[OneHD] Roy Leh Sanae Rai (EXACT)


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I feel like that scene was too short, I could have sworn in the old version that scene seemed alot longer... I think Lilly did decent as for Push I love the guy, but he didn't look to have one ounce of remorse to him like Tik did in that scene. 


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I've never had a problem with Lily's voice (she was born with it for god's sakes!) but it definitely backed her up when she was yelling at Kongpope! I thought she did really well. Especially when she fell to the ground and broke down even more.
Push does make Kongpope even more of a jerk!


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Anyone else cringe so bad when Pornfah is on screen? Good gosh all her scenes are so hard to watch :S


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Lol yes I can't imagine Push in such a scene either!
I agree. Aerin should have been Pornfah. Mali makes Pornfah seem really ditzy. :/
Today's episode was alright. Lily needs to work on her angry expressions though. Like sometimes her face doesn't move at all. Or maybe it's just her eyes.


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awesomedua said:
Sorry girls...I was really pushing myself to watch this for Push..but I don't think I can handle it since I'm too obsessed & biased with the old one...Tik is legendary so no one can replace his LAKORNS! & the old OST is way better compared to the new one....someone give me a good reason why I should watch this remake..... :/ 
agree since TIK has the best PLAYBOY face and it was really convincing.. but i think PUSH does a decent job


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mayag said:
i really dont know how many of you will agree with me
but in this remorseful scene PUSH did it better than tik
or i could get the feel he conveyed  more than  when i felt with tik ...
so conclusion is TIK is better at playing KONGPOPE "before" the marriage.
where as PUSH is better at playing KONGPOPE "after" the marriage .


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queenyeon said:
I did some gifs, if anyone is interested hehe





without the annoying ads and icons : 
I don't think I can catch up next week's episodes, not until 2 weeks from now. Hopefully, there will be some subs available once I'm back from my dreaded exam period lol 
i am interested and hope you make more :highfive: :dance2: :beer:


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I actually liked today's episode, and I actually pitied Kong in the beginning of the episode but it could of been the background music too. lol I think I'm really starting to like Push now as Kong. Hehe. He's doing well so far now that the whole trick game is over. I'm actually excited to see the next few episodes! Hehhehe! And before I forget, I thought he was being a nerd and a cutie today. Hehe.


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Whoa! We're already on the after marriage part. I'm totally tuning in then.
It's funny how Kongpope went after Neung for the money, but he makes like so much more than that, thus he didn't care if Neung spends money and she had to go after the workplace hahaha.
Oooo. Ep 9 will have a real kiss!


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I think Lily was good in that scene where she found out the truth. Not as good as Aom was, but still good. I think Push's acting is lacking though- he doesn't have enough emotion. He just has the same sneaky facial expression throughout the scene whereas Tik at least looked really guilty. Anyway I hope he gets better. This is one of the better old lakorns so I'll continue to watch it.
I think one of the things I liked about it is that the 2 n rai's (Janie and Praewroong) actually became friends later and even helped to expose Khun Rattana. 


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Push looks the part but he can't play the part. Lily doesn't look the part but is decent in playing the part. 
I tried to watch this with an open mind but it's really hard when I don't like how it is being remade.