[Mainland] Chinese Paladin 3


So very, very late but am watching this atm bcuz I just finished watching Liao Zhai with Hu Ge n Yang Mi (late again) and wanted to see their pairing again. Wallace is indeed so very cute. Liu Shi Shi is so cute, too. Love both of her portrayals as good and bad...
Edit 020313: Finished and it was so sad, especially the last 5 eps. Literally cried... Pretty good.


Expired Sarnie
I came across a MV and memories came flooding back. My heart will forever hurt for Wallace and Tan Yang. I absolutely detest Tan Yang in here. Wanted to slap her but then again I forgave her because she finally let go. I feel like that departing scene was one of the most powerful and tragic ending. None of them wanted to forget the other despite knowing that they will forever be seperated. At least The Cowherd and Maiden got to meet once a year!