Oil and Fang back together


sarNie Egg
omg no way when the hell what the hell....though im happy for both but what??? geez i was thinking some other Fang but its only her from hua jai sila oh well congrats to them...how did they meet up did they ever collaborate together before??


Staff member
their relationship is on n off.. but aniwaise oil looks GOOD... but omg.. fang is so SKINNY... looks just like bones.....


sarNie Hatchling
aww.they look so cute together..fang is really pretty in artit ching duang..i wanna see her onscreen again


sarNie Hatchling
Fang sure is skinny. Fang is 20 going to 21.


sarNie Egg
wow!!! they're 2gether?...hum?...
i didn't even know they 2gether.
wow!!...what a suprise. they're are cute
2gether, but i perf. her w/ Bie.
anywase that jux ma opinion.
oil and fang are cute


sarNie Hatchling
awwww...man Oil...his personal life is always so private..but now seeing this...aww man...im so sad. and i agree with you guys..she is super duper skinny! and she's only 21 or 20...so young.


sarNie Adult
OMG, fang is soo skinny now?? but she's still super duper GORGEOUS!!!!
just love her. not a great fan of oil but sure....


sarNie Egg
She just looks so different now...like her face got longer.