Klarissa's Pictures


sarNie Hatchling
So i guess this is the new cool thing to do.

here's what happens when you're bored during your 830 class

oh and more....

here's a picture of my dog:

here's some pictures i took while i was in chicago:



sarNie Hatchling
LOL at the whole coffee thing girl! LOL....but yeah totally love your dog...hehe! i'm sure you had fun in chicago right? *hugs*


ohh man that's Marduks Dog i see..... hahahaha

*show us some more girl, of u too :) and ur hott bro.....lol jk jk


sarNie Hatchling
lol marduk's dog, he wishes!! ahahahah

i'll post more up later.


sarNie Hatchling
it's a SHE and she DOES NOT LOOK FUNNY!

this was fun..

this one's for lek my makeup that i hardly wear

this one's for marduk, he's always in my bathroom

my favorite tree

i was told to turn off my electronic devices...suree

art museaum downtown chicago

oh this one's for lek, my most recent picture taken w/ my phone.



sarNie Hatchling
OMG...LOL! i totally love the whole pink outfit on your doggy girl....sooooooooooooo freakin cute! i want a yorky! and ahem *cough* did you just say that beaker boy's in chicago training? hahaha


sarNie Adult
i need to go to chicago soon when the weather is warmer...i seem to have fun there... the little noodle shops and a cold beer i miss that... soon i will return... ;)

P.S. Thanks for the look at a few moments in the life of K'... :)


sarNie Hatchling
OMG girl!!! i think fujin just drooled all over your dog.....LMAO! i think that he's hitting on her so you better keep her safe...LOL!


Sarnie Clown!
I think Rembrant's exhibit was a temporary one...which brings me to my question.

Holy shit, were we there at the same time?

Look at the background. Does it look similar to you? When were you in Chicago?


Klarissa is that pictures of my doggy that you are posting up? lol. She's such a cutie, does she bite? Post more, post more!!!! :D