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Wow! I check this out and I just gotta love all the poetries you put in the story. Makes everything more imaginable! :D
You could be a great poet, do you know that? LOL.


FF Writer!! Love it!
ImQueen said:
Wow! I check this out and I just gotta love all the poetries you put in the story. Makes everything more imaginable! :D
You could be a great poet, do you know that? LOL.
Haha thanks. I've been told that also but I really don't understand potery if you told me to read it. I only understand those that appeals to me but other than that I would be really confused. Lol haha but if I where to write poetry myself it makes better sense Bc it's the only way to express the feeling there. I'm glad u like it. :)


FF Writer!! Love it!

Yaya stared at madness. She was eating with the man who abandon her. A man who justify that they were nothing but a man and a wife married in marriage only and now he wanted to consummate their marriage. Leaving her wasn't enough and now he demanded for some closure. Commanded to be treated as a husband and full fill his rightful duty. Who was he kidding? Nature? This wasn't the balance of anything! This was unreasonable acts and unfairness to her the most. She sighed in consideration and stared at Barry enjoying her food that she made for herself.

"Darn you! Darn you to hell!" She thought and her fist full of frustration. "Dare to steal my own food in my own house! Darn you!" She wanted to curse at him but it took everything inside of her not to do it. She battle herself for some closure and took her cup of tea from the table and sipped it. She glare at him more and gulp the tea in a whole gulp almost choking herself.

The things a guy can do to a women even when he isn't even trying.

Hungry and starving for her meal, Yaya stood up again watching Barry eat all the food she made and she didn't even get a bite out of it. Bitter and starving like a wolf who hasn't ate in days she storm all the way back to her room and slam the door shut. Not caring if hell went loose minutes later, she came back out with a pretty jaded lace top with a long red skirt with a slit to the side, and her black coach purse making her amazingly expensive. Yaya then flipped her hair back and strides for the doorway.

Barry but half drop his gaze at her and ran to stop her. He closed the door right in time and smiled brightly at her.

"Your going out like that?"

"Yes" Yaya said leaving every sign of annoyance on her face.

Barry baffled at her comment. He stare at her once more.

"Do you not like it?" As if Yaya meant to say anything like that but the thought of him deny it was killing her to see how this man will become undone.

Barry gulp like a little school boy seeing for the first time his wife, a REAL women for the first time made him look like a huge idiot for not realizing what a real women she was.

She had a nice long neck, breast that could fit perfectly into his hands and how her body could fit so perfectly into his, made him hard and aching. God has it been so log sense he actually bed another women? Did he ache so bad?

"I don't like it."

"Well I don't like you, now get out of my way." Yaya but all commanded. Her eyes glowing under Barry's heated expression She all but knew the desire that took place in his eyes. She couldn't help but observe him more than she should of have in the first place. To watch him fumble through his heat and how uncomfortable he was at his state made her want to laugh.

'Little brat!' He curse under his breath and took a even step towards her. "Remember when I said, I wouldn't force you? I don't know if I'll be able to keep my promise...." He took her hand into his and......"If you keep tempting me like this" he took a step closer to her, edging her right into the door. Leaving little room to breath or to move. He place her hand right to his hardness. "You'll know what happen right now wouldn't you?"

Shocked and embarrassed, Yaya thrust her hand away. Blushing wildly and not being able to utter a sound she prompt herself upward and pushed him back. Wanting to take a knife to her hand and cut it off, cut it off! She half wanted to yell and smack herself at the same time. She took off before Barry could do anything more. But she could hear his laughter follow behind her. His loud irrational voice that echoed into her ears was poison to her. She was signing up to her own death wish.

Yaya wanted to yell at herself. She wiped her hand against her dress, hitting her hand against something hard! And she meant to do it, so that her hand wouldn't feel a thing anymore. How wrong she proved herself. She could still feel, Barry's..........barry's......damn it! His hardness! Was he mad. No was she mad to allow it? Her hand cling to nothing but shocked as if she lost an arm. She could still feel his touch under her palm, fingers as Barry squeeze her hands against "IT". How embarrassing to have a pure virgin touch such.....such thing. He was....hard.....aching.....echoing to her.......calling was her! She made him like that and....and well she didn't expect him to turn the table around her so fast. But aye he did and it was torture. She was becoming less of a girl she was weeks ago to a mere pervert. Sense Barry had come back all he did but mumble of sinful deeds and bedding. Kissing. Aching. Touching. Lush fullness. Goodness, she tremble at the thought. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad to try it out again.....make this work again?

No! She told herself but, her other half was so curious and she wanted a but to experience it but she didn't want to bare a child when they were not in love anymore. She had to stay strong even when he still called out to her.


Barry shuffle a laugh but quietly stop. He waited for Yaya for an hour to come back already but figure he'll stop bothering her for the day. He smiled at her expression again and once again chuckled some more. But something deliberately stopped him when he saw his mother trying to open the gate. He quickly hit the opening button and enter his mothers car until she fumble into the front door. Knocking loudly and rudely, she snort and waited while Barry took in his appearance. He quickly open the door and smiled.

"Mother. What brings you here?"

"Where is she? Where is the witch that traps you once again? Let me see her!" His mother demanded and shovel around in the house trying to unravel Yaya's house to pieces.

"She's not home mother."

"Not home?" His mother yelled. "Stop trying to help her! Where is she?"

"Calm down mother, I'm here for good reason."

"Which is?" She says staring holes into him. Her eyes fixing on him while Barry sighs and crosses his arms.

"Grandfather, is demanding grandchild......all for Yaya and us to have a child and quick. You know his demand if not well loose everything. I have let it dragged too long. My time is almost up and only a couple more months left before the contract ends. I need a Yaya as much as you need me now mother."

"That's just an excuse! You still have close to a year left."

"She is not willingly mother. I can not force myself on her."

"She is to trick you Barry. Don't stay with her."

"I need her trust."

"But I hate her. You can't stay and that's final." His mother angrily reply and crossed her arms tightly together. She turn the other way and thought about it once again. "I can not stand the sight of her. Barry. Do not stay. Bed her and quickly come back home.

"Bed who?" Yaya question when she walked through the doors only hearing the end of his mother's protest. She glare at Barry and back at his mother.

"You witch!" His mother reply and she charged at Yaya. "How dare you try to lure my son to your cave again. He left once, why would you want him back? He has no use for you, don't you get it by now? If he left you, why would he come back for you? Now stop trying to seduce my son."

"Of course like mother like son." Yaya replied she gagged at first but laughed the next part. "Your son wants what he wants and you want what you want. How interesting that I don't want both of you at all?" She laughed some more and then she glare at both of them again. "Your son wants my virginity and for me to bare him a child.....who knows he might just start to fall for me. And you "mother" you want your son go ahead and take him back. It's not like I want him either. I can find far better looking men then him. More richer. More handsomely. And so so much more of a easy target for me to get my hands into. I would be living in fame by the time I finally come to an agreement with your son." She spit and laugh uncontrollably, "I would be richer than you and how that will drive you crazy!" Yaya says bitterly to his mother and smiled sickly. "Would it?"

"You!" His mother hung onto her head for dear life she almost fainted because of the insult. She was a snake, out to catch all rich men for her feast including her son. She almost hit rock bottom when she knew about Barry wanting to marry a poor women like her and now....she had high stranded for a more richer man to make her a queen. She was pure evil.

Barry gripped to his mother tight and he glare at Yaya for saying such thing. But YaYa wasn't done. She stroll to Barry smiled again at his mother and kissed him on the lips. She let her lips linger and she licked the tip of his lips before parting ways. Yaya hummed satisfy at her defiance and skip upstairs.

Barry mothers hit her son and nearly to fainting, her head hung high and nausea ate her up. Barry helped her get to the car and told the driver to drive off while he took care of things. Oh! This made him furious.

The kiss. Encouraging his mother to nearly have a heart attack. Rich men. He was meant as nothing but a pawn used into her tricks and she used him for his money only. Oh that made him go nuts. He was really furious with her insults to him and his mother.

Barry shook away every goodness in him and nearly broke down Yaya's door. He grip her by the arm and nearly choked her if she wasn't a women. "What the hell!"

"Your mother deserved it!" Yaya yelled back. "I was only getting my revenge."

"Revenge?" Barry was taken aback. "For all the harsh things she said about you?"

"Yes!" Yaya says pushing him away. "Why do you have a problem with that?"

"He'll yes I do!" He roar at her. "My family! No one dares to insult them in front of me!"

"New flash then! I did! Your mother is a cheap fox and hypocrite."

"Shut you mouth!"

"Why? Because the truth is to hurtful for your ears to listen to?"

Barry grip her neck and silence her when he kissed her hard and punishing. Yaya hit him hard and finally slaps him ruthlessly to get off of her. He was inches away and came back at her full force, he separated her hands away from her body and hastily push her body back until she fell into her own bed. He then rip the slit of her skirt bigger and kissed her so on.


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Thanks kiki i love it alot, strong n feisty yaya such a challenge 4 nadech! Love how she kissed nadech in front of his mom! ty kiki 4 ur time, appreciate it! mulu key!


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Awww, Kia why you end at the good part ;) thank you for the update ! Can't wait for the next chap.


FF Writer!! Love it!
Sorry guys for taking so long to update but Urgh Senior Project was a pain in the ass! But in finally done with it made a high score so in happy!


As the wind blew towards Yaya, she held in her breath and held onto her wrist. The dark handprints that was show-cast onto her wrist remain a memory she won't soon forget. She fought the tears and closed her eyes, calmly.


Barry had ripped the end of her skirt wide open, to his horror he didn't stop kissing the base of her neck and used his strength to over power her by pinning her down. His anger penetrated through him like a animal and to his own destruction he acted upon his temper. Realizing his harshness, he pour his whole strength together and pulled himself away. He growl in frustration and literally stare holes into Yaya. His hatred showed more than it should had and it scared the living life out of her. His eyes pitch black from his attack, slightly he was lustful, furious and madden by his own actions.

"I won't take you this way." He manage a calm voice before slapping her door open and shutting it again with a thud following behind.


Yaya rubbed her wrist again and opened her eyes from the memory. Barry had held her pinned down so tight it had marked he. She sighed again, was she really married to this guy out of all people?

If she gave into him, would it have made a difference? She closed the balcony doors and finally went downstairs to where Barry was sitting with the news papers in his hands. His eyes closed over the written objects and finally with a glance he stared back at her.

"I'm sorry about yesterday." He said in a calm voice. "I didn't mean to hurt you."

"If........what you want is only......" Yaya slowly took in a breath before looking at him again. "All you want from me is my body........ I'll give it to you on one condition."

"You speak as if you negotiating a business deal." Barry says flatly as he set the newspapers together and setting it aside. "I do not want this be like a business deal Yaya. We are not signing a contract or any of that kind I thing."

"You want one thing from me only and that's a child. You want to take me and I understand that but not in your own will. I'm willingly to give it to you if only we don't get divorce. I want be involve in my own child's life and being his only mother."

"And I understand that." Barry says closing his arms together. "I accept your condition but I don't promise you there won't be any heartaches."

"I won't get hurt.....someone as ruthless as just a waste of my time getting hurt. I don't need to waste my time and energy over stupid naive emotions."

Barry stopped glancing at her and finally stood up from his seat. His stare, hard and anger penetrated from them as he made his way towards her. "Is that so?" His voice harsh but calm. His fingers gently travel around to her arms until he was behind of her. "Why would I be a waste of your time...Yaya. Did you forget that we were once in love so deeply? Did you already forget it all? No emotions involving in both of us anymore, not one memory at all?" He ask seriously into her ear.

"Not one wroth missing...." Yaya manage a calm and forceful thought.

Barry tug her waist to his bear body from behind and his hands swirl around to her stomach. He gentle laid his chin to the corner of her neck and spoke. "Then let's make new memories? Ones that will last. Ones that will be embedded into your memory? Because I just don't believe that you've forgotten everything." He whispers into her ear as his soft breaths tickle down her neck.

"It's up to you believe me or not. I won't try to convince you. It's just not wroth it."

"Alright then, I agree to your condition. But this time you will not run away from me. You will stay close and near me at all times. You will not deny me nor will you go against me. Do you understand?"

"I don't make you any promises. But well see."

"I can deal with that for the meantime." He reply, "let's get started then? I don't have much time left."

Barry held onto her hands for a moment and kissed her wrist, "sorry for marking you, I never meant to be so harsh. You just take everything out of my control." He says hoarsely as his lips kisses the corner of her neck. His hands play around with the tip of her shirt as Yaya worriedly begins to fumble against his embrace. Panic rushes through her as she finally tugs away.

Maybe she haven't thought this through quiet enough? Maybe she's making the wrong choice. Maybe....just maybe this is wrong.

Barry reaches for her again. "Don't be scared, I won't hurt you."

"Scared. Doesn't define what I feel."

"Then tell me what you fear, what you feel." He asked again pulling her close. "Don't run from me Yaya, run to me not from me." He says again, "just follow my lead." He says getting rid of her clothes. He then picks her up from the floor and carries her into his room and settles her onto the bed.

'Are we really doing this?" Yaya thought to herself. 'There's no going back....." She continues to think to herself. Already sadden by her choice, this should had been their wedding night. This should had happen a long time ago and all of a sudden hot burning tears overwhelms her. She was as unhappy as she was years ago and this wouldn't change the loneliness in her heart. It wouldn't matter if she was a virgin or not. No one cared. All they wanted was to keep taking everything from her and she'll let them because it no longer matter. Tears ran down her eyes and ran into her hair but that wouldn't matter not anymore.

Barry had his way, there was no changing that. He would get what he wanted and whatever he needed she was going to get it his way, until he was tired with her, which will come later on with life. Yaya wouldn't worry about it because she knew what will happen and until that came, she was his newest accomplishment.

Barry made his kisses sweet but he never kissed her lips. He waited to get rid of his clothes before staring back at her with ease. His eyes filled with lust and desire as he position himself over her. He slowly enter into her and with a change of thought Yaya wanted to push him back and tell him to get off of her. But he pulled her back and pinned her down gently as he started to moved against her.

"You'll feel better, just let go." Barry whisper to her and slowly she stop worrying. He left her hands free and lifted his hips away from hers and pushed back into her. Slowly he repeated the same movements and soon he speeded slamming into her as he did not want it to end too soon.

Yaya held onto his arms. His strong hands resting beside of her arms. She held into her moans, closed her eyes as the funny sensation set her body on fire. She dig her nails into his arms and they made their way to his shoulders as she followed his rhythm. As she followed his speed and soon they both where left breathless and found there release. Barry lifted his weight away from Yaya and laid on his back, just staring into the ceiling.

Weird. Normally it wouldn't be this awkward would it? He never had to face such a silent behavior from a women after making love to them. They were always so talkative after having some action.

Yaya stared back into the ceiling. She felt the ache slowly rising to her chest. So this was how it felt to be used and a different work of love "physically" felt like. Humiliated just this once, laying in her husband bed which feels like a strangers bed can make her whole body and soul feel so useless as a human being. But this feeling would forever be inside of her because Barry would want more. He would demand more of this kind of relationship because this was what he was good at.

Yaya gather the blanket around her, this kind of love from him will never be enough to save her from falling hard. The tears already shielding her eyes, not wanting Barry to see her falling down she gather the blankets around her body and slowly and gently she pulled away and walked away from his room. The tears were falling before she could hid herself, she went into the bathroom turn on the shower and rid of the scent Barry gave her. She got rid of every intimacy between them, crying silently to herself she fell down onto the shower tiles and let the water burn down her naked body.

Barry silently also felt a pain of guilt wash over him. But he didn't love her and he needed a heir. As much as he wanted to love her his heart belong to another. All he needed was for her to give birth to a boy, his grandfather would be happy and give him his inheritance so he could go do whatever he wanted and even go find his only love. He could live a life with guilt but he could never live a life without this other women.


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thanks alot kiki i love it ! they did it but so cold! poor yaya nadechs intention is one sided, selfish! i wish he'll romance her 2 willingness n change his heart 2 love yaya instead! love ur ff kiki read wif appreciation, key


FF Writer!! Love it!

Staring back at the dairy, Yaya lift it up and carried it with her to her bed. After her shower, she never came out of her room and she didn’t plan onto. She wasn’t ready to see the look on Barry’s face yet. So she sat down and mushes the blankets over her to keep her warm. She opens the dairy and reads it furthermore.

Dear dairy,

A melody played into my room today. To myself, I have not written in these pages for so long. My life has been more suffering after these couple of weeks and today my wedding awaits me to walk down these halls and into my soon-to-be husband’s arms. If only he felt the same with me and wanted me to run into his arms. I wanted to write my feeling down before I’ve drown in them and burst into tears any second now. My dear friend Rosa and only one, stop talking to me. She must hate me. She must curse me every day for stealing what was hers. But was I to blame or not? I could’ve of run but what shame would I have brought to my parents. I could’ve rejected the marriage but I was too much of a coward to do it. I was only a daughter; I had no right in what I’ve wanted. Was I so wrong?
I’ve watch him. I’ve observed him. Sought his eyes, and his laugh, and smile. He was absolutely beautiful but so much hatred ran in him. Could’ve this had been my fate? I wanted to change fate, wanted so much to do everything in my power to one day change it but everything was not in my control to do so.

I’ve gotten ready to leave. I watched as “he” comes down the street looking so miserable. The dark brown circle under his eye that he fought so hard to ride them of did not reach his goals. He looked so warn out by his actual age. Did I do that to him? I must have did. He must have cursed me every day. Wishing me unfair well. Wishing me to fall ill everyday so he wouldn’t have to marry me.

My heart tears to shreds. I wanted to say I’m sorry. I wanted forgiveness from someone and for someone to tell me everything was to be alright but no one cared long enough to stay. I was all alone.
Marry to a man who did not love me. How will this marriage work? Will everything ever be right from this moment on?

I watch as my marriage will soon fall apart…….

Yaya’s eyes tear. Where she and this women’s life any different? As if it told her the future, Yaya flip the page and she read Luna’s next memory. 

What do I say now? How do I explain my emotions? I don’t know anymore. After the wedding ceremony, after every damn thing, was I mad? Was I sad? What was I? We return in the car in silence. We return into our “house” in silence. The next thing I knew we were raging at each other. Arguing, throwing things, trembling and oh god, we were both mad. He told me how much he hated the sight of me. Did I expect it of course I did. But I never knew such hurt existed in this world. It gave me a sight into this world, we both will never be happy in this marriage as long as we both never come love one another. He left me on our wedding night, me in tears and him in rage. I looked the other way, took care of myself and went to go relax. I took a long shower and return in full clothes. Observing everything in this room of mine, this was my wedding night. My only, once in a lifetime dream, all ruin. I didn’t have the wedding of my dreams. I didn’t have a man who loved me. I didn’t have any of my wishes come true. All I did get was a full heartache and trembling soul. The candles in my room, the rose petals on my bed, the velvet blue and back sky with the shining stars over my head and the islands shore so nearby, all such a loving sight and smell. However, none of that soothed me. I didn’t have one thing and that was him. To love and cherish me wholly, that was all I ever wished for. I turn off all the lights in the house, locked the doors and went back into my room to sleep. It was no use for me to wait up, it would have been useless.

That night, I never thought for once that it would become a nightmare. I’ve awoken to a loud noise and my bedroom door was slammed open. I thought it was an intruder but as I saw it was really my husband. I stared at him for a moment and caught him as he was about to fall. He looked back at me and grips me by my arms. I remember his exact words. His exact smell and breath he took. “I hate you”. The bitter liquor washing off of him was like silk to him.
I moved away from him but he pushes me back further. His eyes so dangerous I could feel his anger rising and penetrating through his body. He shredders at my cold body. Sickeningly, he kisses me. Long and hard. Punishing, torturing, as anger rose in him more. I couldn’t tell but he was mad at me for everything. I was the only one who he can punish. I did the only thing I could, use my natural instinct and fight him. Pushing and struggling with my every strength. I was no match for him. My human soul inside of me crushed like fragile broken child. He took everything I could have given to a man who could of love me. He might have been the first person I ever felled in love with. But he was no man that will ever love me. I could’ve given him a deal. We both could have been happy with different people if that was possible. I could’ve loved a different man who actually deserved my kind of love. I could’ve loved another. And not this man, who was ruthless and crazy for another women. I could’ve been happy.

The next day after our consummate, we didn’t look at each other. We did talk to another. We simple went our own ways. He left me again and soon after he did, he never came back. I was all alone. And if there was one thing that could’ve of told me about men, was that, the people they hate they could still find the will to take them to bed. No matter how much they hated them, they still had there needs to fulfill. No matter what state they were in.


An unforgettable fate.

Yaya stared back into the book and shut it. Unbound and lifeless. She set the dairy aside and closed her eyes and slept. It was too mush torture to read anymore, it reminded her too much of her own problems. 


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Thanks sm kiki. Hope yayas fate wif nadech will not turn up like wat she read in diary n nadech will snap up n work out their love being h&w esp since he wants a heir sm from yaya! Thank u kiki, Merry Christmas, wif appreciation!


FF Writer!! Love it!
keylargo said:
Thanks sm kiki. Hope yayas fate wif nadech will not turn up like wat she read in diary n nadech will snap up n work out their love being h&w esp since he wants a heir sm from yaya! Thank u kiki, Merry Christmas, wif appreciation!
Merry Christmas Key, LOL it is just a dairy. I will make it Nadech and Yaya's's not definite it will happen bc i hv others plans for them.


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Thank you Kia! Your ff is so addicting!! I want moreeeeeeeeeer


FF Writer!! Love it!
I hope you guys enjoy it and peace out. Ah, and have a wonderful day.  :xmas:  :goodnite:  :popcorn:
Lie CH10
Barry sat on the dining table. His newspaper in his hands, his breakfast on the table and his hot coffee just the way he liked it. He was dressed in a nice black casual suit with a blue tie hung around his neck lazily. His jacket by the other chair hanging there neatly. His hair nicely ruffled and his scent was rich and spicy. He ranked over the recent topic he was reading, "Million Dollar Divorce". Strange. He skips it and went to go read another more interesting topic.
Yaya barely lift up her spoon. Her breakfast laid cold on her plate and she took her last bite into her toast butter bread. No longer feeling the urge to eat anymore she grabbed her plate and attempted to throw it away.
"You barely ate." Barry said still staring dead eye into his newspaper. Yaya was sure he was too busy reading whatever he was than her. When did he manage to catch a glance at her even without her knowing?
"Not hungry." She simply answer but Barry settled the newspaper down and drunk his coffee.
"You should eat more. You've lost a lot of weight."
"I eat enough." Yaya threw her food away without another thought and took her plate to the dishwasher.
"Are you trying to mock me?" Barry ask but the more he did say anything that came out of his mouth irritated her. She ignored him for the most part and continued washing the dishes. With each clicking sound and silence, Barry still wanted his question answer when he attempted to ask her. He stood up strode to her in a easy manner and threw the rest of his food away. He then settled one side of his hands with his plate and put it into the dish washer. But his other hand laid neatly by her side sneaking up her hip. Yaya stiffen, her heart beating every second of the minute that past. However, she wouldn't let him control her like this. She wouldn't let him win this time. She continued her own charade and continuing washing the dishes without him harming her in anyway.
Barry smiled at her attempts and smiled. His back arching into rhythm with hers as his lips meet with the back of her ear. His breath breathing her down slowly. Barry closed his eyes and smiled against her hair. Both his arms wrapping around her waist as Yaya continued to finish her job.
"Do you like mocking me Yaya?" His voice husky and crispy at touching Yaya. Maybe he did burn for her a little. Maybe he did long for her a tiny bit. But he still hated her. She was his wife in need, for now and she will continued to be there for him as long as there still married.
Yaya stiffen again at his question. She finish washing the dishes and wiped her hands clean with a towel beside of her. She ignore his question again and hopefully he wouldn't push the question any longer. How can she tell him, she never means to mock him but it was the only thing she could do because he makes her so mad and sad at the same time. She never means to mock him. She was just so use to it now. Never giving in. Never trusting him wholly. Never ever again. This relationship was simple sex. No emotion in between or things will only get messy. Only sex. After what happen the last time, Yaya made sure no emotion where ever intact again. Only her body, only her, she will use this intimacy to shadow and blind her own heart. It will be used as a numb sensation for her to never dream again. It was simply a shadow.
Yaya removed his hands away and took a step away from him. Speech between them will stay mutual only never a conversation long enough than five minutes. This was her own rules. Even if Barry won't follow because most likely he wouldn't and laugh at her for her ridiculous suggestions.
Barry pulled her arm and made her face him. Encaging her into his arms as he looked down at her. He stared into cold brown whiskey eyes, her face smooth and angel like but an lifeless expression. Her lips pink and pouty but they were frowning. His eye ranked over her but rage somehow formed deep inside of him. "Youre mad at me?"
Yaya stared back at him in her lifeless form and open her lips to talk to him. "Why would I be mad for?" Her hands lay on each side of his chest, at least she wasn't fighting him.
"You tell me." His hot breathe breathing down onto her cheeks. His hands circling around to the bottom of her waist.
"I have nothing to be mad about." Yaya simply answer in a monotone voice and attempted to remove his hands but they tighten around her even more.
"Don't lie to me." He says bringing his forehead into hers.
"Why would I lie?" Yaya said. Still in her icy phase she held tight to her acting skills.
Barry took in her scent one more time before he closed his eyes and kissed her cheek. He embraced her even tighter into his arms and bringing their waist to collide. He couldn't seem to control himself. He nibble across her jawline and took in step by step with Yaya. Until her back hit the wall behind of them, his mouth licked across her skin like silk. He hurriedly grip onto her skirt and shift in up to her stomach where it hung loosely. Removing his own jeans and trousers......"I need you" he whispers into her. His eyes meeting hers as he stared into those cold eyes. He lifted her legs to cling onto his waist as he took her in deep right there in their kitchen. He buried himself deep into her and hissed. He stood in one place and stared deep into her soul. "Did I hurt you?" He manage to ask but Yaya nodded side to side and took in a breathe. Her arms circle around his neck as she held him tight. Her legs clinging onto his waist as he held her tightly into his arms. He plunges into her and rocks back in forth into her. He kissed the base of her neck, sucking and licking every sweat running and burning down her skin.
Yaya accidentally moans into his ear as she held's onto him tight. Yes, the pleasure was actually numbing her. She didn't need his affection. She didn't need his love and kindness. She could learn to depend on the sex only. It will be her shadow; the numbness will blind her affections. She tightens her hold on him as soon as he slams into her. Harder each time he rocked against her. Slipping out fully and plunging back into her fast and hard again, making her squirm, Yaya actually mistaken her own action and called his name. Her nails digging into his shirt as he rocks further more into her, her eyes closes as she holds tightly onto him until he slams hard one more time into her and releases inside of her. Climaxing, they both stood against the wall as Barry holds tight and leans into her neck. He finally pulls away and pulls back on his trousers and pants before zipping them in place.
Yaya holds onto her posture as she gets back into acting mode. She fixes her clothes and neatly runs her hands down her skirt, fixing the ruffles that was created. Barry however, needed some help. Yaya looked up at him and took a step forward. She hesitated before she face him and fought the urge to turn away. But she didn't and she took his tie and fixed it into a nice straight place. Barry stopped his moving and trying to fix his own clothes as he watch Yaya does it for him. Her expression still never changing. The frown she still wore on her face, the pinkness from her cheeks, she must have been flustered but her eyes where still cold as ever.
He watch her fix his tie. His collar and his shirt as she helped him tuck them into his pants. Most women wouldn't help a man tuck in a man shirt or do they? Yaya even went to go grab his jacket and open it for him to wear it. He gladly accepted and after that she helps him even more. Fixing everything about him. He just stares at her in surprised and smiled at her.
"Youre welcome"
"Then I'll be getting going" he said, Yaya nodded her head at him and he took one last glance at her before he left.
Yaya stared at him as he walked away. Not even a glance back at her and she was for sure, he wouldn't return for the night or maybe ever again. It wouldn't matter anyways. If she didn't get pregnant by the end of the week he would come back and make damn sure she was the next or even more than that if she didn't. This time however, she never expected in one night she could change so dramatically. This time she wasn't hurt. This time she didn't care. Because this time, she didn't cry let alone let him affect her in any kind of way. Sex was to numb her emotions and it worked.
Barry stared out of his office. The window hung big enough for him to look through the view. The city, the people who hurriedly to their destination and the couples who hung to each other, held his concentration.
"What the matter bro?"
Barry shifts in his posture and swing around with a smile. "Lilia, what brings you here?"
Lilia gives him a smile and sits down by his desk. She gives him a warning stare and pouts. "Mom, she's been going nuts. She wants you home by tonight."
"Can't" Barry simply said and sat behind his desk. His leather expensive large chair rolled into his desk as his kneels his elbows down onto the table and crossing his fingers together. "I have to get home to my precious wife."
Lilia sighs and drops her smile. She had her own worries. With a soft slow voice Lilia said, "Barry.......Don't. Break. Her." She licks her lips together and crosses her arms. "I know I said it was your choices but.....where youre playing at is dangerous. Don't push her too far."
"I know. I know Lilia. I won't I promise"
"I hope you know what youre doing Barry. Anyways, about mom again. If you don't she'll come to you and remember what happen the last time she came to find you." Lilia says gabbing her purse and standing up. "It wasn't pleasant to see her go crazy."
"Fine" Barry grumble. "I'll come but I won't stay long. I have a wife to catch on also."
"I'm sure you do." Lilia says and leaves.
Barry lies back in his seat and closes his eyes. He never knew getting a taste of his wife would make him ache in so many places. Was this morning not enough? He never knew, she could hold such cold interior for so long. She never shows any emotions to him except when he was giving her an orgasm. Her voice was so sweet. She called his name at the tip of her tongue. He never knew it would be such a turn on. Remembering her moaning against his ear seductively, her nails ranking into his shirt and taking him whole and rough made him want to stay home with her all day. Damn what was wrong with him? It was only sex. Nothing more. He agreed he felt guilty at first but now she was giving in. No emotion, everything was a deal and no one would get hurt nor will it become messy.
He looked at his watch and it was 3 in the afternoon. Did he really do nothing all day but sat at his desk thinking all about his wife? Barry stood up in a hurry to go home or was there nothing for him to do at work? No, never mind he always had work and paper to do at work. But his mind didn't want to focus with his hands. He glance back at his watch again, great five minutes has only passed. Barry stood up in his seat and fixed his shirt. It was time to go to his mothers house and to meet his grandpa. Finally settling some things.
Barry strode out of his car. Merged with the maids and then his mother was at his side in no time. She glaze at him happily and hugged him.
"Finally my dear son is home again." She says kissing him on the cheek. "I've missed you so much. Hopefully you will stay and not go back there."
"Let's talk about that later mother. I'm quite busy and I'm only here for dinner with you all and then I need talk to grandpa before I leave again." Barry says and striding away into the house. His mother walked as fast and was at his side in seconds.
"What do you mean a way again? Youre not going back to that evil women are you? Did you not see how she treated your mother?"
"Did you not see at all?"
"Mom." Barry said in even breathes. He stopped and glance at her. "If you didn't come attack her in her own home she wouldn't had said those things about you. Now I'm not deciding with her but she did have her rights to be mad at you."
Her mother gave him a halfhearted look and lifted her hand over chest as if she's been devastated. Like something terrible has happen. "She's already influence you to turn your back on me. I will not let you go back there Barry. Your home is here and not there. That woman will take everything from you and she will destroy our family."
"Mom be reasonable." Barry said and held her hands together with his. "I won't let her do anything to destroy our family. I promise I won't let her do anything to harm any one of us."
"Then stay here and not go back to her."
"She's my wife and do all means I've left her long enough. It is now my timed to be a real husband and care for her like every other husband."
"Finally, my grandson has learned what a real man is."
Barry and his mother turn the other way to face an old man. His grey hair stoke up, cut nicely army style and he was still built and in better shape than any other man his age. He was tall but shorter than Barry by an inch or two but he was more intimating than any other men there was. Maybe that was why he was always so successful with whatever he did with his life.
Barry smiled at him and went to him. They hug and shook hand. His grandpa laughed along with Barry and they stared at each other for quiet sometime.
"I only came home for a little bit but I'm going back soon."
"Why didn't you bring along your wife Barry? The last time I saw her she ran out of here with her bags and said she will never come back. It's about time you went back to go get her."
"I think it better for us to live somewhere else then come back here grandpa. I don't think she will like coming back here." Barry said as his grandpa lead then away into the dining room. They both sat and as others.
"Of course. If it makes you both feel more comfortable to live somewhere else, it is totally fine."
"Then hurry and eat and return back to your wife. I already have Mew clean up all your belongings. Take them with you and make sure not to screw up this time." He said seriously before he smiled at everyone else in the room and chuckle a laugh. This man really like laughing out of nowhere. "Eat everyone." He held out his hand and they a followed his lead. They ate and Barry assumes his presence had been good enough to make his grandpa change his mind. He still wants his inheritance and without saying it out loud his grandpa will change his mind because he now knows that he and Yaya might be expecting a child within this year if everything works out fine. Hopefully his bluff will work.
After diner with his family, Barry stayed a little longer. He got so worked up into what's he's missed while being away for a couple of days. Turns out he missed a lot of things. His aunt Tammy had just had her twins and his best friend Johnny had just invited Barry to his wedding. His cousin Linn had also just open her own cafe shop and everything seem to being going out right. For once everything was moving on nicely and everyone he loved and cared about was happy. And that made him happy.
Lilia looked at his brother Barry a while before she return to his side. She bumped him in the arm and rip him away from the living room. She guided him to the front porch and tutored her head at him.
"What?" Barry questions her and she stared back at him.
"Don't what me; it's ten you should be going home. Remember? If mom finds out that your leaving she will never let you leave."
"Right! Then I'll be getting going." Barry said swinging out his keys. Almost about to go when someone called his name.
"Barry, dear what are you going?" His mother question as she grip his arm.
"Home, mother."
She gave him a hard look and shook her head. "I told you to stay. This is your home, not that women's house."
"Mom I've got to go."
"Stay, one night is not going to kill your wife. She can handle one night without you can't she? Or does she need your presence every second of the day?"
Barry stares at his keys and looked at his mother again. "Fine I'll stay." He put his keys back into his jeans and walked back inside I the house.
Yaya sat on her bed, waiting if Barry will come back home. Maybe what she predicted was right. He wasn't coming back home. She glances at her watch again, 10:20 PM. She turn off the lights, cover herself in her blankets and closed her eyes. She should have never waited up for him anyways. He wasn't coming back home anytime soon.
Barry was in his old room. He sat there not being able to sleep he glance at his watch for the past ten times already. It's finally midnight. Everyone must be asleep by now. He stood up and waited five more minutes before he open his door slowly and pop his head out to see anyone. No one. The hall way was pitch black and dark in every corner. He sneaks out of his room closing the door and walking gently out I to the hall way when he heard a noise.
Was that his mother? He should have known his mother will be up to check if he was trying to escape. Barry ran down the stairs quickly enough to reach outside. He reached his car and quickly pulled out before his mother realizes he sneak away to be with his wife at her home instead. He quickly drove away as the guards open the gate and let him leave. He pressed onto the gas and speeded home.
When he was finally home. The home was dark. Disappointment ran into his veins, maybe a little part of him wanted Yaya to wait up for him. A little rage ran inside of him. Maybe he was mad that he wasted all his time and energy to escape his mother for nothing. His wife wasn't up to wait for him she was asleep. While he was fully awake and wanted the company of his wife. He strode up through the stairs and past Yaya's room.
'Just walk away' Barry told himself and took a couple of steps forward but he found himself walking backwards and opening Yaya's door. She was asleep in the middle of the bed, clinging onto the messy blankets by one side of her body. He walked into her bedroom quietly and sat by the end of the bed, watching her sleep peacefully. She was so beautiful, like an angel but beauty was never enough.
Barry reached his hands to touch her cheek but once she did he was already gone. Fire ran through his touch and he couldn't stop himself. He arched into the bed and kissed her cheek, Yaya moved to the side of the bed turning her back to Barry. He moved along I to the bed and kissed her again, this time he stayed there beside of her.
Yaya sense Barry's presence. His smell loomed to her nostrils and she took in a deep breath. She awoke suddenly remember he never came home last night. She moved towards his side and up her hands onto his lips.

"No Barry, go back to your room and sleep." Yaya pushed him away and attempt to go to sleep again.
Barry refused and kissed her down the neck again. His legs straddle by her sides and his hands caressed her hip.
"Barry" Yaya said again annoyed mostly but she struggle again. "No"
"I don't take no as an answer, you out of all people know that." Barry hissed into her ear. He began again, kissing at every angle of her neck and down her collar bone.he jerk at her night gown and raise it above her legs and pulled it over her head.
Yaya finally open her eyes. She stared at Barry. His eyes, lusty and hunger for her. Pure rawness and spice ran in her voice. She pushed at him and grips both his hands from touching her. "I said no."
Barry's diamond eye glances at hers. His eyes dances while hers fierce. He smiled down at her and it was like he took it as a challenge. Did he think she was kidding around with him? "Get off of me dammit!" Yaya hissed and hit his chest.
Barry lean into her, partly moving firmly against her, his hips moved along and rubbing against her thighs until they reluctantly parted. He whisper, "no".
Barry begun to remove his clothing piece by piece and started to move against her. Flesh to flesh, Yaya moan at his intimacy touch and finally got a hold of her. "No. No. No." Yaya pushed against him hard this time and Barry laughed at her attempt.
He moan into her and his lips started nuzzling into her neck, moving along her jaw line and over her chin avoiding her lips because he always avoided her lips. His hips moved along her flesh until he removed every cloth that was parting them. He pushed into her, growling into her neck, Barry moved across her. Flesh in flesh.
Yaya moan and grip into his hair, her nails digging into his neck and down onto his back. He rocked against her, increasing his speed, harder each time and finally climaxing. He drops into her chest. Breathing hard and catching his breath, he kissed her stomach and moved up to her chest and nuzzles her neck again. He moved slowly this time. Taking his time even when he has given them both an orgasm already.
"Did you miss me today?" His forehead and cheeks moved along to the side of her face. His temple matching hers as he breathed harshly into her cheeks. "Did you?"
Yaya closed her eyes and move away from his eye to eye touch. She turns the other way avoiding his question. But Barry found another way, he nuzzled against her open jawline and whisper into her ear again. "Did you miss me today?" He voice calm but she sense his anger.
"If I've said no?" Her breath equally harsh. Barry started to rock against her deeper, harder. Would he hurt her. Yaya held onto the sheets, refusing to let any tear drops.
"Well I've missed you." He said gripping onto her back. He rocked against her fast this time, moaning against her as she followed his lead. She was at her final climax as he took her hard. She hung onto him and screamed at her own release. He followed her and climaxes a second time. Breathing harsher than the first time and removing him from her. Yaya fell weak and laid there, staring back into the ceiling she closed her eyes again and rhythm her own breathing. She turns her back and hid herself from Barry. She moved close to the edge and hope he'll just go away. She hid herself clearly from his view and closed her eyes silently. He never really saw her, they only.......they only had sex never staring, never observing anything more than just having sex and enjoying the numbness it gave them.
Barry lay there also. He kept staring up into the ceiling. This wasn't supposed to happen. He was only supposed to come into her room to see how she was like not wake her up and has this....or has sex. His voice calmed and turns around to look at Yaya. He stood up for a while and grips the blankets. He covers her and stayed with her. His chest to her back, he didn't know what influence him to do that. One of his arms flew over her as if he was afraid she'll run away and he stayed with her at a small portion of the bed. His chin was to her neck, so closely intimate his body was close and glued to hers.
His eyes never closed and she never fell asleep.
"Did I hurt you?" The second time he ever ask her that question.
"No" Yaya made sure he answers would be simple. No conversation. No more than five minutes. She always reminding herself of how long every rule in her book should be.
"I'm sorry" Barry barely manages to say it out loud.
"What for?"
Barry leans onto his arm as he overlooked Yaya. Her eyes cold as silver. The frown she wore. The distant she put herself between the both of them. Her acting was way better than the people who do act. She was expressionless. That's all she was after her final decision to give him one thing she had left.
"Doing this, all of this."
"Youre sorry's, don't be. This is all clearly natural sex. There's nothing to be sorry about."
"I don't understand. You were so worked up about giving your virginity to me and so many emotions and arguments and now it's doesn't even matter." Barry says staring at her. He wanted to yank her so she'll face him but he couldn't do it.
"People change"
"That's your answer?" Barry question, he was really was getting mad.
The wife you wanted, was supposed to be like this wasnt she? Yaya said with a cold stare. Her voice falling from a tremble as if she ran a cold fever and her throat burn to speak it was her voice that was soft and crispy. Thats all you ever wanted your wife to do, didnt you? No questions ask. No emotions in between. No love or affection. A nonchalant wife, whose doing her duty Yayas voice falling terribly wrong as if she was a song that was repeated for so long it finally ran out of tune.
Barry stared at her, rage filled him. He should have liked her answer but he didnt and that was the problem. He wanted to pull her up to him and shake her ruthless. He wanted to tell her not to think like this and yet he couldnt bring the courage to say it to her. His hands tickled up Yayas arms and pressed a kiss to her shoulder. He leans down to her ear.
"You are no, nonchalant wife." He whisper and turn her to face him. He circles his hands around her and brought her to his chest, of where his chin laid on top of her head. Yaya held in a breath and stared at his chest, while Barry closed the distant between the both of them. For the first time, he held her sleeping in his arms and he didnt leave. Could this be a meaning to something else? A new game? Or was it just fake and crush her heart hard again? 


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