How Are You Feeling? (2nd Version)


just so weak all over my body..especially my heart..i can't believe that another aunt is gone=[


sarNie Adult
super duper tired...hungry too...dang it i need more time in the day

I'm sorry to hear about your aunt... :mellow:


weird. i dreamed about some girl named Klarise, and i don't even know a klarise. :eek:


sarNie Adult
physically strong (will grab my ipod and run in the morning light) emotionally week!!!

ps. i still believe in love...

pss. and yes ismuP

psss. maybe someday i will grow up,,,but today i don't want to,,,because i want to miss you all over again to to hear the music inside of me!!!

pssss. ignore me ppl cos i'm weird---lol (at least i can still laugh@myself for remembering her,,, silly moments and what it feels like to be captivated by the opposite sex) ;)