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FF Writer!! Love it!
Yaya stared into the patio, with her cup of coffee in one hand and a blanket around her. Her hair was messy and loose by her shoulders. But her mind ached and her muscles were sore. She closed her eyes again and lay against the side of the door. What has she gotten herself into? Loving Barry was easy but leaving was like hanging on a spider’s web. It was a heart attack and every breath she took was never enough.
Barry’s hands wrapped around her waist, his gentle touch secure her but it was all an act. She took in a breath again and relaxed under his embraced. His breath was near her shoulder and it moved up against her ear. His nose, lips, cheeks skimmed against her skin. “Are you okay?” he whispered tenderly.
Yaya nodded and open her eyes. The sun lifted and shines against them and it was that moment of time that that rarely happens. It was like a sign to tell her that everything will be okay. It eased her soul for that brief moment and she smiled.
“Yaya?” Barry’s voice toned her out of her daze and she looked back at him. “You weren’t listening to me?”
“I’m sorry, I was just somewhere else. What did you ask?”
“I ask if you were okay.”
“Yes, why wouldn’t I be?”
“I just wanted to ask, you seem so…………….. Quiet now.”
Yaya turn around to look at him again and hid her emotions the next. She looked away from him and couldn’t utter a word. What was she supposed to say? It wasn’t exactly what he would want to hear. She was a no one to him. She was supposed to live blindly, remember. Her lips tremble and her pupils lifted, looking up at the sky. She laughed, and hid away her tears. She smiled falsely but she was working on everything. Her emotions, her feelings that meant nothing to him shouldn’t see or hear her in pain. He would enjoy it too much. No, he would revel in it too much, even love to hear her in pain. She laughed and laid her head against his even if she had force herself to make him drop the topic.
“I’ve always been like this. That’s what you liked about me didn’t you? Remember when we first started dating, the first thing you said to me where… ‘You know why I like you so much Yaya, it’s because you listen and your quiet and very unlike any other women. You do whatever pleases me and you don’t complain because you’re very observant and not loud and annoying. You’re quiet and lovely.”
“Huh, I did?” Barry says laying his chin onto her shoulder. “I don’t remember.”
Point proven, Yaya wanted to say but held back her voice. ‘Why would you remember anything about us in the past?’ her conscious thought but she gentle pulls down his arms.
“I need to put my coffee away its cold and nasty now.” Yaya walked past him and into the kitchen while Barry followed her. His steps match hers and he was slightly making her uncomfortable. Yaya settle her cup into the dish washer and looked up to Barry who was thinking hard and watching her at the same time.
“Is there something wrong?”
Barry shook his head and crossed both his arms together. His eyebrows came together forming a V and his lips parted. “Yaya” he said slowly….he stop for a moment and she looked at him. He licked his lips again and looked up at her. “Look at me.” His voice even and serious, Yaya stared at him. Her eyes almost dropping and looking away but she held her gaze to his. “Would you like to….finally go for our Honeymoon?”
Yaya held in her breath for a second and looked away. It felt like they were being intimate with each other but they weren’t anywhere close to each other. She couldn’t say anything to him. She turns the other way, tears almost dripping past her eye lids. The last time she brought up about a honeymoon trip, he had yelled at her and told her to stop breathing down his neck. She held in her breath for a second again remembering the terrible past.
In succeeding to win her husband affection back Yaya had only one last hope left and that was to find alone time with him. She told herself to fight and to be strong. They once were so in love so they can be like that again. She waited that day for him to return from work but he didn’t come back the usual time. She waited up late and stilled no sign of his return. So she slowly fell asleep but awoke when she heard rattling.
“Barry is that you?”Yaya slowly stood up and glace at him.
“Yea, go to sleep.”
“What are you doing?”
“Nothing, go to sleep Yaya.”
“Well I need to talk to you.”
“We can wait till tomorrow.”
“No, I don’t even know if you’ll be home tomorrow to talk to me about this.”
“Fine, what is it?”
“Well….we haven’t gone on our honeymoon yet and I was wondering if we can go. I mean you said you already got a lot of your work done and that you’ll have time for me. So I’m asking you if we can go you know. Go have some fun together.”
“No, we can’t I’m still busy?”
“Busy? I asked your grandpa and he said that all your work is done already and that we can go. You can choose wherever you what to go Barry I just want to have alone time with you.”
“Where not going, that’s final.”
“But Barry, what are you doing?”
“I said nothing, leave me alone and go back to sleep.”
“But we haven’t clear this up yet, Barry….just one trip that’s all I’m asking you. It’s not a hard thing to do. Look I’ll call your office and pack your things and we can go. You don’t have to do anything.”
“What did I say we ain't going.” Barry said turning around to face her.
“We are not going. That’s final.”
“I just want alone time with you. You’ve been so distant and….what are you doing Barry?” Yaya said standing up and reaching for him. She pulls his arms to her and looks at him. “Why are you packing for?”
“Damn, women stop breathing down my neck, why don’t you. Don’t you know it’s annoying and rude?” Barry said yelling at her. He yanked his hands free, and continuing packing.
Yaya stared at him with astonishment. Her heart aching, he has never yelled at her before but this time it was pure hatred. Irritation ran along his voice and Yaya stop him. “Why are you packing for?” She yelled at him also. She yanked at his bag and pulled out all his clothes.
“Stop” Barry says reaching for his bag but Yaya empty out all of his clothes. Barry grabbed his baggage and yanked it away from her hold. She took it again and they play tug of war with it. Managing Barry’s cellphone to drop without him notice, he finally shoved away Yaya’s grip. She fell onto the floor and shocked ran in her veins. Her voice tremble with fear as her realization she was losing her husband.
Barry’s cell rings and Yaya glance at it. She hurries to the cell and snatches it away before Barry can get it. She answers it and she looks up at Barry. He snatches it away from her and closes his bag. “Don’t cause any more trouble Yaya, it’s annoying.”
“You’re cheating on me?”
He laughs at her accusation. His eyes dancing with relief, “Finally I won’t have to hide it anymore.” His last words before he ran out of their house to be with that woman. The final night she packed her bags and left that morning.
Tears burning down her cheeks, Yaya turns away from Barry’s gaze. “I’m not going.” She utters breathlessly. “I don’t want to go.”
“We can go anywhere you want Yaya. Anywhere.”
“I don’t want to go, alright!” She held an even tone and bit her lips. “We have long past that sage; I don’t want to go on a damn honeymoon that will cause nothing but more pain. I don’t want to be reminded of it; I don’t want to be…..” Yaya took in a deep breath. “We lost something that night Barry and that was fixing this marriage. You lost me when you decided to play the unfaithful husband. And now…’s nothing anymore. I’m only playing the role you want me to play Barry. Until you get what you want, I’ll have a role to play as your dutiful wife but when I give you your little heir….I’ll be nothing to you but more than a wife in name and the mother of your child. Nothing more. You’ve made it quite clear.”
Yaya wiped away her tears and walked past him. She went into her room and shut the door. She walked into her bathroom and stared at her reflection. She looked so dead and half her age. Everything about Barry pains her. When she needed someone to love her, they did at some point but they never care to stay long enough. Like her parents leaving her all alone in this world to face the world all alone. How the world made her hate herself so much. Yaya turn on all shower, cold water running down the drain and she sat in cold running water, crying her eyes out.  Her head ached and her voice falling from her mercy cries. All she needed to do was let everything out now and later she will be fine. She can still hold onto her acting. She can still be strong.
Barry slowly walked up the stairs, he stopped at her doorway but halfway he stopped himself from walking into her room. He stood back and slowly fell to the floor. His back kneeling against the side of the door, his head falling into his hands and this ached in his heart. “What have I’ve done?” Guilt shimmered into him; he told his sister Lilia he wouldn’t break her. But yet, he did and he didn’t even recognize that she was already broken. She held it all together like a big façade. She built walls inside of her heart so deep and tall that, she was strong enough to go through him. But Barry didn’t even know that his present and coming back that it all but create new scars and left her other healing scars to reopen.
An hour pass, two maybe or even more and Yaya were still in her room. Barry final got the courage to face Yaya again. He opened her door and didn’t see her. The bathroom door was left opened and he ran in there with the worst scenario that pop into his mind. When he saw her lifeless body in the shower, he ran to her and relief charges into his breathe. ‘She didn’t try to kill herself’ Barry said to himself. ‘She didn’t try to kill herself’ he repeated and was relieved again. The way she sat in the shower told him she probable fell asleep or even fainted but she didn’t get hurt. He carried her wet body to the bed and quickly changed her clothes into something warm. He went back to turn off the shower and return to Yaya’s side. He carried her up again gently and took her to his room instead. Her bed was soaked from earlier and he laid the blankets on top of her body.
He sat beside of her and scouted in beside of her. His hands were laid into as Yaya’s pillow and he watched her sleep. Her pale white skin, her soft pink pale lips and her cold flesh touched his. She was very cold and he held her tight. Hoping she was in safe condition. Hoping and praying she was going to be fine.
‘You’re going to be fine Yaya.”
Yaya woke up from felling suffocated. She pushed against something that was clinging onto her and she struggled to get free. Was it her blankets she was so tied up into? She yanked again and something groans against her ear. She stood still and looked up to see a charming and peaceful man sleeping beside of her. Even seeing such a handsome face she also flinched at seeing his face, giving her a mini-heart-attack she struggled again and accidently punched him in the chest. Barry groans again and lifted his eyes to see her.
“You’re awake.”
“Yes, I am now. Can you give me some space, I feel like I’m choking here.”
Barry smiled at her; Yaya caught herself staring at him and immediately looked away. All these years of knowing him and he still made her heart leap out of her chest. His charming smiles, his dancing and dreamy eyes, and let’s not forgets his tone of voice that held her breathless. He still had such affect over after what he has put her up through. Barry snuggled into her more and tightens his hold.
“Barry” Yaya gasps at his closure. She wasn’t expecting him to pull her in. She wanted him to pull away. “You’re suffocating me.”
“I won’t let you go because if I do you’ll leave.”
Yaya stay still and softly said, “I won’t leave. If it makes you any happier I’ll stay on this bed, I won’t even stand up.”
“Alright” His hold loosens and Yaya pulls away from him. She pulls away and shows her back to him as she slowly breathes in and out.
“I want to see you.” Barry says softly.
Yaya turns and lies onto her back. She doesn’t look at him but observes her surrounding instead. “Why am I in you room?”
“You fainted or I guess fell asleep in the shower. Your bed is soaked so I took you to my room instead.”
“We have extra rooms.” Yaya huffs and leans up. It was as if signaling and alarming Barry as he caught her wrist.
“You said you wouldn’t leave.”
“Right I wouldn’t leave” Yaya said again reminding herself. She lies back on the bed and faces the other way. She couldn’t face him.
Barry leans up onto his elbow for support and he slowly pulls Yaya to lie on her back. She follows his lead but stares the other way. She didn’t want to make any eye contact with him. “Yaya” his voice was crispy as if it was itchy and he couldn’t say much or even mutter a word. “For now on, sleep with me. Don’t go into your old room or any other rooms. I want you to stay here with me.”
“I don’t know. I don’t think we can. We never shared a bed before even when we were married five months ago.”
“Where still married”
“Barely hanging on…barely surviving.” Yaya mutter under her breath, she was sure it was above a whisper but Barry caught want she said.
“I’m not giving you a choice here. I get it that you don’t want to go on a honeymoon and I won’t push the matter. But sleeping here, in our room, in our bed, sounds only right.”
“No, this is your room, your bed, your stuff, none of it is mine.” Yaya corrected him and avoided his eyes because if she doesn’t he could take one look into her eyes and tell what she’s feeling.
“All of it is yours. Now if I come home and find you sleeping elsewhere, I’ll raise hell and I’ll knock down that door and find you myself and bring you into this bed unwillingly or not.’
“Demanding as usual,” Yaya hissed under her breath again.
“Do you think I don’t hear you because my ears are working mighty fine tonight and every word coming out of your mouth are either annoying you or me?”
Yaya looked at him for a moment and shifted her gaze again. “I understand”
“And there’s one more thing.” Barry said, Yaya didn’t reply and she rolled her eyes. He tilted her chin up and met her gaze. “Don’t roll your eyes at me. Don’t ignore me when I’m talking to you and I’m sorry.” Barry said as he removed a strand of hair on Yaya’s face and replaces it at the back of her ear.
“Too late for that” she mumbles to herself again and Barry leans into her and pressed his lips against hers. Taking her by surprise, Yaya refocus and pushed against his chest. Barry snuffles a laugh and unlocks the kiss as he stares down at her.
“And don’t mumble under breath.” He says again smiling down at her. As he licks his lips and stares up and down into her eyes and lips. “Every time you say something under your breath I will kissed you. Every time you ignore me I will kissed you. And every time you roll your eyes I will kissed you.”
“Why are you being like this?” Yaya says suspiciously.
“It surprises me of how your body works. We’ve been so intimate with each other for the past couple of days and still one kiss from you still stuns you. Unlike when we make love, you completely surrender to me. You’re not shy at all but a kiss will fluster you and make you blush. I’ve just now notice that my kisses make you really shy.”
“Well that because….” She was ready to defend herself when she thought about what she was going to say. How did their conversation turn so rapidly into this?
“Because of what?” Barry smiled deeply. His dimples shown through his features which they rarely did in these cases of events because it was only so rare that he actually smiled at her and shown any real affection towards her. He was really enjoying her squirm under his every breath.
“Because….I can’t tell you” Yaya said slowly and ignored his stare.
“I can….” He said into her ear and smiled again at her. His eyes dance around and they enjoy seeing her blush. “It’s because I rarely kiss you. I avoid kissing you at any particular time. I avoid your soft, pink, tender lips, which by the way are swollen by my kisses and because they just cry for me to kiss you again because you’ve ignore me yet again.” He says tilting her chin up again and he glance at her whiskey eyes again before his lips met hers and he push for more. Kissing her lips and sucking on them until he was breathless. He unlocked their mutual and inmate kiss and laid his forehead against hers. His eyes staring down into hers as he closed in the distant between them, every inch and muscles away he closed them and holds their bodies close. Barry holds onto both sides of her cheeks and stares deeply into her eyes. “The only question now, is why I’ve ignore those lips for so long?”
“Barry, why are you doing this?” Yaya says moving away but Barry holds her tight. “If you want something just do it and get it over with. I’m willing.”
“Not tonight, no tonight I’m going to kiss you breathless and make damn sure I have you questioning yourself, why the hell did I wait so long just to kiss you. And I’ll kiss you till you fall asleep and I’ll kiss you again when you wake up. Because tonight, I won’t claim you like I usual do. Tonight all were going to do is kiss and I’ll hold you tight to sleep and we’ll wake up together and I’ll kiss you breathless again and then in the morning I’ll claim you.”
“Barry, what…..” Yaya didn’t finish what she wanted to say before Barry kissed her and he kissed her long like he promised her he would and he kissed her until they fell asleep. 


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Hi kiki thank u for a beautiful sexy chap! I love nadech here, trying hard to romance yaya back. Love his boldness most of all his kisses all night long on yaya, its hot! hopefully yaya has faith in him. i njoy reading this v long chap vm kiki n wish it wouldnt end ! thank you for ur time and efforts, wif appreciation key! HNY


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Amazing ff
this chapter was wow. Nadech kissing Yaya until they fall asleep was HOT!!!
To be honest i was actually crying in the first few chapters it was so sad.
Hope they will have a beautiful ending
i dont want this ff to end too GOOD
I cant wait for more


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Perfect chapters,,,, only kisses lols,,,,,
Thank you Kia,
Hope next chapter is more sweet then that,,,


FF Writer!! Love it!

Yaya stared at the mini supply store. Her nerves play at her heart while she wish she never convince herself to come buy the stupid pregnancy test. It was her first time and she was never this scare in her life. She always wanted a bare a child but the thought never occurred to her that she would have a child this way. She gulp at her own attempts and walked into the store, buy some of those stupid sticks and leave. Or maybe she'll just visit the doctor instead but what good would that do if she had to wait until they got the results back to her. She couldn't wait that long can she? She gather up all her courage and went inside the store.

When she was done buying the "stuffs" she closed them tight in her purse. She hoped four was enough to determined if she had gotten pregnant or not. All the intimacy that had gone by the last couple of weeks was probably enough to form a child right? It could take one try and have a baby but sometimes it required time and more than once to conceived and Barry he had taken his time to make sure that was possible.

After his kisses, after all he has done, it was pretty clear he not only liked the sex but he wanted to make sure she conceived. Even after his tired days of work, he'll come home and make sure his last desert was saved till late. Not only did he like his desert, he'll ask for more in the morning and Yaya couldn't stop him. She couldn't really, he was starting to be her drug and she was his. It was impossible to tear away from each other when they were in the bedroom but outside of the bedroom was a different story. They were distant and close about everything of course only till a certain time when they lost absolutely control of themselves.

Yaya walked to her car and sat down into the drivers seat. She let her mind run and her thoughts cross in vain. Was she ready to be a mother? No, maybe the real question was, were Barry ready to be a father? If they really try to make this work can they be a real family? She wanted to ask but hesitated to ask and would lose the courage to question Barry about it. Maybe she'll ask tonight when he was in a good mood.

It was really late, Barry paced back and forth in their living room. The chimney burn of fire and that was how his rage burn inside of him. His tie was loose against his collar shirt and the first few buttons was unbutton. His hair was messily pulled back as if he has been pulling on his own hair and he look absolutely raw and manly. Nothing about him was messy and dirty. He was messy and sexy, even when he didn't try that hard to look great.

Yaya open the front door of the house and walked through the hall before meeting Barry's dark eyes. She saw the fire furiously burn from his soul, did she miss-see something? Was it concern she saw that flicker in those dark brown eyes? He was mad and concern?

Barry took a long stride to her and gripped both her arms to him, bringing them hip to hip. His eyes closed into hers and growled at her. Was this his side of showing his true alpha-self?

"Where have you been?" His jaw tighten and his teeth clenching together. Yaya uneasily try to rip herself away from him but found herself being out into her place. "Don't you dare move until I get my questions answer."

"Your being unreasonable Barry. Let me go and then asked me nicely."

"I've been waiting for you for hours now. If I am being unreasonable what's your reason for going out and staying out so late?"

"Sheesh you act like I've been having an affair....." Yaya tired to ease his rage but his grip was even tighter. She should had never said that because that made everything worst.

"Have you?"

"No" she answer seriously and looked away from him. How can he even consider that as a choice for her? Just because he cheated on her once doesn't mean she'll sink that low. At least not to his level.

"Then where have you been?"

"I was out to the store and lost track of time. I didn't realize I'll come back home so late. I'm sorry if I didn't call to tell you." She mumbled and avoided his gaze on her.

Barry's grip loosens and he pulled her into his embraced. "I thought you ran away." His voice tighten. "I thought I scared you off, that you'll realize I've lost control when I'm with you." He said breathlessly and kisses her temple. "You know why I've never kissed you on the lips Yaya?"

Yaya thought about it again but didn't answer. After the last time he asked her, they fell asleep while he kissed her goodnight.

"It's an emotion I see very vulnerable. I can't kiss you without any emotion involved and you've defiantly made a difference in that." He whisper to her.

An emotion, did that mean he's starting to like her? That maybe this marriage might work? They don't have to go with the original plan or was this all a trick? Yaya finally hugged him back and so did Barry.

"I won't run, not anymore."

"Good. I don't like you running. I want you to run to me, not from me." He said pulling away from Yaya and gently placing both his hands to caress her cheeks. "I missed you today. I missed these lips, me being inside of you and your cries and your touches. Did you miss me?"

Yaya wanted to say something but her lips went dry at the thought of answering him. Yes, of course she missed him but how does she go about it? Her eyes met his and a alarmed went off in her head. 'He doesn't love her. He doesn't love her.' She stays still for a moment and pulls away.

"I missed you? Yes, at a certain time I did." Yaya lied. She missed him everyday when he left her all alone. She thought about him constantly and no matter what she could never admit it to him, not like this. He would take advantage of her vulnerably again.

"I've done a lot of bad things to you didn't I? Till the point where there is only a past between us and nothing more?"

"I'm only being honest with you Barry."

"And so am I." He said as if he's been insulted. His heart burn from the wall that Yaya has created between the both of them.

"Our marriage has been a mistake from the beginning. If I say I missed you Barry, I would had said it back to you when our marriage wasn't broken and unstable. I won't lie to you now."

"Or maybe you would." He took a steps towards her. Yaya took a step back but Barry's other arm reached out and pulled her waist to him. His other hand was rested gently onto her cheeks caressing her smooth pale skin. "You missed me and your afraid to admit it. Why do you lie to me, when your obviously a very bad lair? Your skin crawls for me, every touch I make is like fire to your skin and you burn hot for me. Don't you Yaya?"

"'s late Barry" she stutter, "let's just call it a night."

"Don't change the subject. I know you run hot under my touch. Even when you don't admit it. I hate it when you lie to me. I hate it so much that I want to punish you for lying to me." Barry said pulling gently at Yaya's hair. Not enough to hurt her but enough to angle her into a clear and open kiss. "I want to punish you so much."

"When did I lie to you? I only told you the truth."

"Truth? When your body rushes into a pool of butterflies and yet you reject your own reaction? Refuse to meet me after every encounter we have after sex? You deny all of that! You don't know how mad that makes me and yet I return to our home because I miss you."

"I don't.......deny you."

"Of course you do. You turn your back away from me after having amazing mind blowing sex with me. You run from me every morning to go take a shower just to get rid of my scent on you and you keep your distant."

"I do not, you always leave me."

"Because you tell me to and I hate it. I hate everything about this and I want to punish you and make damn sure every second of the day that you know that I want you to understand I want you to be......."

"Please......just don't anymore Barry!" Yaya said pushing hard at Barry.

Barry kept her in his arms and didn't finish what he was supposed to say. He kissed her hard on the lips. Yaya struggled and her purse fell to the floor as she tiptoed along with Barry grasped on her. He gripped her waist and picked her up and carried her to the sofa, where they both dropped into. His hands ripped away at her button shirt and he rip them apart. Each buttons flew in different ways and he grew hungrier for more. He removed his own clothing and kissed her even more. Demanding for her to follow him. He demanding for her to react to him and pulled hard onto her waist. He removed her mid-skirt and kissed down her jawline and into her neck. His hands caressed her soft skin and up to her jawline. He stared deep into her eyes.

"Why do you defy me?" He growled. "I only want you to listen to me." He nuzzle against her cheeks. Kissing her at every opportunity and soon, she started to yield to him. She kissed him back.

As predicted Yaya's back was to Barry's. He laid on one elbow and overlooked her as she laid, kneel against Barry's chest. A blanket wrapped around them as Yaya stared into the burning fire. Barry watched her and his fingers gently caresses against her skin. He lean into her and kissed the top of her naked shoulder.

"I prepared this evening only for us. The fire, the blankets, the small living room bed and the wine. Some food and your favorite music but you weren't home and you where late. I prepare everything for you and I got angry because you were late. I prepared everything so you would like it, so it'll be romantic for you. I didn't plan on this happening." Barry said and laid his chin onto her shoulder. "Before we have a child, I wanted you to be happy and to feel loved. But you kept......pushing me away. Refusing to listen, refusing everything about me and you defy me. I just want to fix my wrong doings and make newer memories for you Yaya. Am I to blame for getting mad? Am I at fault for wanting you to smile once for me? I admit I was wrong for using you like that but I did love you once. Maybe I still do. And maybe I am wrong for all of this but I'll try to change. I'll become a better man. I'll stop my ways if you stop pushing me away and start letting me in. Maybe, the reason why we never divorce is because we were never supposed to in the beginning. Maybe, we were meant for each other. I want us to work and build our marriage again. I want us to last and I want our child to have two parents that love each other and not have to lie about it. Would you care to try?"

Yaya held in her breath. A confession from Barry? Could it be true? Was she dreaming? She looked up at him and moved to face him. She was chest to chest with him and held her hand against his jaw.

"If you lie, I'll kill you." Yaya said and laughed.

"That was easier than I thought. I thought you were going to give me a hard time about it. I swear, I'll change. Being with you is not as bad as I thought it would be. In fact, I think it's starting to be my drug." He smiled against her lips and kissed her again .

I know this chapter is short and moving on very fast. But I hope u guys like it because I've been slacking off badly. Idk what's wrong with me but writing is like the Only peace I hv within myself other than that everything else is a nightmare.

Anyways. As you guys can see Barry is changing and everything is going fine and great. Or is it? They both hv come to a conclusion and making truce with each other. Finally the heartbreaks ends!! Not really. Bc this is only the beginning. There will be another storm to arrive and many more problems. I hope u guys stay tune. Comment and tell me what you like. I will brainstorm. Write. Make many more sweet scenes or hot/sad/whichever I find fix into the situation.

Love all my followers. Have a goodnight and day. Bye!! :D


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Kiki i love every part of this love confession chap, beyond sweet, so hot n unexpected from barry, hes turning round! How romantic he is ! Thank u kiki i love ur story, ur writing style n will definitely follow thru till the end. loving yadech sm of course i wish u'll write super sweet dreamy but its ur story i'll be here to enjoy ur super ff. Thank u kiki with appreciation, key.


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Thank u kiki
i love every part of this of story
Nadech is so romantic
i would like to read more sweet and loving scene of them
cant wait to read more


FF Writer!! Love it!
My sincere apologies for being away so long. I have finally updated I hope u guys like it.


A long awaited weeks gone by and fresh fall seem to leave quickly. Winter had come already and soon spring and summer awaited.

Yaya looked at herself in the mirror. A worry expression fell there and it didn't leave quiet as fast as it came. She hesitated at her own reflection, a worrisome agony almost punch all the air out of her. Why was she so worried for? She and Barry was doing fine. In fact, they were happily married and nothing in the world seem to separate them at all. Of course now that she stared at herself long enough, to realize that she was having the symptom of a pregnant lady. The beauty of that thought was lovely but would Barry be as happy as he would seem or acted to be? Would he suddenly stop everything he was doing for her now and leave once he found out? The whole point of getting back together with her was to give him a child wasn't it?

The sudden thought of it sicken Yaya. Barry would probably just drop everything and leave her. The sadness grew more into her features and her heart ached like it was about to burst out of her chest. God! The feeling was much more painful then the first time she learn Barry was cheating on her, just thinking about the possible outcomes could really damage her this time. She covered a hand over her stomach and held back watery eyes. She smiled to herself and took a deep breath.

"Barry, he will care for us. Think positive Yaya. Positive."

Yaya took a deep breath and open the bathroom door. She reassure herself before going downstairs and returning to her usual routine. Yaya continued her sketches and designing until late that evening.......

Barry on the other hand, shook his head and rubbed his temples together. The sound of his mothers sharp words and her lectures was getting on his very last nerves. He never thought his mother sounded so-so----so evil before. Her faked laughs and her mad rage. Was she in the right state of mind? He slowly closed his eyes and sat silently behind his old desk he abandon the day he got his wife back. His family gather around listening to his mother lecture him and that made him even more furious. He was not a child anymore and damn it he shouldn't be treated like one. He was the oldest out of the bunch, and now he made into a fool. His mother continued, the edginess to her voice, the high pitch of her lungs sounded like finger nails to a chalk broad. He finally slam down his hands onto the cool glass material. It was loud enough to shut his mother up and he stood silently. Like a hunter, he look like he was about to kill anyone who touch what was his. His eyes cold and his jaw tight. He was like a giant because everything that vibrated across of him was raw and dangerous territory now.

"Stop it mother." He slowly said as cooly as he could of.

She look unflappable. But her eyes were like daggers. She clench her jaws together and pointed her finger at her only son. "You my son are blinded by that women." She hissed in a chilly manner.

"No, mother." Barry said slowly as he walked away from his desk and around to face his mother. "I realize that you are the one blind. I see a mother in front of me who is just too selfish to wish her son happiness. I see a mother who cares only about her happiness and non other than herself. I see, you mother. You're just too damn selfish."

His mother laughed, humorously, she cheerfully clapped her hands in applaud. "You dumb child. After all I've done for you."

"No you did it for yourself"

"That women will leave you in hell can't you see that?" His mother yelled. "I maybe selfish but at least I love you enough to know you deserve better than her. She is a blood sucking leech. A snake do you hear me?"

"Enough! Stop insulting my wife."

"Wife?" His mother laughed. "The last time I remember she was a laughing stock to you. A shame to your reputation wasn't she? And now she's your wife? How laughable. You have turn dumb my son. An idiot and a stupid fool just like your father."

"Don't bring my father into this." Barry yelled this time.

"Stupid fool. Your father was as stupid as you where. A coward like you are. Just like him you can't do anything right."

"God. This is why father left in the first place mother. Maybe father wasn't a shame to the family you were. To save himself he left you and never came back. I'm glad he got remarried. I'm glad he started over and am now living a happy life. I'm so glad he left you, he should had taken me with him. So I wouldn't be stuck with you."

His mother swing her hand. For the first time in her life she slapped Barry. She raise her hand and slapped him.

Barry stood shock but he recover and he stared back at his mother. All respect and honor her had for her where at lost. "I'm glad mother, that I finally stop listening to you. In fact, Yaya was the best thing that ever happen to me and thanks you I've just now realize how important she is to me. Because without her, I would still be stuck as one of your play toys just to get revenge to father. Your mistake mother, was pushing me too far. So thank you for making me realize I can never ever lost my dear wife waiting for me at home. The best thing that ever happen to me. So you can take your stupid little lies to hell with you because I'm not bringing it along with me."

His mother mentally flinch at his words. She scream louder and screech all she wanted. That didn't give Barry a damn reason to stay and clam his mother down. She was old enough to take care of herself and he shouldn't be the one to teach her, she should be the one doing that. He left without saying a goodbye and left with a smug on his face. He wanted to say sorry to his siblings but they will only walk away from him. For now he was a disappointment to them. He had failed his family because he chose his wife over them. But one day they will understand why he did it. For now Yaya was more important. He was she was going to give him news soon sense he had been spending an awful lot of time with her outside of bed and inside. She gave his a sense of hope and hopefully that was enough to bliss him with a family.

Night finally came and Yaya worked on her new design. She cut the lace piece of fabric and added it on her creation. She finally stretch and realize how tense her muscles where. She then caught a glimpse of someone watching her from a far distance. She smiled at him and walked towards him.

"You look tired. How was your mother?"

"The usual, she's determine to end us and very confident in killing you."

"How nice of her." Yaya said holding her hands to her sides. Barry pulled her into his embraced and inhaled her scent.

"I won't let her touch you. Ever. I promise."

"Why does she want to kill me when I've done nothing to her?"

"Objection. You did my sweet cherry. You took her only son away from her and for that she finds you a enemy."

"I didn't force you to marry me and please don't call me cherry, I'm not some fruit."

"Of course your not, your my wife and I've missed you today. So much, it maddens me."

"Your mother say anything else."


"Just curious," Yaya added and shrug. "I have a bad feeling about you meeting her. Like something's going to happen."

Barry gave her a reassuring smile and hugged her tight. "I won't let anything happen to you. I won't let anything touch you or let any danger come to you ever. Your my priority now and soon it will be mine too as a father soon. I want us to have a family and many things."

Yaya wasn't sure to tell him now or not but she smiled at him instead and let his scent surround her. "I do too Barry." Yaya said and thought, 'I hope nothing bad happens', hopefully everything comes out well and the bad feeling she had wasn't anything but a feeling.


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Hi kiki i love this chap. I love a very strong minded barry defending and loving yaya so much against his mom. Every sentence about him is love love love for yaya. Hope yaya has more confidence in his love and together they'll weather the bad moms storm bcoz they deserve each other's love. Thank you kiki for an interesting update, love it. with appreciation key


FF Writer!! Love it!
Yaya paced around in the living room, wondering what to say or how to say it to Barry. The pregnancy was giving her a hard time to even tell Barry, even the symptoms wasn't as bad. She held onto each idea that pop in her mind but none seem to work as good as the other. Telling Barry would probably be the hardest thing she ever done because she didn't know what to expect from him. She held her other hand so tight her knuckles were turning white and she didn't even know it until she stop rubbing her hands together. She sigh once and then again, just wondering until something caught her eyes. That dairy she found laying on the table, staring at her as she stared straight at it. She wondered if it can be the answer to her question. The last time she read it. Had been a couple weeks back. It had been a terrible experience for Luna the main writer. Yaya felt a pitch of sorrow as she thought back to how Luna had married her first love to only be brush aside as a dutiful wife. Yaya knew the feeling too much and she understood the painful event that occurred to Luna. 
Yaya reach the table and grabbed the book. She open to where she left off again and started reading. Maybe it'll give her an idea of how to run things between her and Barry. She started again......
Dear dairy, 1989
This season has past, winter had gone by and me still restless. Two weeks ago I was married, a week ago I was shredded from a dream that could've been my future but now, everything was different. My husband didn't come home the day he left 13 nights ago and I don't feel the need to wait for him anymore. Our honeymoon was over. Our time together....who was I kidding? We never lasted from the beginning. But who've known one night was all it took to tell me I was with child without a father. I wasn't exactly a widow but it felt like it. A child? Right! Form from anger, resentment and pain, all put together by rage and uncoordinated state of mind. I...I don't know the first thing to become a mother. My own mother is never been known to be a mother. And I? What was I to do with a child? How was I suppose to take care of a child? How was I suppose to tell my own husband? I don't know. But I'll try my best, I'll try to love this child and be the best mother. Even if my husbands not here for me. After all, he resents me. I just hope when the time comes, maybe time will change for the better. This maybe the last time I write in this dairy. But I'll think about it.
Yaya blew out a breath, did Luna really......she didn't stop writing did she? Yaya flip the page again and blew out a sign. Luna didn't stop writing her dairy she just waiting a very long time again to write in her dairy again. Yaya begin reading again.
Dear dairy,
I know it's been awhile, it's fall again 1989. I decided to begin writing again. It's been a roller-coaster these past months but I've been doing better. I also found out the gender of my child and it's a boy. I was going to name him Kavi. Wouldn't it be cute? I have waited for the days to give him life. I already know I'll love him. He's the only thing helping me breath each day and to move forward again. My child is everything now. I don't blame him for anything. He's just a child an innocent human being and I'll cherish him. I only have a couple more weeks left anyways. He's the best thing that will ever happen to me and I hope for the rest of the female race out there they should know that a child will be the best thing that will ever happen to them too. 
And in case your wondering about if I've met my husband again......I saw him again for the first time in months. I know where he's at but he stayed away for a reason and I'm not going to run to him just because he's the father of my child. I have more pride in myself and I shouldn't run to him like some kind of lap dog. I'm more than that. It may hurt like hell just to see him but I deserve better. I'm doing well without him anyways. Like I said we never lasted from the beginning. That's why I'm not running to him. I know he'll push me away. 
When I saw him, I hid immediately. What was there for him to see? That I was pregnant with his child? He probably doesn't even remember that night. Probably erased from his memory and forgot I was his wife while he went out and enjoy his time with multiple other women, who can pleasure him and do whatever he wanted to them because they weren't his wife he hates so much. I had no rights to control him and I have no right to say anything to him. 
I like the way I'm living right now. It's peaceful and relaxingly. I don't have anyone to tell me to do anything for them and for that I'm grateful. The only thing I care about now is my child and his safety.
Yaya closed the dairy again and looked up. If it was her and Barry maybe she could had ended up like Luna. With child and fatherless. But Barry came back and there now happy so what was she so scared of? Tell Barry she was pregnant and live with him for the rest of their lives. There love will surpass everything right? For fact, that's what Barry's been saying anyways. 
"When we have our child Yaya, I'll make you the most happiest. Our child will be spoil rotten! And I'll be the one spoiling him!" Barry had said with excitement. 
Yaya smiled at that thought and decided to call him later to see if he was coming home early tonight or if he was late. But she knew he'll come home early just so he can do everything he can with her and just talk about how his days was. It eased both Yaya and Barry to know they are now always there for each other. 
Yaya looked at the clock and it read two in the afternoon. She still had a long way to go until Barry came home so she continued back to the dairy, where she left off. 
Dear dairy,
It's been weeks since my incidence, meeting my husband and all. I had my son in the hospital. Thankfully I was at the hospital in days before I was due in case I didn't have a back up plan which I didn't. I was thankful my son listen to me. I named him Kavi like I originally plan and he was 6 pounds. Giving him life was beautiful and I would trade anything for it. I didn't feel a little sad about not having anyone there with me. Now I know! The only person that will always be here for me is myself. I will make sure my child will be happy. But everything I plan never did work out like I plan. 
Fate is funny and cruel to me though. Days after I took my son home with me, guess who I found waiting for me? Wasn't it a little bit funny at all? My husband, stood at the front door with casual jeans and a t-shirt as if he's never been gone at all. Like he's been staying in this house with me since the day we got married and.....and he.....the difference is he never did stayed with me. He looked good and I didn't. He looked happy and he'll ruin the mood for me. I took one look at him as I held onto my child in my arms and nearly drop to the ground. I didn't though and held on tight to my baby. 
His eyes grew wide, shocked, anger, guilt and then anger again. His face grew stiff and jaw set tight, it alarm me in so many ways. His words were so enticing and strong that he actually tired to be the victim. I grew impatient and walk away from him. I settle my child down into his crib I bought and made for him myself. I settle him down and mad sure he was still sleeping before meeting my deepest darkest fear. Him. 
I saw him sitting in the living room. His finger brush together tightly they were turning white. Tiredly I sat in front of him and waited for him to respond. 
"Is he mine?"
"Would you believe me if I said yes?" 
He gave me a look that said he wasn't here to be joking around. I didn't really care. I've change for the better of my child. 
"It would match the day we slept together." 
"Why are you here?"
"Why didn't you tell me?"
"Didn't want to waste my time" I know I sounded mad and that was because I was. I hated feeling like I was the bad guy here and I wasn't. My husband finally raised his head and looked at me. It was dangerous territory now.
"I had a right to know!"
"You left, months gone by and I thought I was done with you. You had no rights to know since you walk out. I didn't have to tell you nor was I going to beg you to come back."
"I'm your husband!" He gripped my arms and raised me from my chair. I felt like I was dangling from his grip. Like I was a child for peat-sake I shouldn't be treated like this. I jerk away from his grip and slap him real hard. For the first time in my life I've never hit a person before nor used violence but he needed a real good beating for his actions. 
He stared at me for a long moment while we both paused, this isn't right. None of this is right. He stared at me and he just left. He took all his things and just left. Maybe it was a good idea. But I don't know if it was the right choice for my child or not. 
Yaya stared back at the dairy speechless. When she looked up again, she could actually see this happening inside her mind. It happen to take her mind off of some things and pass the time so fast, she didn't realize Barry was already home and watching her secretly. Yaya smiled at him her feature bright up and she settle the dairy down onto the table. It was a good thing her and Barry has finally came to an understanding. If not maybe she would had ended up like Luna and that wouldn't had been good. She took her chances and went with her gut. She reached Barry and wrapped her hands around his neck.
"I have something to tell you" Yaya said softly. "I've been keeping it a secret for a long time now and...." she clear her throat and licked her lips together. "I'm with child. Like as in pregnant."
Barry stared at her. Yaya awaited his response and he seem unaware of what actually hit him. He wasn't reacting at all........
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Hi kiki first of all miss u2 and love u lots ! hope ure very well kiki and thank you for this update. luna was very independent, love for her child is core. hope barry is stunned with happiness. with appreciation, key


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Khob Khun mak mak na Kia!! I asked you for the update but just got the chance to read it. I really enjoy this chap. Sad story about Luna, hope Yaya story don't end up like Luna.


FF Writer!! Love it!
Yaya slowly dropped her hands. Somehow Barry expressionless motions had been some kind of trigger to her. Maybe this wasn't good news. Maybe she committed a mistake just now. He wasn't happy. Yaya slowly began to feel faint. Her steps went back backwards and she had to hold onto something before she fell. Her feet somehow couldn't take her all at once anymore. She was empower by this mistake. Barry wouldn't care. Why would he. He was all talk and it made her feel sick to her stomach. She could no longer hold onto herself and almost fell when Barry hands wrapped around her waist. He supported her and came kissing her hard. His hands went around her tightly before pushing her back against the couch. Breathlessly, "I love you. But I wasn't quite ready to share you with anyone yet." He smiled at her and hugged her again. "Now where finally ready to start our family, Yaya. You and me." 
Yaya hugged him back and smiled. He almost killed her.....
I'm really sorry guys for taking so long. Its not long at all and I apologies. Once I get it all written up I will post it alright. This is only the beginning of be continued......until I can upload again. 


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Hi kiki it is the best shortest update i love it ! so glad nadech is over the moon with the news. only a man very in love would say that - not ready to share his love - just like cg. Thank you kiki.