Hua Jai Sila


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Supposedly he is a mangda type lol!!! Yah it was funny because the ending previews, he had a bunch of girls around him lol. I forgot to mention, Fang and Bie actually work, usually i don't like Fang but she's so far not getting on my nerves.


The part he got abuse was really unsightful. Man I feel sorrow for the little boy. I like the part where little fang was trying to clean his wound it was cute but man little kids can sure make it look painful.

The fathers are useless. If he knows his wife is that type..shouldn't let the kids stay with them. Let them live somewhere else. Hire a maid to watch him or something. *shake head* Man makes me wanna kick both the mothers.


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hmMMm LOL love Bie's "Korean" style hair do =] HOTNess and this looks like a lakorn sarN would like I see a lot of slap kissing hahaha...and dude bie's a ummm deng no comment!


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I used to not like Fang either, but i think ima like her just fine in this lakorn....and her name is Meen like Mew in the other lakorn with Bie! haha so funny, hes prob like omg another meen?!!! =)

I just saw the first episode, and its actually pretty good..i think ima keep up with this lakorn, thanks for sharing!!!


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OMG! I just got done watching part 2 of this lakorn. I love this lakorn so much already! Exact sure does know how to keep the storyline going, so intense and dramatic. I love Bie and Fang together! Bie looks so much better on this lakorn than his first lakorn with Mew. He looks so much more manlier. Fang is so young and fresh looking. I'm so glad Exact let Piek, Aom's little brother in Bang Rak Soi 9, star in this lakorn. I was wondering when he would be starring in lakorns. Even though his character is the bad guy at least he gets a chance to protray a different type of character cause in BRS9, he's so young and goofy. :baby-scene-pop-corn:

Lookade looks very pretty for her age, nice body to go with that pretty face. I feel so bad for Bie when he was younger. The lady is so darn mean. I have a feeling Bie is going to do his best to get revenge on that family. I hope Fang moves out of the house. The evil stepmother is getting on my nerves. I just don't understand why they always make the father's character so weak in that type of situation. I guess because in real life there are fathers like that. The part when Bie cornered Fang in the hospital and said which part of him reminds her of the guy she knows made me blush; their faces were so close together. Urgh! I can't wait to watch some more episodes. I'm hooked! :baby-scene-pop-corn: :r-scene-pop-corn:


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i love bie and fang together, they look hot! i just watched the first episode of this lakorn, i love it! Im enjoyin this lakorn too Kayla :p


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i missed episode 2 because i was at work. It will play the rerun of epi 2 again on IPTV but i will miss again cuz i will be at work. Thanks for summary Kayla! I guess i will have to watch it on TGN but they're like a week behind.


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i love this lakorn. cant wait to see more eps. i agreed with most of you i usually dont like fang but in this lakorn i like her.


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If anybody knows what the movie is about, please, precious please give me a summary...Thank U soooooo gratefully much.... :)


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I am not too fond of both main actor/actress, but it looks very good, so I think I am going to give this lakorn a shot! For those who are watching it, is it good?