Ladies Room *Book 3: Chapter 4, Part B*


i will post the part B


"i wanna take a leave for awhile, Mr. Yamnam...", Ploy cant give enough reason, but back of her mind... Por was reason.

Por notice that Ploy hadn't been at work for days and so he wanted to confirm if what's happening to her, but why he starts to feel concern??? he's not concern, that's what his mind says.


Chapter 2/12

for a couple of days she secretly survey the whole resort, she's only doing her job as she was being considerate to Chakrit's father. day by day, employees were changed. some got fired and some got quit. the new boss didn't cared, Ploy wonder if Mr. Yamnam knew about this. for her, she doesn't like what she sees right now. she heard of a 'progress' word everytime he scolds the employees.

what wrong with him? this is not right anymore, she thought.

at the end of the day as she just finished working and she was about to meet up with Chakrit's father. she wanted to talk about things that she's concern about in the resort and for that.... she already accepted that this Por is different from what she used to know.

Chakrit's father: have a seat... (she then took the seat.) so what do you want to discuss about?
Ploy: Mr. Yamnam-
Chakrit's father: stop right there... what did i told you last time? we're not in the office, just call me 'uncle'.
Ploy: im sorry... uh... uncle, its about work.
Chakrit's father: uhuh... okay, what about?
Ploy: well, i dont seem to like how Mr. Thrisadee manages the resort.
Chakrit's father: mmm... if you wanna talk about changing the employees in the resort, well, its part of our deal.
Ploy: you knew?
Chakrit's father: of course! Por and i had an agreement.
Ploy: bu-but... that's absurd. uncle, he even fired those excellent workers we had. even those employees who worked for years already-
Chakrit's father: Ploy, Por knows what he's doing. and you... you should just cooperate.
Ploy: and what if i didn't? he'll fire me?

Chakrit's father didn't reply anymore. leaving her and just sighed at the corner. she was left with a big decision, now, she wanted to talk to him...


at the end of the day she stayed alone to the apartment- actually now a penthouse. it was Aum's building. every month Aum updates this building despite of being busy as a family man. the other day she was left with a message by him, saying that he and his family going for a trip as part of their celebration of their first baby.

-and now as she opened the computer and surf on the internet, she opened first her emails. receiving another email from him, that once they got back to Thailand, they decided to stay for awhile at Aff's family while their family house in under construction and she was left to manage the building for awhile.

"im so not into multi-tasking!", she reclined on swivel chair. she's now having a big problem with the new boss and now Aum's leaving this building temporarily. aside from that she's the one who manages the spa & massage parlor at the resort. she cant do all these stuff at a time.

for a moment she figured something to set these things...

before bedtime, she decided to open the book planner, the list of things to do... who was made by none other than but- nevermind, she prefer not to mention his name.

vacationing for at least once a month... check.
taking pictures of the things that makes you something special and unusual.... check.
hanging out with friends... check.
loving the new job... it was checked, when she first got to the resort years ago and was hired to manage the spa & massage parlor.

the was her craft at the same time, she dont know what she's gifted about... but healing person's and took away those stress. it was her job. she was a blind masseur before. but aside from enjoying her job, she was enjoying taking pictures... that's why she took up photography classes.

but right now... at this moment, she dont know why she felt so tired. she felt like there's no such thing to inspire her. she was looking for some answers.


this is the last day, it was Sunday in the afternoon... Chakrit haven't seen Ploy today. in their resort, there was no day off... its only normal for those resort and hotel owners to issue that kind of rule. money never stops coming around, but that's not the point. he came to give his documents, since he's under probation or really got fired by his own father. but either the two, he needed to hand these documents to her... so that Ploy will be the one to give it to the new boss.

even if he was the son, as soon as he entered the hotel... he felt like he wasn't welcome anymore. he asked the receptionist if where's Ploy, but the receptionist dont know where she is.

he soon find Por at the cafeteria, talking to the other businessmen. then Por noticed him. he excused for awhile...

Por: what's up, Mr. Yamnam's son?
Chakrit: it looks like you've changed the resort for just a week...
Por: i guess you heard about the employees. but i dont think it concerned you now. what are you holding?
Chakrit: i am... i am planning to give these to her.
Por: her? do you mean the girl who manages the spa & massage-
Chakrit: she has a name. but these documents were intended for you.
Por: then why you should hand it to her if i am here...
Chakrit: that's what i am about to do- (he got irritated.) here yo go. i have to go now. she's nowhere to be found here anyway.
Por: i am planning to fire her... (Chakrit was about to go but he turn around and didn't expect for him to say that.) she's hadn't been here for days and she's leaving her work for no reason. (Por continued.)
Chakrit: why dont you ask yourself if why she's not around. if you'll fire her, i dont think it'll matter to her. im leaving...

he doesnt want to continue this conversation anymore. he's not only pissed... and maybe because the change that had been done here in the resort cause Ploy not come anymore. Chakrit needs to see her and she has a good thing to offer than working here.


Chakrit was about to go out at the exit door of the resort when he accidentally bumped onto someone. he was looking his way but not the woman. so who's to blame?

Vicky: ouch! can you watch where you were going!?!
Chakrit: excuse me??? i was watching my way... but you dont.
Vicky: (his words embarrass her to a little surprise, she was indeed not looking her way because she was busy dialing her phone. she wanted to scold the man but she has an image to protect.) well... (she smiled... sarcastically.) i am busy and dont you think you should be more considerate?
Chakrit: and what the hell i should considerate about? i believe you should be the one to watch where you were going and not me!

before she could speak again, he left right away he ended those words. he was obviously not in the mood... and so she was. she never encountered someone like him before. she wanted to insult him, she wanted to protect her image as an actress. who does he think he is? doesn't he even know me???? she asked herself while watching him leaving.


its been a couple of days, he dont know why it got him curious of why she's not coming to work. Por ask himself if he was getting overboard. he opened his draw and saw the pocket-size of a picture, it was him and his twin. "there's unusual to her... there's nothing special about her....", talking to the picture. they were both wearing polo shirts, despite being twins... they were wearing different colors. he was wearing white and standing at the right corner, the one who's smiling, wearing a black polo shirt was his twin.

he closed the drawer again, he was thinking if he offended his twin about the mission it was given to him. not really a mission but rather a chance that his twin was talking about. something about this girl that maybe would change him. but he still doesnt get it.

all he was concern right now, if she's not coming tomorrow... better he'll come over and talk to her.


"i wanna take a leave for awhile, Mr. Yamnam...", Ploy cant give enough reason, but back of her mind... Por was the reason. it was Monday in the afternoon and she spent some time working with Chakrit's father at the Yamnam's Company. but other than that... its her chance to say that she needed a leave.

Chakrit's father: so that's the reason why you're really here? (Ploy nodded her head, agreed to his question.) what's the valid reason.
Ploy: if you want your son back and inherit your business... this is the only chance i needed... (she lied. partly.)
Chakrit's father: so you're saying? you're going to convince him... AGAIN?
Ploy:(he knew. she already convince his son for a couple of times but it didn't work out.) uh.... ye-
Chakrit's father: tell me honestly now... why do you wanna take a leave for awhile? (Ploy cleared her throat, she cant look at him straight because he was reading her.) i think i probably know the answer... but you must know... since my son doesnt want to run this business, i let Por take over for awhile for him to realize it. and you, i dont think there's no reason for you to leave except if you really have a big problem with HIM. (he was referring to Por.)
Ploy: well, partly yes... but i think this would be reasonable enough if i can take back your son and convince him this time. if he saw that the resort is suffering from the cruel new boss you hired... im sure all the employees needed your son badly.

from her words, it looks like he got convinced. but he was still thinking if what will be his decision.


she got home and felt relieve, Mr. Yamnam finally agreed and gave her some time. but she also needed to convince Chakrit this time, there are consequences for sure if she couldn't convince her.

but as she got home from the building, there was a new flashy car parking infront of the building. she thought that maybe its Aum and Aff, so she was happy and maybe got the chance to see the baby this time.

"Aum!?!", she called his name when the man turn around and found out it wasn't Aum after all. it was Por. why he's here??? he was still wearing his business attire.


see you in next chapter...


Chapter 3/12

she took her first step as she got excited to see Aum again, but she stopped in the middle when the man turn around the person she was expecting to see turned out to be an unexpected visitor.

he turn around, unbelieving if who was just she called...

Ploy: you... Mis-... Mister... mr. Thrisadee... (and why would she felt stuttering the moment she saw him?)
Por: Ms. Chermarn...
Ploy: (she frowned and she walk towards him.) what are you doing here? ha-how did you know where i live?
Por: application form...
Ploy: i see... (she stopped and still wondering why he's here.) what do you want, sir?
Por: annoyance.
Ploy: what? (she certainly didn't miss that word. and he comes here to say that he's annoyed?)
Por: annoyance of you to call me "sir" even if we're not at work.
Ploy: ah... i thought you're telling me all over again that im the most annoying person you've ever met.
Por: you are... and what makes me annoyed is that you've been absent for days. is that mean im going to deduct your salary? or fire you?
Ploy: (he was harsh... his words just pissed her and it made her dont want to talk it further but since he needed answer, she'll have to tell him.) neither the two... i just resigned, don't you know? i passed my resignation to Mr. Yamnam and if you want to know if its true, why dont you ask him yourself. goodnight, Mr. Thrisadee... you just made my night!

she left him, definitely didn't care what he'll say to her. though she hurried to come up stairs, she never heard him stopping her. she thought herself that she was expecting him to stopped her and maybe... plead? impossible. that won't happen.


"hello...?", Vicky answered her phone after 3 times of ringing. it was her mother. she across her right arm, wrapping against her chest. "...why did you call?... no... im not interested to join that party... why dont you invite someone else?... what? you called him? i have to confirm it first... if he's not... it means NO... goodbye for now, talk to you soon..."

she turned off her phone just so her mother wouldn't call and annoyed her with some cocktail party invitation. she's not interested to go at the parties where her mother's there. of course, there are medias everywhere and she's concern about her image and her mother's the opposite. it felt like her own mother destroys her own image.

but why would her boyfriend, Por, accepted her invitation. she doesnt want him to. Por knows that she hates her mother and in the past... if she's not going, he doesnt either. but now? -wait, she needed to call him first. she turned on her phone and speed dial his number.

Por: what's up?
Vicky: is it true that my mother called you?
Por: yeah, she called this afternoon... why?
Vicky: then are you really coming to the party where she invited you?
Por: Vicky, she invited us... she wants us to go and that's why i accepted it.
Vicky: so you're really coming????
Por: of course...
Vicky: (and now she had no choice.) so... where are you right now?
Por: going home...
Vicky: aren't you planning to visit me here at the set?
Por: Vicky... im tired from work and its already late.
Vicky: fine...

he was driving and he couldn't but think about her, not Vicky... but Ploy. he just cant understand but on how he felt rejected by her awhile ago... he doesn't want her to quit, subconsciously that's what he wanted to say.


"party??? why would you have a party tomorrow?.... no, i couldn't come.... because... you obviously invited him... you always know that my father and i are not in good terms... Cherry... Cherry, listen... i couldn't come and that's fina-..... what?... i'll call her then...", Chakrit hanged up the phone as soon as Cherry told her that she just got back from the States and now she recently sent some invitations to her cocktail party that she even organized.

Chakrit's long-time friend, her unexpected comeback made him not so excited after all. besides, he doesnt like surprises. they became close because of their families are both business partners in other businesses. other than that, they're in the same school which Cherry also took arts and she's now a well-known sculptor and a curator of Thailand's artsy.

she got back 2 years ago just to have a vacation, Chakrit introduces Ploy to her.

and now, she's back again... all of a sudden he just found out that she sent some invitations not only to his father... but also Ploy.

he answered his phone and he thought that it might be Cherry again. but it was Ploy.

Chakrit: sorry... i thought you're her.
Ploy: its alright. listen, speaking of her... i got an invitation from her. its tomorrow already.
Chakrit: i know... we've already talked and she wanted me to come.
Ploy: you're always like that, you keep rejecting her party invitations...
Chakrit: you know why i always do...
Ploy: your father again... im kinda tired of the same old stories, Krit... anyways, are you going to fetch me tomorrow? im gonna buy a dress for the party...
Chakrit: you're really coming to her party???
Ploy: yeah...

after they talked over the phone, she cant wait to see Cherry soon. though she's excited enough to see Cherry again, she's still feel half pissed and half wondering of why Por came. she know for sure that he didn't came to see her to fire her. she regret of how her actions showed towards him, it was still his fault.


she plans to fix herself today for the party and Chakrit had no choice to go either. they decided to go check out the clothes department and other stores at the mall. he's not planning to go and buy new clothes for a certain event, but Ploy forced him to. she knows that he doesnt like going out in the malls, she encourages him.

Ploy: Krit, let's buy this one... (he picked up the blazer.) i think it looks good on you.
Chakrit: and then, im just gonna used it one time? Ploy, you know that i dont like these typical clothes.
Ploy: but its for the party tonight.
Chakrit: i dont need a new clothes, okay...
Ploy: if you're not going to buy... Cherry will not be please to see you.
Chakrit: its fine with me... look, why do you need to go to the party even if you knew that i dont wanna go there.
Ploy: i have my reasons... if you're not coming to the party, i'll still come to see Cherry and her new artworks.
Chakrit: that's absurd, you know that we can always meet up with Cherry if she got time to visit us.
Ploy: but its too much for her. besides, i'll be needing her help to find me some work.
Chakrit: what?
Ploy: Krit, you're having problems of getting a job. Cherry's the answer. i also quit in my job, so i might asked some help from her.

she was right and it was too late for him to realize that their problems could be helped by Cherry. he just smile and when she knew why he was smiling, this time she convinced him.

at the mall, Por was just strolling around the mall while waiting for his friend who just got back from the States. but as he passes by at the store, he saw some familiar faces. it was her and the resort owner's son who was having fun by choosing some clothes.

he couldn't understand the way how they laugh at each other, he got pissed as he saw her whining around at the mall and forgot about her job. flirt and flaunt, that's what he wanted to describe her. his phone was ringing and his friend finally arrived, the he left.


in part B, Ploy and Por meets again... have sudden sweet kiss... XD


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omg nikki.. i totally 4got bout this.. ehehe.. gotta get started with this.. hmmm.. did i ever finished your other one?... i dont remember lol.. haha imma have to power read ^_^


omg nikki.. i totally 4got bout this.. ehehe.. gotta get started with this.. hmmm.. did i ever finished your other one?... i dont remember lol.. haha imma have to power read ^_^
the one with Aff and Aum???? i think you did... im not sure... the last time i remember, it was jen-x who last replied that she already finish reading the one with Aff and Aum...


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haha i think imma have to start over with book 1 ^________^ as you can see im back into reading ffs again hehe..


haha i think imma have to start over with book 1 ^________^ as you can see im back into reading ffs again hehe..
LOL... actually... if once in awhile, im not busy at all. i update this fic... its like 3 times in a month... hahaha XD


Chapter 3/12

"am i late? how long you've been waiting?", Cherry and Por finally meet. Por wasn't pissed after what he have seen awhile ago, now there's Cherry whom he wanted to see since she just arrived from the States a few days ago. this is the only day he had a chance to see her because of his hectic schedule.

Por: i just arrived...
Cherry: i see... i was also busy because i had to check out the gallery because-
Por: okay, okay... so you just came back because of your exhibition.
Cherry: you got it...
Por: so when will it be?... but before you answer that lets find a place where we can talk. where do you want?
Cherry: ice cream parlor.
Por: you really haven't change... let's go.


"how do i look?", Chakrit went out of the fitting room. Ploy stared at him from head to toe, Chakrit looks great actually if only he had a short hair. to her, he maybe a one hot guy if his hair was short. but that the only one he couldn't do, to cut his hair. it felt like he was a 'samson' who only gets his confidence and strength from his hair. for how many times she already convinced him to cut his hair but he didn't do it. "you'll look great if only you have to cut his hair...", she said.

Chakrit: you know i can't do that...
Ploy: of course you can if you really wanted to.
Chakrit: but the problem is i dont want to.
Ploy: i know... but promise me to tie your hair later at the party, okay?

Chakrit just nod and then he went back to the fitting room to change and finally decided to buy the outfit they chose, Ploy was at the counter and paid it.


"so how's doing everything? how's the adjustments?", Cherry asked Por while they were taking their order. but Por didn't answer her, he can't decide if which ice cream he would choose. "i want some Strawberry Balsamic Ice Cream...", Cherry finally had her order, then Por stared at her. he closes the menu.

Por: just Black Forest ice cream for me...
Cherry: anyways, you haven't answered my question.
Por: of what? there's nothing i can tell except arguing with dad...
Cherry: mmm... you two always never get along. but how about your mission. (Por looked at her, he knows what she was trying to say, he also mentioned to her this before about his mission.) did already found her? (Cherry was smiling that something she knows but he couldn't tell what it is.)
Por: i can tell you know something but you dont wanna tell me...
Cherry: mmm... let's say YES. but i want you to find her by yourself. (sounded like as if she was challenging him.)
Por: (Por wanted to smile because he found 'her' already. he just sighed.) what if i say that i found her already but i prefer not to talk about her...
Cherry: if you say so... but i just want you to know that she's coming to my exhibit tonight. so are you coming tonight?
Por: NO. i'll be busy...

when their order came, they both concentrate to their ice creams. they look at each other's eyes. Por knows that she wants to tell something, it felt like she's teasing him and he would never dare to ask because he dont want to hold back to his words. if he says he's not interested, he had to show her that he's not interested.


it's getting late and Ploy was ready. she was waiting for Chakrit to fetch her, she looked at her watch and there's no Chakrit who came. she thought that he maybe got stuck in a traffic jam and so she decided to send him a message that they'll just meet at Cherry's exhibition. it suddenly rain, so she decided to call a taxi and will never wait for him anymore.

meanwhile, in the middle road. Chakrit's getting more pissed because he never expect Ploy to say that they'll just meet at the exhibition. he was pissed because he's almost getting to her place and yet he needed to U-turn because he was thinking that maybe Ploy went already.

when Ploy finally arrived at Cherry's exhibition, Cherry immediately accompanied Ploy to show her works. she was also introduce to the other businessmen who were there not just for the exhibition and Cherry's family friends... but also because Ploy's profiling was interesting to know her more, she thought that this is maybe a great chance to find a steady work again.

Chakrit's an hour late already eversince it rained and got stuck at the traffic jam all over again. "i called him already but he got stuck at the the traffic jam again. he said that you should have waited him...", Cherry said to her.

Ploy: i see...
Cherry: dont worry he's always like that.
Ploy: (she just smile, but deep inside she worries for her friend.) i'll wait him then no matter what.
Cherry: that's good. why dont you just keep hanging around first...

Cherry left her when some of her guests came, then while keep hanging around, she felt like someone's looking at her, so she hurried to the restroom and thinking she was maybe tipsy only. she washed her face and when she was about to look at herself in the mirror, Por almost scared her as his reflection. "Por!?!", she turn around and it was really him.

Ploy: mi... mr. Thrisadee... wha-what are you d-doing here? this is- (before she could finish, Por offered his handkerchief to her.)
Por: (it made her realize that her face was still wet and still dripping after washing her face. she dont want his handkerchief and she rather get some tissue to wipe her face, but another thing that made her realize most of the cubicles were open and it was men's water closet. Ploy looked at him and Por looked at her seriously.) take it... (he sighed and wonder why she's even in a men's restroom, Ploy still didn't accept his handkerchief and so he decided to give it to her and put into her palm.)

she returned his handkerchief, but he didn't accept it anymore, "no need to, just keep it. you must be drunk that's why you got lost here inside the men's restroom..."

Ploy: (was that an insult? it doesnt matter because the way he said it, she instantly got pissed.) i am not drunk.... i... i... i am just tipsy.
Por: its still the same.
Ploy: you know what... i really dont know why dont get along, if you're annoyed with me... then the feeling is mutual. now, if will you excuse me? (she was about to go, but he held her arm to stop her.)
Por: im still not finish. i wanna ask you about why did you resigned?
Ploy: (she face him and cross her arms.) didn't you ask yourself why? if there are any reasons why i had to resign, why dont you just ask Mr. Yamnam because i am not interested to tell you my reason.
Por: but im still your boss... i have the right thing to know.
Ploy: im sorry but i wont tell you...

he pulled her closer all of a sudden and when he was still staring at her own very eyes, her heart just started to pumped so fast. "im not gonna let you go not until you tell me your reason..."

Ploy: i... i.... hate you. (he then slowly letting go of her.)
Por: is that it?
Ploy: (she nodded but didn't dare to look at him.) i just can't work with someone who doesn't know how care for his workers. and my previous boss is not like that.
Por: but what if i still dont want you to go...
Ploy: (she looked at him.) you just can't force someone who's not willing to do as you wish. i cant work with someone like you...
Por: what about the promise we needed to make... dont you remember?

she turn around and she didn't want to confuse herself anymore. he did remember her and she knows what promise they made together years ago. "if you cant remember... i have to do something to make you remember it."

he pulled her again and this time.... he kissed her. that made her surprise of why the hell he would kiss her. though his eyes were close... her eyes were wide open. slowly it made shiver down her spine, her lips stood still... she dont know how and to her situation right now it just made her confuse.


see in the next chapter. dont ask me why i just all of a sudden updated this fic.
i think i just felt like i wanna update it today. thanks for reading then...


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OMG got caught up. i do hope you update this nikki. i love aum/aff. i'm so happy that they overcame all those obstacles and ended up together and they had a little boy <3 por and ploy love is intense ^^ it's so sad that the other por died and vicky & ploy don't know. :( i'm looking forward to vicky and chakrit's story.


OMG got caught up. i do hope you update this nikki. i love aum/aff. i'm so happy that they overcame all those obstacles and ended up together and they had a little boy <3 por and ploy love is intense ^^ it's so sad that the other por died and vicky & ploy don't know. :( i'm looking forward to vicky and chakrit's story.

promise... i'll get back to this one... im just busy lately. and yes, just like what you have guessed... Por and Ploy's story is more intense... in drama because there are secrets behind it and why Por has this attitude, a revenge to his father and its for him and his brother. Ploy will be used at the same time.


Chapter 4/12

the next thing she knew, she was kissing her back. but she dont wanna fall onto it and so she pushed him away as hard as she can and before she could slap him, he grabbed her hand and pulled her as they got inside and locked themselves inside the cubicle. before she could speak again, he put his index finger to her lips and said "sssshhh.... you wouldn't want them to catch you here...", referring to those men who just got inside the restroom.

Ploy: (she put away his index finger and whispered.) i would rather scream and let them see what you did to me...
Por: really... go ahead. (he dare her to do it, but why she couldn't...) do you think they would believe you? where do you think we are right now?

true. it only made her stupid to realize that they were in the men's restroom after all. it'll only turn out bad and will ruin her as self-proclaimed woman who's conservative and has dignity. they waited 'til those men left and that's how they got out from the cubicle together.

he head towards the door and stand right there. "I will wait for you tomorrow at Mr. Yamnam's office. this would make you clear that i have the right to oppose whether i'll accept your resignation or not...", he left right after when he said it. he left her and before might catch her inside the men's restroom, she got out and as she returned to the exhibit hall... he was gone.

Cherry and Chakrit approached her asked if where she had been. she couldn't find an answer, the only thing inside her head was what just happened inside that restroom.


he got inside the car and it was too late to realized that Vicky has been calling him as he got 40 miss calls, and so he decided to give her a call. "Hey... i've been calling you. where were you?"

Por: im about to go home...
Vicky: as in right now?
Por: yeah.... (he sighed.) why?
Vicky: im here at Rome's house. he wanted to see you.
Por: i can't... im busy.
Vicky: you're always like that... you never had time for me now.
Por: just tell him to give me a call at work tomorrow.
Vicky: but-
Por: Vicky... please. im really tired right now and i really dont have time to join you there. goodbye (he press the end button without letting her finish to speak.)

Vicky frowned because she's trying her best to be good girlfriend this time to him, she wanted him to know that she changed eventually and she's not what she used to be. but even if she changed, Por on the other hand had big changes after they got back together. he wasn't the sweet and nice that she knew...

she got back inside with dismay on her face, Rome and Rita looked at her.

Rome: what now? is he coming?
Vicky: no...
Rome: maybe he's busy.
Vicky: Rome, i dont understand him at all. even before i know he's busy, but he always find time to see me... but now he's different. eversince we got back together, he really change.
Rome: dont think too much. you know that Por has been always busy, maybe he's just doing a big favor to his father.
Vicky: you think so?
Rita: i thought tonight is a chance to see him again though.
Vicky: and you know what i hate most... he accepted my mom invitation. he want us to go to her party...
Rome: that's good to hear.
Vicky: what's so good about that!?! all of you guys and even him... you knew that my mom and i had bad circumstances. i just dont know why he accepted it.

Rita and Rome comforted her, they knew Vicky has been working so hard and trying to make up to it that she has time for Por but obviously Por's acting indifferently. Rome knew...


Por went back to his office, he planned to spend a night there as he was checking out the documents that his father faxed him. he will never forget his main reason why he's even here. to get what he deserves and to revenge, but aside from that the favor of his late brother. the last request that he needed to fulfill, he still dont get it...

he dont even know why he kissed her. he dont know why he had to act as a boyfriend of Vicky. he touched his lips... he remember kissing the woman who used to be a blind woman. whose eyes belonged to his brother... when he kissed her, he asked himself if she felt something.

Ploy just got home. Chakrit decided to go home early as Ploy wasn't to herself. she still dont know why Por kissed her, it wasn't something that she remember he would do that. other than that, he stole her first kiss. she had been kiss on the cheek before but she never considered it as first kiss...

she was confused if she liked it or not. the first kiss was unexpected and intense... that how she thought about it.

thinking of him, tomorrow he's expecting to see her... she's still undecided if she would like to see him or not. but she dont think she could face him after what he did awhile ago. he wants her back to the resort.


part B next...


sarNie Granny
yay you updated :D heehee the kiss starts the whole confusion of mixed feelings :D i really feel sorry for Vicky. she doesn't deserve being decieved like this, especially if she think that this Por is HER Por. I was wondering, did the Por that died have feelings for Ploy or did he like her just as friends??


sarNie Egg
so Vicky real boyfriend is the dead Por? she will be mad at ploy and living Por when the two start to fall in love?