Ngao Ah Soak (Exact)


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hey, i need to own my page in this thread! my favorite scene it's when Bpee see Monthai's picture and he come, then, a little "fight", very funny!


Let's try to beat Badarn Jai thread, you guys.

Gosh, I feeling awful.. I'm cheating on my Atichart with Pong.
haha i feel the same way i love atichart but i kinda like this lakorn more!
and pong is getting to me!


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Peung reminds me of Kwang and this other actress ugh i dont know her name or really member what lakorn she is in ill try to remember and yes lets try and beat bandarn jai muahahah and im sorry aum but right now p'pong is in my heart lmao


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sorry to Margie fans, but she and Atichart DO NOT have chemistry whatsoever.. Peung and Pong look so good together..


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Since there's no Episodes till Monday, I'm going to try and catch up with you girls over the weekend. I'm on Episode 5 now.