'cause it showed more emotions toward each others and the storyline wasn't boring at all. I saw all discs but for Full House, I was bored with some parts and I skipped lots of parts. I surely like to see them (My Girl) again in another series or something.


sarNie Adult
Even if both are good drama, Full House is a million time better than My Girl !!!!!
I take a whole month to see My Girl, lot of scenes are very boring and the story is too basic. I just like this drama because it is funny.
I have see Full House in 2 days only, the actors are very good.


Expired Sarnie
It has to be both. I love Korean drama so it is difficult to chose unless they suck-well through my eyes, not any others.


sarNie Adult
I liked them both, but I saw My Girl first then Full House...so I picked My Girl cuz I love Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae as a couple! :D


sarNie Juvenile
i'm not really a korean drama fan..but..
sorrie.. My Girl annoys me cause my sister watch it all of the time!...


Sarnie Royalty
I just finish watching My Girl and I definitly vote for MY GIRL. It way better than full house. It more meaningful, funny, entertaining....
I didn't fast forward any bit with my girl. Love the two main character. :D