Ladies Room *Book 3: Chapter 4, Part B*




Ladies Room, Book 1: SUSPICIOUS LOVER Rita/Rome
Ladies Room, Book 2: MY NUMBER TWO Aff/Aum

A story of five women hardly know each other, as the story goes... each of them will find out how much they're connected to each other. what will happen to their story? who will fill into their story of their lives?

Anne Thongprasom, a part-time promo lady at the mall and a drama queen, she lie in purpose. it never got in her mind to have a boyfriend, simply she doesnt have time and she slightly doesnt believe in love. after witnessing the separation of her parents, she'd promised to herself from then on that she dont want to be in love. but what if she needed anyway? what if she got the wrong impression because of the man who taught her?

Aff Taksaorn will do everything in the name of love. one of the luckiest girl in high society... she's engaged to Ken Theeradej, whom her boyfriend for 6 years already and the owner of the well-known mall. their parents finally agree with it, but what if the man she loved doesn't want her to marry? what if she realize that her love doesnt deserve him at all?

Sririta Jensen, eversince she was little, she had a upbringing in poverty with only memories of troubles in money. she works as part-time promo girl at the mall together with her childhood friend Anne, but nobody even knows what she does at night. not even her boyfriend Aum Atichart who's a part-time construction worker. these people who's very important to her dont want to let them know about her secret, being a prostitute.

Vicky Sunisa is a famous actress, she's nice if she's infront of the camera... but actually she's just an arrogant one, maybe because eversince she was little... she never had a good memories with her mother who always had an affair. and what's worst is that she just had a new step brother who'll come to see her and get to know her more.

Ploy Cherman, a blind masseur. she only had traumas when she was little and its one of the reasons why she got blind. her neighbor Aum Atichart helps her a lot when getting to the workplace. she's always thankful and how she wished that she could see for she wanted to thank him, she even wanted to thank him for bringing her to a special place that even though she cant see, she can feel it. but was she sure enough that the one who brought her was Aum?

The Guys

Ken Theeradej- a well-known businessman at his age, a workaholic. he dedicate his work to his family and to his fiance, Aff. but sometimes, no matter how many times you tried your best to show your hard work for the people you love... its still not enough. even the person who's suppose to understand you and care for you... and yet in the end, she'll just leave you.

Aum Atichart- a hard working man, even if its hard to get a stable job. he'll do anything for the person he loves, when Rita runaway because of life-threatening awaits her. he couldn't forgive the person who started it. he and Rita never keep secrets, that's why she told in the letter where she left for him... that Aff Taksaorn was the one threatening her.

Rome Patchata- a son of a business tycoon, he usually idolize his father... but when he found that his father had an affair with a prostitute, he immediately look for that prostitute to warn her. but only to find out that the girl he met at mall and the prostitute are one.

Chakrit Yamnam- freelance painter, but at the same he owns a hotel resort. her father says that he has no future because he wasnt serious to all the things come into him, but for him... his father doesnt know him at all. he hate his father... simply. and what he hate most is to have an instant sister.

Por Thrisadee- he's very typical man that girls wanted to think of, however, he wonder why his relationship doesnt seem lasted. Vicky broke his heart because she doesnt have time for their relationship. she's an actress, there's nothing he can do about it. not until he bumped to a blind woman who's working as a masseur in a spa where Vicky's brother owns a hotel resort.


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first part of the story will be focus with Rita and Rome's story... since i've notice that you already got curious with Rita's job here... :p



Chapter 1/12

"did you find any suspicious from that woman?", Rome asked one of his men whom he assigned to eye on the prostitute woman that has been linking to his father. he's been searching all this time about this girl and now's the time to move and tell her to stay away from his father, before she can destroy their family's reputation in business circle.

Abi, his assistant was the one who gave some of the information he dig in from the computer. Rome took one of those pictures that his men had and take a look at it.
how come this woman doesn't look like one... he asked himself. a face of an angel and she doesn't look like one of those whores he encountered, he got curious enough to know more about this woman. no wonder his father hooked up with this woman.

"what are you exactly thinking, Rome? you're supposed to curse this woman because you finally found your father's secret lover...", talking to himself. she almost got him with her innocent beauty. he must not be deceived by this woman. he cant... and it'll never be. he crumpled the picture and throw it to the trash can.


"hello, ma'am... try one of our latest product. our new mascara and foundation has great deal if you'll buy one", it's been 4 hours since she was standing infront of the people not just to entertain them but to convince them at the same time, she was designated to be promo-girl for this week. what a big lame for her to do this all this time, she couldn't stand it anymore. she look at her watch and as the second hand strikes at 12... she called one of her co-workers to sub her work, while she has to go and take her lunch first.

she just sent a message to her friend Anne to join her for lunch. she was on her way to the fast food chain where she and Anne will meet.

[faded scene]

1-B is at the second page


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