Ladies Room *Book 3: Chapter 4, Part B*


Chapter 4/12

the day they'll meet again. Ploy dont know why her heart was raising so faster, it reminded her a couple of times of a stolen kiss. but in the end she kissed him back. it was foolish of her of why she exactly did that.

heading to Yamnam's office and as the secretary opened the door for her, there he was... the man who wants her back in the resort and Chakrit's father who was happy to see her again as he was smiling. "why hello Miss Chermarn..."

Ploy: good morning, Mr. Yamnam...
Chakrit's father: good morning, Ploy. (he smiled as she smiles back at him. avoiding someone's stare. Por who was right next to him.) so... i guess you already know what you're here for. Por here already told me that he wants you back to the resort. i hope this time you two will get along with each other.
Por: oh, im sure we'll be... besides im the one who requested to get her back.

he caught her stare, the way he look at her it felt like he was undressing her. something about his stare that teases her, reminding her about what happened last time. for sure, he's doing this in purpose just to play around.


they went back to the resort and surprisingly Por was attentively listening to her. she toured him around and never heard him complaining anything. he got to know the employees in different departments, they discuss the daily budget of the hotel resort, how much they withdraw and how much they earned by the end of the day.

he shared his opinions when they discuss the rules and regulations of the resort for the employees. he shared his opinion without getting to the point of arguing. he shows his respect to what Mr. Yamnam built in this resort.

the only problem she got was when she let him tried the dishes that the resort serves. Ploy couldn't remember anything that he dislikes and even at the end... he suggested to go to the kitchen to meet the chef and helped the employees washing the plates. now, she's gets wondering if Por's just trying to show off.

during their break time, Por chose to sit near at the seashore and watch the sea waves. she brought some drinks for them, for some reason she smiled how he was staring at the sea waves. she thought that he's maybe thinking about how sick he was before.

Por: Miss Chermarn...
Ploy: mmmm? (she respond while playing the sand to her palm. then she look at him.)
Por: nothing... why are you playing that?
Ploy: nothing... i just like it.
Por: i want to invite you tonight at my-

"sir...", they both turn their heads as someone just called him. it was one of the employees in the resort. "Miss Sunisa is here to see you...", she said and left right away.

he sighed as he get up from his position. he cleaned up his pants and later Ploy finally get up. before Por finally went, he couldn't help himself stare at Ploy's eyes. it was natural as if it belonged to her. those eyes, there are so much to remind him.


"Por... there you are", she approached him and gave him a hug. "what brings you here?", he asked.

Vicky: what kind of question is that? i came here to see you before i'll be gone for a couple of weeks.
Por: a couple of weeks?
Vicky: i accepted a movie offer just a few days ago. im coming with the crew to see the location.
Por: i see...
Vicky: i'll just message you. but i was hoping for you to visit me if you have time.
Por: fine with me...
Vicky: you mean you're going to visit me at the set?
Por: i will if i got time.

Vicky smiled and gave him an embraced, he hugged her back. though she was smiling, he was not. he dont know why, but its just that he has never been happy to be in his brother's place. meanwhile, outside Ploy was biting her lower lip... she don't know why, either she was confuse or jealous?

she remembered the kiss.


when Vicky and Por got out of the office, Vicky approached Ploy right away. she hold her arm and away from Por, she dont know why she grabbed her. "Ploy... i need a favor"

Ploy: wha-what is that?
Vicky: im gonna be away for awhile and...
Ploy: (Vicky looked serious this time. she whispered.) and???
Vicky: since we're friends and we know each other because some of our friends... i want you to take care of Por for me while im away. (Ploy frowned and only got questionable on her face.) dont ask why... you know why. please... just say yes?

Ploy nodded for some reason. she smiled "yes!", Vicky smiled to her response. from afar, Por was looking at them.

Vicky: i know he's been busy but i want you to report every single move that he makes. i've been sulking for days because of him and i just can't think straight... i mean i can't help but feel suspicious and-
Ploy: okay, okay... i get what you mean. i will tell you if he's cheating on you or not.
Vicky: great~! (she hugged her.) i know i can trust you. in return, is there something you want?
Ploy: nothing much... i will do this because you're my friend.

Vicky hugged her again, she was happy to have Ploy to guard her boyfriend this time. she just realize that she should done this along time ago and now she has Ploy, she finally found someone she can trust. she returned to Por and was asked if what did she and Ploy talked about, but she remained silent.


after Vicky spent 2 more hours, Por and Ploy returned work. this time, Ploy introduced him of how the employees do their rounds in their work. she showed him the sales and the usual quota they have everyday. though Por knew about this already, he thought he needed to listen to someone like Ploy who knows how to run this business.

he then thought about Chakrit, the son of the owner of this resort. he wonder if how long Chakrit and Ploy been keeping this good relationship, good as in good friends and partnership. if its true that these two have this certain relationship, this resort has more than success. to have Ploy as a good and trustful employee, its a good match. if only Mr. Yamnam's son was responsible...


Chakrit received a call from an old friend, he was a director of a movie. he was asked to use his paintings in his upcoming film, so he went to see his friend as he brought his paintings to let his friend see it.

"so what do you think?", he asked.

"great~! really a masterpiece...", his friend said who happens to be the director of the film. "i want to use these paintings... these 5 of them or maybe i can see other paintings of yours?", he continued.

"wow...", he chuckled. "i dont know what to say..."

"just say yes... and i'll give you more. besides, the producer of the film wants your painting to this film. i didn't expect he looks forward to your other masterpiece, here's my card... tomorrow why dont you come by to the location where we are trying to film..."

"oh... really? i can?"

"why of course! after all its your artworks that will be featured in the film!", the director laughed.


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Spoilers: while Ploy tries to controls herself before she explodes. Chakrit and Vicky meets, this is the start of the war between the two...

and... something will happen.